Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton and STEM Excellence in the BAME community

I get that the innocent objective to Black Lives Matter is to promote people of BAME origins into areas where they are under-represented.

I get that Lewis Hamilton supports that.

But I get a whiff of hypocrisy when any organisation starts to say they have to to more to get people of BAME origins into their organisations. Especially F1.

As it's already illegal to discriminate based on race, there must be another reason why BAME people are under-represented in science and technology subjects. What needs to happen is to look at why people of BAME origins are put off such endeavours.

Not what I think these organisations are actually saying, which is to lower the threshold to allow people of BAME origins to take part on an artificial basis.

Formula 1 is about being the best in the world: the best technology, the best materials, the best engineers. I doubt whether Lewis Hamilton would countenance having a race engineer working for him that is there only because of the colour of his skin, that has been placed there to meet some quota and certainly not based on their ability to do the job. He wants to win so he wants the best in the world to be working for him. I'm surprised his fitness instructor is white, given there are so many very well qualified BAME fitness instructors around.  Although she is female, so that's a diversity box ticked I suppose.

Formula 1 is about being the best in the world and that includes the humans taking part. If people of BAME origins have not reached that level for whatever reason (but not outright racism) then that's something for themselves to look at. Where are the great BAME engineers, architects, designers? Where are the parents supporting their children in science, maths and engineering, getting them to knuckle down and gain the qualifications and experience required to excel at STEM subjects?

Why is it that these subjects do not attract the BAME population as much as for instance more physical tasks?

Just as there is a difference between men and women when it comes to technology and the sciences, it shouldn't be classed as racist to say that people of BAME origins are not interested by science and technology either. Maybe for them it's just not that interesting a subject? Maybe the successes they have in  sport compared to white people says a lot about what interests them and what they are good at? There may be the exception to the rule and by all means they should be accepted into the sciences just like any other human being, but maybe there's psychological reasons at play.

Do we cry racism when all the athletes running for Britain are black?

Maybe BAME people are just not interested in science. Is it really shocking or racist to say that? As long as the doors are open to the exception, to the BAME engineer that excels, then that should be enough. The gates are open, the opportunity is there, the playing field is equal when you get there, that's all one can hope for.

By all means outlaw the outright bigotry and racism that closes the doors to those that have the ability and aptitude. But don't cry racism when it might in fact be caused by the home environment and other social issues rather than racism.

Maybe the racism is internal to the BAME community? Maybe the lack of support, social pressures, Attitudes to STEM subjects amongst other things are the things that hold the BAME community back?

After all when you hear a BAME representative say that time is racist, or that science as a discipline is inherently racist (even though science cares not who discovers it) you have to wonder if the community are actually talking themselves out of excellence in STEM subjects.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Why is "Black Lives Matter" not a Racist Statement?

Let's be clear about this from the outset: I am not a racist. I believe in EQUALITY for everyone, regardless of gender, race, skin colour or any other attribute you could pin on a human being.

I believe EVERYONE has worth and it doesn't need stating by anyone that this is a fact. It's also true that no human should stand above any other.

Whether you are Black, white, whether you are male or female, trans, disabled, whether you have mental health issues or whether you don't, everyone has worth in this world.

Furthermore, I will not bend the knee to anyone, nor will I call anyone Sir. I believe we are all equals and no-one is superior, nor inferior to another. Bending the knee is submission: that implies the person you are bending the knee to is superior.

So, the opinion that the statement "White lives matter" is supposedly racist when "Black lives matter" isn't, doesn't compute in my brain.

What the disparity in the media and the rest says to me is that Black lives are superior to white lives, ergo racism.

The BLM movement may suggest that bending the knee is apologising for slavery. Something that was wiped out 200 years ago. Those bending the knee have never owned slaves and the majority of them have not been racist, so why are they banding the knee? What are they apologising for? For being white? Err RACISM! It's as bad as me walking up to a black person and asking them to apologise for their skin colour.

Of course if you mention this, the BLM movement then moves the goalposts and starts to quote White Privilege. What privilege exactly? I don't see much privilege in my life. I've had to work and work hard to get anywhere in life. Being working class doesn't  feel very privileged. I've met overt oppression, especially when working amongst graduates. They seem to think anyone that doesn't have a degree is thick. In the work environment I've experienced prejudice numerous times.

But the purpose of BLM isn't equality, I can see quite plainly it's not. Just as there are white supremacist organisations, BLM is a black supremacist one. Otherwise equality would be the goal. No bending of knees, no apologies for wrongs done centuries ago. Equality does not require the other party to be subjugated.


Here's an extreme example of why I don't like BLM and why I think their outlook is wrong. Ignore the Marxist anti-capitalist bullshit they spout and just concentrate on the race thing for a minute.

Let's flip things. Imagine that a white supremacist organisation (let's say the KKK) demanded that black people kneel in subjugation for all of their past wrongs. Or even if they didn't demand it, imagine if a part of society just decided the thing to do: kneel in subjugation entirely because of your skin colour apologising for something hundreds of years in the past even though your ancestors never benefitted from it.
I can't begin to describe how wrong that is and how wrong it is for ANY organisation or part of society to expect another part of society to kneel in subjugation. We are EQUALS and must always be treated as such.

If EQUALITY is not enough for you, then I feel sorry for you. You will never get what you want, because there is one man here that will never kneel, will never bend the knee and will never submit to another person.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The Pussification of the Police and the Power of the "R" Word.

Well, it looks like the Police is fully committed to Political Russification. Except my cat has sharper teeth than the PC Police ever will.

So far we've seen the decades-long refusal to act over Religious Asian grooming gangs lest the Police be called racist.

The same thing is happening with the violent protesters causing criminal damage on the various protests across the country.

Thankfully the idiot that pissed on the Police memorial in Westminster has rightfully been prosecuted. I assume that was a step to far eh? Pissing on a fellow Police officer's memorial stone?

But what about the rest of us that are just as horrified watching statues lobbed into harbours, decapitated or defaced? Why can't we have the satisfaction on seeing those responsible apprehended and prosecuted.

No satisfaction for us. Instead the Police kneel in subjugation. Such is the power of a single adjective word beginning with R.

The statue in Bristol was a listed monument, damage to which can carry a 10-year prison sentence. So lets smack down those very identifiable students that did the deed. Let the Police ruin their lives and make an example of them.

Why is it those of us of a lower class have to fear our daily interactions with the Police, but a middle-class mob of students and hangers-on don't? Why do they get to act with impunity? Is it because we can't afford to sue? Are we denied justice, fairness and respect because we are poor? It seems that way.

No, it's Racism, or the risk of being called racist, that's what. The word that has paralysed the Police for decades in towns and cities across the country. The word that has allowed the rape of thousands of young girls. Children not even teenagers co-opted into drug addiction, rape and prostitution.

Think if the children... it seems only when it suits.

Think of law and order, only when it suits.

Justice....only when it suits.

Go after the anti-racist mob and you are therefore a racist apparently. Even if they broke the law, doing it in the name of anti- racism or anti-fascism appears to be a get out of jail free card.

Racism. It's always been a very powerful word. No it seems it has to power to grant you immunity from the law.

Friday, 12 June 2020

BLM: Middle-Class White People Destroy Afro-Caribbean Heritage.

So with all of this disruption and destruction of statues, of anything linked to slavery (might as well nuke Bristol, Liverpool and London then), is it me, but all I'm seeing is a bunch of privileged middle-class white students destroying images, icons and other things that are important to Afro-Caribbean heritage.

For instance those few African or Caribbean heritage people that can trace their roots back to being slaves (if you can't move on after 2 centuries and four or more generations), should be able to look at a statue of a slave-trader and say "that's part of our heritage, we were enslaved but we beat slavery and moved on.."

But thanks to those white kids erasing everything with slave connotations, where will people of slave heritage actually be able to see their heritage?

It's almost as if the people were erasing anything of Scottish heritage in England, or anything of Welsh heritage.

If the people that were worst affected by this were doing the pulling down of statues, or asking for them to be removed, then I can understand it. But the people loudest and proudest at the protests are the most white, the most privileged, university graduates.

Maybe we need to lump these people in with Holocaust deniers: the people that would deny, or erase swathes of history from the landscape for ideological reasons.

We need tose icons, those landmarks, that history. Not only to show where we were back then, but to show how far we have come, to give those people directly affected some history, some sense of where they have come from.

COVID-19: Viral Load.

There is increasing evidence coming out of research that the amount of viral load you get of COVID-19 affects how badly you are affected by the virus.

So for instance a minimal passing contact with an infected person may only allow the minimum of viral particles to enter your system. Or possibly touching a surface with already weakened virus on it.
In this instance you may only suffer mild effects of the virus. There isn't enough viral load to overwhelm your immune system.

However, if you are exposed to a large dose of viral particles for an extended period, then there is a higher chance you will be affected severely by the virus.

So, the watchword is stay alert: make sure you keep your distance from people, make sure any contact is fleeting and wear a decent mask.

Avoid sitting in close proximity to people outside your close family group for extended periods of time, especially indoors.

When indoors in stores, keep your distance and make any close proximity fleeting.

Common sense really.

The World is Burning, So Long Western Society.

Well, it looks like Western Society has reached that stage in it's evolution where the new generation despise it.

It has given them the comfort and privilege afforded by modern society, but they want to tear it all down. An attitude that can only be afforded by those that grow up in a society that allows such luxuries as the ability to criticise.

I'm sure it will be replaced by some Nirvanic utopia...NOT.

Western society has worked well for hundreds of years now. It has evolved from the cut-throat times where everyone had to have a weapon, to now outlawing them. It has evolved from trading in slaves to understanding that all should have equal rights, it brought world-wide trade, peace, stability for almost a century, after the power struggles of the early 20th Century.

Now the new generation want to tear it all down. They want..... what exactly?? Certainly not equality: the trend for kneeling for BLM is not a vision of equality, it's a symbol of subjugation. Just like referring to people as "Sir" or "Madam" (which I will never do), it is a symbol of inequality, not equality.

Right now I see a momentous power struggle ahead. Not wars, like days of yore when entire countries went head-to-head for power, but of communities. This will be a world-wide civil war, as ideologies and communities across the world struggle to become the dominant power.

Whilst we're on the subject: in America, it seems there's a call to defund the Police, or to remove them entirely from radical leftist-run cities. They say they can use the money in other ways to support the community. In effect pay people not to commit crime. Good luck with that one, when people say fuck you, I can earn more by committing crime than you can supply and I won't get caught because there's no-one to stop me.

Personally I think it's yet another attempt to discredit Donald Trump. The cities disband the Police, there's chaos. When there is no local law enforcement, the only thing the federal government can do to support those people asking for protection would be to send in the Army, to declare martial law.

At that moment the left would say "Aha! Trump is a fascist, he's declared martial law!" whilst totally ignoring the fact the left had engineered the situation that required martial law to be enforced.


Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Soros Model: How Mass Protests make Millions.

Okay, here's the guide on how I believe George Soros has changed the game regarding stock market exploitation.

Hopefully once you read this, you'll understand why over the past 10 years we have witnessed more activism and larger and more forceful and effective protests in the West.

First off, lets look at natural fluctuations in the stock market. Those natural fluctuations are exploited by everyone and it takes a very keen person to jump on those fluctuations and make any money. But there are people that do it.

But it takes billions of dollars to make a big profit. Sure, there are organisations that can spread the money around so they eventually make a profit, but it's a long-term game and the risks are high. And there's only a very few organisations and even fewer individuals who have the cash to be able to make the spread and profit from it.

But what if you could influence the market and set your ducks in a row in order to profit before you instigate that influence? You could make sure your funds are in the right place and with the right nudge you can make sure things go your way and maximise profits.

If you can influence the market and you have prior knowledge all you need to do if you invest Billions is to make a a 0.1% change in certain stocks and you make millions. Fairly risk-free. No insider trading laws breached. All the influence comes from outside. Even if you fund the organisations causing the chaos, making the moves, you only provide the funds, they work independently (Yeah, right, even when you "donate" several hundred thousand) and you have no influence.

And that's where I think the game has changed. It's moved from spreading funds to make profits on natural fluctuations, with the minimal profits and maximal risk that comes from that, to actively creating the fluctuations and making sure your funds are in place before you create the disruption in order to minimise risk and maximise profit.

It's like insider trading, but instead using outside forces to create stock market fluctuations. Deniable, almost untraceable (and even if it is traced, with no direct connection deniability rules).

So, let us do a mental exercise. You are a billionaire, with enough money to spread over the stock market and make money. You have so much money you can actually influence the stock market by moving funds. But that's a pretty obvious mechanism and people are quite quickly going to keep a sharp eye on where your funds are being placed.

Eventually the risks go up, the profits go down as everyone piles on to your gravy train.

So, you come up with an alternative. You set your funds up in a way that maximises profit and minimises risk if the stock market moves in a certain direction. All you have to do is cause it to move in that direction once the funds are in place. As you are the first in

Then, you use outside agencies to create the circumstances that causes the stock market instability and it moves in the direction you want and you make maximum profit with minimum risk.

Enter a certain Mr Soros, who I personally believe to be using the various agencies he funds like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter to cause the instability he requires.

Right now we are experiencing a time where the instability will only get worse unless the government steps in and quashes it.

We cannot have individuals stirring up protests and riots and flouting the rule of law and generating instability just to create profit. Whether they do it directly, or by the use of agents provocateur, influencing the economy and government policy by mob rule needs to be outlawed.

The government needs to investigate these organisations like extinction rebellion and black lives matter. How they are funded, where the funds come from, how those funds are being used and how the leaders of those organisations are being influenced.

BLM Protests Shills for Soros

Okay, lest call the Black Lives Matter Protests what they are: They're paid-for protests raised in an attempt to suck in media support and provide political destabilisation.

The same goes for the Extinction Rebellion protests of last year. Paid-for protests that got full media support in order to sway political opinion.

Not only media support: The Police are quite happy to turn a blind eye when extinction rebellion do a little damage like spraying fake blood over a government building, or dig up turf an plants outside another (obvious criminal damage).

But woe-betide you if you are on the "wrong-think" protest. Are you pro-Brexit? Are you pro-veterans? Are you Pro-Tommy Robinson?

Then it's kettling for you m'lad. Should you digress from perfect behaviour for one nanosecond, you get hauled off to chokey by the Police.

Hassle a pro-Brexit MP? Yep, prosecution is the eventual outcome.

But be pro-the environment, pro-communist, pro-Brexit, Pro-Globalism, be Pro-Black Lives Matter, then you can cause untold amounts of criminal damage, vandalise any number of monuments, even throw a bronze statue in a river and the Police will stand idly by.

Ask yourself why?

Why are certain protests allowed to get away with it and others aren't?

Why are those protests that are allowed to get away with it the ones that are funded and by whom?

Start to look at George Soros' open society foundation, look at the other institutions he funds and see how many dots you can join. I see a fair number.

Then look at the interaction with these proto-Communist globalist agenda type organisations and then their links to Common Purpose. Then you start to see why the Police (Common Purpose infiltrated) stand back at certain protests, but attack other (non-Soros Funded) protests.

If you can't join the dots, can't follow the breadcrumbs, if you are one of the protesters being manipulated into causing damage, if you are one of the Police Officers being told to hang back, if you are one of the reporters pushing the narrative, I feel sorry for you.  You are being used.

All he has to do is fund the leaders, the agent-provocateurs, the activists, the ring-leaders. The rest, the willing sheep just ride along. They are the ones that get arrested.

In America there's now a call to abolish the Police. Really? What do you think will replace it? A free-for-all? A crime-free nirvana? NO!

You will get the Army. You will get Martial law. You will get the establishment boot on your neck. You will lose freedom. Goodbye America.

Soros thrives on instability. It's what he's good at. In previous times he would make millions reaping the rewards of naturally-occurring instability, or slippages of the stock market. Now it seems he or his organisations have moved to funding organisations actively causing instability.

The protests and the riots are a win-win for Soros. If the riots themselves cause instability both social and political, that's a win. If the protests cause a second wave of COVID-19 cases, the instability that causes is also a win. The uncertainty wave after wave of covid cases causes to the economy and the stock market is enough to make Soros millions. It only has to waver a few points and he's profiting.

Sadly the rest of the world has to burn to make his money. Not that he has even cared about that.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

US Riots: The Psychopathy of the Left.

Strange times indeed over in America.

The patently unlawful killing of George Floyd in America triggered a number of protests across the USA in cities. Initially peaceful, they were eventually hijacked by activists and turned into violent riots.

The people doing the escalation are the usual Antifa, anarco-communist ultra-leftist types that usually frequent the anti-capitalist marches, and violent protests.

But this is different. This looks like an opportunity that has been waited for for a long time and there is patent planning and premeditation behind the violent groups. There are rumours of vans going around city streets dropping off piles of bricks in locations during the day suspiciously where there is no building work, only for those bricks to be used in the evening during the violent riots.

Again, there is anecdotal and video evidence of this as well as strange black-clad instigators initiating actions that lead to more violent riots and looting.

I feel for the initial protestors that have had their peaceful protests hijacked in this way. Instead of banding together and uniting people against the oppression and often violent treatment of the black minority of America by the Police authorities, the Black Lives Matters protests have once again been linked to violent thuggery.

But is there a bigger hijack of the protests going on for political gain?

For instance the left-leaning media in the US are decrying the use of force by Police and railing against the mobilisation of the National Guard against what they see as peaceful protesters, completely ignoring the Antfia style violent rioting and thuggery that hijack the protests. You have to be some sort of unique moron to conflate the violent riots with the peaceful protests.

But the media seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Antifa, whether by deliberately by design or moronic ignorance. I tend to err on the side of malicious and deliberate design.

When you factor in the fact that most organisations linked to the violence, the deliberate ignorance of the violence and the people making political point-scoring opportunities are linked to the left and to financiers like George Soros, the pieces fall into place.

The Left are Psychopathic: they will ruin or endanger lives and in extremis will allow people to be killed or watch the World burn in order to prove a political point and try and bring Donald Trump down. That's how far the left will go in America. The lives and livelihoods of the people being killed are just collateral damage. It makes no odds whether those businesses are owned by Black people and therefore disadvantaging the Black community: it's all justified and fair game to the left in order to win the argument.

At this point, I should just throw in the search term "Hillary Clinton Benghazi" for further reading and evidence the left-wing psychopathy goes all the way to the top.

Lives don't matter to the left. Black or White, rich or poor. They will use them all in order to win the game. The psychopathy of the left knows no bounds.

Make no mistake, these are dangerous times for the US politically. The use of Antifa types by the left and the blindness to them of the media needs to be called out, otherwise the left will continue to profit from violence and lost lives.

The left tried to Use Stormy Daniels to bring down Trump, when that failed they tried to use Russia. When that failed they tried to impeach him over Ukraine. When that failed they tried to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic against Trump (when the response was actually controlled by individual states: and the democratic states have fared much worse). Now they are exploiting the George Floyd killing to try and bring Trump down, or influence the 2020 elections.

Psychopathic, it's the only way to describe them.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

The Cummings Covid Witchhunt

So, Dominic Cummings drove 260 miles to Durham to drop his kids of with family members because he feared he and his wife would be infected by the government officials that were (at that time) dropping like flies.

Given that government medical advisors had already said that childcare provision was a allowed exception, I find all the hoohah a bit confusing. Durham Police say in one breath that he didn't break the law, but then say he might have made a "minor" breach of the rules. Go figure: the Police, always people you can rely on to pander to the mob.

Not that anyone outside the Westminster bubble gives a shit. Most people are getting on with their lives and applying common sense to their social distancing. Yes, we were still all going out. Yes, we were still visiting family during lockdown (albeit taking at a distance). You can't completely cut yourself off when the daughter can't get bog roll. Nipping round to their house with a pack and chucking it over the garden wall for them to pick up is what anyone with common sense would do.

Yes, 80-year-old granny will have to sit it out alone in her care home, but as long as the carers follow the guidelines they should be safe. But then again the guidelines depend on what status the care home is, government guidelines at the time.... yadda-yadda. My 88-year old mum is still shopping at Asda round the corner on an almost daily basis. If she cops it, so be it, she says. Her husband (my step-dad) died last year so there's not much for her to look forward to. She says it's like waiting for God, so why not live a little on the riskier side of life? That's pragmatism right there.

It's only the zealots like the over-officious Police people, or the sanctimonious, hypocritical activists masquerading as journalists that actually give a shit. Handing out fine for nothing and attempting to get people sacked for not doing anything wrong.

Fuck the Police and Fuck the officials, Common sense rules. Dominic Cummings, just like millions of other sensible people made a risk assessment and decided he could get to Durham and back with infecting anyone. Just like sensible people assess risk every day and make a judgement. Without hinderance. It's called freedom and thank God that currently, the majority of us are able to exert it.

It's a pity the small -minded few can't exist without rules governing their life and insist on those of us with more sensible and independent brains to get on with our lives.

COVID-19: Post-Infection

I've lready said that the optimum outcome for people is to stay uninfected by COVID-19. The reason being we can't predict the side-effects of infection in the future.

As with most viruses, once infected the virus stays in the body and the body learns to cope and defend itself against the virus.

The problem is this virus, should it ever gain momentum even in the slightest could then cause any one of the number of untold effects whilst infecting Epithelial or Endothelial cells.

Not only from the virus itself, but any opportunistic infections occurring as a result of the damage the virus does to cells.

An example being the damage it does to the lining of the lung, which then allows bacteria to infect the lung and cause bacterial pneumonia.

These are the sort of things that we need to be aware of post-infection: a higher than normal risk of blood clots, skin conditions, eye conditions, joint conditions and of course lung conditions.

Unfortunately a vaccine will not mitigate these effects, the live virus is already in the system and ready to pounce if even the body's immunity falters for a second.

I've already noted that since my infection, I've had issues with my eyes. The problems of crusty eyes and conjunctivitis-like symptoms persist even now weeks after the initial infection.

The ongoing symptoms also impact the NHS and it's capacity and costs, as an infected population put more demand on it to deal with ongoing symptoms.

This ain't over, even when it's over.

Friday, 15 May 2020

COVID-19: Public Blindness and a Depression on the Way.

Luckily I've been able to stay working during the lockdown. I've been able to go into work and we're able to keep 2 metres or more apart in the office.

We've closed the counter service and the workshop as per government advice (we're all old buggers with underlying health conditions) so we limit contact with others.

The point of this post is to point out how many people are demanding a full pre-COVID service when patently the goalposts have shifted.

Currently we are seeing lower than normal staffing levels across the country at postal and courier depots, parcel volumes are up as more people order online because the shops are closed and they're bored (one customer I talked to took his engine apart.. just because).

Even Amazon are not guaranteeing next day delivery. Things for them have improved slightly as they've recovered staffing levels, but things are still patchy.

So common sense would tell you that deliveries will be delayed. But really, the number of people that ask if parcels will be delivered next day is really, really wearing.

Don't they know there's a pandemic on?

But this blindness to the plight of others, or to the reality of postal services, or the pressures on care homes, or the NHS, garage services and other businesses that are struggling to cope after staff shield in place, or take 2 weeks off to self isolate or do any of the measures to ensure the virus doesn't spread is really staggering. It's like people have lost all common sense, or empathy for others.

This "clap for carers" faux sympathy is bollocks. People are only doing it so they don't look unsympathetic, just like the claps for the dear leader in communist countries, although we don't shoot people that don't clap.

The blindness extends to the financial impact of the lockdown. It's not been mentioned on the media (I assume to prevent a panic) but reality of the future going forward is it's going to make austerity look positively lovely.

We will enter a depression. There is no doubt about it. The government is trying to mitigate the effects on the economy, but the raw fact is the billions being spent now to try and save businesses and protect jobs will need to be paid for. It will add a significant dent in future GDP.

Of course the magic money tree leftists want people to be paid full wages for ever, which is unsustainable. Someone has to pay for it.

With a depression, it's questionable whether public services can survive in the form they were pre-pandemic. Austerity was bad enough at closing libraries and the like (even though council bosses keep awarding themselves ever bigger pay packets).

The post-pandemic world may herald the reboot of public services I've been asking for for the past decade or more. Exactly what should the meagre resources available to national and local government be spent on?

Luxuries like translating documents into a dozen different languages can be the first casualty, as can be the employment of translators. English-only from now on.  Six-figure salaries in public office should be another target. Nobody in public service should be looking to earn more than £100,000. Even half of that is a decent living wage. Any more than that is just an obscenity especially when you're depriving essential services of funds just to pay your inflated salary.

Welcome to the post-pandemic society.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

COVID-19: Tinfoil Hat Virus

A good catastrophe always attracts the loons.

On the one hand we have those that say the pandemic was planned, or was a useful tool to reduce liberties, that doctors are deliberately over-reporting the number of deaths and COVID-19 is no more deadly than the flu.

On the other hand the left leaning loons say the government aren't cracking down enough, aren't funding the NHS enough and are under-reporting deaths to make the NHS look better than it "really" is.

Currently the left are making much of the disparity between real-time NHS figures, the ONS figures that come out a couple of weeks later and now we have them, the more complete figures including deaths outside care homes.

First off, THERE IS NO FUCKING CONSPIRACY! Okay, got that?

The real-time daily figures the government give out in the briefings are the numbers of deaths in hospitals that are confirmed as resulting from COVID-19 infection. There are a number of parameters that have to be passed, but the hospital authorities have to be pretty sure that the death is as a direct result of COVID-19 infection. The test results will be in, and the patient will most likely have died from pneumonia as a result of a COVID-19 infection.

See? Lots of hoops to get through before the figure is released. Also the figure fluctuates during the week as causes of death are confirmed, the admins process the information (they may not work weekends so the figures get bumper on Monday and Tuesday). Usually the Thursday/Friday figures are an accurate reflection of where we are on the trend of hospital deaths.

Second, lagging a few weeks after the hospital deaths are the ONS figures. These include numbers of deaths released by the Care Quality Commission on deaths in registered care homes. Those are deaths in care homes that are registered with the CQC and where the doctor has put COVID-19 as the cause of death. These figures are a bit inaccurate because a pensioner in care can die of natural causes, but if they had a cough just before they died, then the doctor is likely to put COVID-19 as the cause of death. The thing to look at with these deaths is to compare with CQC figures for deaths last year and see how many extra deaths there are in registered care compared to "normal" this time last year or the year before.

The third figure is the data for all deaths identified as resulting from COVID-19. This includes deaths in other forms of care like supported living which are not registered with the CQC. This is people dying in their own home and reported as COVID-19 related on the death certificate.

The final figure will not be available for some time and may not be accurate. The total number of deaths in total caused by COVID-19. I say inaccurate because there will be a number of deaths not caused by COVID-19 and reported inaccurately as such. There will also be a number of deaths falsely reported as unrelated to COVID-19. This is because we are not as far as I'm aware testing bodies after death for COVID-19.

I've already reported on the strokes in New York caused by COVID-19. That trend was only spotted after the tests for COVID-19 came in and the stroke victims all tested positive.

Just think of all the people that may sadly drop dead without symptoms that may not be reported as COVID-19 related. Heart attack, stroke, respiratory and bowel issues are caused by the virus and unless doctors are informed of the various symptoms, the true cause of death may be mis-reported.

Unfortunately there's no conspiracy: it's just the virus may kill silently, without symptoms, and without testing every dead body the figures may not ever be accurate.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Something Different: Hybrid Cars.

As someone who is in the industry, I've been looking at what to expect in the future from automotive technology.

Electric cars are fairly straightforward: You charge a big battery, the motor drains the battery and when coasting the motor becomes a generator and the kinetic energy is returned back to the battery under regenerative braking. The only voodoo in an electric car is the efficiency of the motor and combining the regen and hydraulic braking.

The main focus on electric cars is range. Getting more capacity out of the same physical size battery and keeping that range long-term as well as improving efficiency of the electronics and the motor. Minimising the production of waste energy in the form of heat is the key.

Motor efficiency is the holy grail, trying to get the best mileage out of the battery capacity. Modern electronics can be designed with greater or lesser efficiency (see Chinese electric cars for the latter), the way the motors are wound, and how those windings couple magnetically at different speeds is a science all of it's own.

Battery technology is another science where much can be done to improve range, with the main battery technologies well understood. It's getting the formulation of the chemicals right and also maintaining the capacity of the battery over a large number of charge cycles is where the boffins are working.

The most technology goes into hybrid cars of all things. Trying to meld a petrol engine and an electric motor seamlessly requires a lot of effort and technology.

It's a shame that governments have effectively killed off the internal combustion engine, because there's a lot more technology that could be incorporated into a hybrid power train. Hydraulic valves that could be lifted independently of the pistons, so an engine can be turned over matching revs to the motor before the valves are sequenced as normal and the fuel and ignition are started, so the change from motor to petrol power is seamless without wearing out clutches, ultra-low emission engine like the new Mazda skyactive-x or petrol compression ignition engines could clean up the ICE part of the powertrain.

But I guess that manufacturers won't pursue ICE technology much further, given that the future is either battery powered, or Hydrogen fuel cell powered. Already compact hydrogen fuel cell generators are available for off-grid use, it's just getting the hydrogen that is the problem as there aren't many filling stations.

Such a shame. But when you see a hybrid car, just smile and think to yourself: "That's gonna break one day" and it will. Because all those complex electronics will fail. Thanks to the eco-loons, even automotive electronics moved over to eco-friendly solder, with less lead content. The lead keeps the solder flexible and without it the solder becomes brittle and resists vibration less. Oh dear, a bit of a requirement for automotive electronic applications.

The electric car suffers the same to a lesser degree because there's a lot less in the way of electronics to manage the powertrain.

So it's a case of when one of those many thousands of solder joints fails and renders the car helpless, not if.

The future of automotive technology is bright: (for the electronics repair facilities).

Monday, 11 May 2020

COVID-19: Yet Another Bat to Hit The Government With.

It's no wonder government ministers don't give out details to the press any more.

No sooner had Boris issued his thoughts that people can go back to work if possible and sunbathe instead of keeping moving when outside, then the press went into overdrive.

There's no detail, it's dangerous, it's giving mixed messages, it puts the Police in an impossible position, and so the press jump on the minister-bashing waggon.

The details as such are supposed to be released after the PM has signalled the intent. But no, the press have to have a go. Create a drama out of nothing.

I'd love to do one of those press conferences. I have a lovely line in passive-aggressive replies. The "I don't want to insult your intelligence, but..." (the "but" signifying I definitely am about to insult your intelligence, but you asked for it) is always a good starter when you get a rhetorical or idiotic question.

At the COVOD-19 press conferences we get the same questions over and over. I think ministers should just reply "I've already answered that question, do you have another?" Too bad if the journalist missed the previous reply.

That's why people turn to alternative voices on YouTube. I've got more COVID-19 information out of Dr John Campbell the any other source. I've linked to him before, but he deserves another mention and link.

His YouTube beats the media hands down for useful, authoritative information.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

COVID-19: Epithelial & Endothelial Attacker

One of the things that cv-19 does is attack epithelial and endothelial cells. These cells are the boundary cells of of the body. They are found in most membranes like the mucus membranes in the lungs and the eyes, the skin, the gut and (here's the important bit) the lining of the Arteries.

In the arteries the endothelial cells do many jobs, but one crucial job is to prevent the formation of blood clots. One of the downsides of artificial devices in the blood supply is the formation of blood clots in the artificial surfaces. Doctors have to prescribe drugs to prevent this.

When COVID-19 attacks arterial endothelial cells, they are damaged so much they lose their non-stick properties and blood clots start to form in the arteries.

In New York a study has shown a significant number of strokes in young people. Here is also evidence of heart attacks in people as well.

In fact sadly the wife of one of my old mates from up North has died suddenly this weekend. After having a cough.

There was a report of a nurse being found dead at home as well.

Along with the vitamin D I recommended before, it may be prudent to take half an asprin if you can to help prevent blood clots.

I'm already on blood thinning tablets, so just vitamin D for me.

But it's interesting that the varied symptoms of COVID-19 seems to point to it attacking epithelial and endothelial cells through the ace2 receptor mechanism, which is common to most if not all of both  types of cells.


The list of where in the body Epithelial and Endothelial cells reside is quite interesting. I've already mentioned the lungs, skin, eyes, gut, arteries, etc. But they also reside in the brain, the joints, in hair follicles and lots of other places where there needs to be a barrier of some sort.

The list of side-effects from COVID-19 infection seems to track well with the above, including neurological effects.

There's no way to say it, but COVID-19 is a really nasty virus if it gets into the human body. The best bet is to not get it at all.

Those that have contracted the virus are potentially storing up problems for the future. We have no way of knowing the long-term effects of infection. But safe to say after my infection I'm still dealing with issues. Not major ones, but dryness of the eyes and joint pain has been the main issues for me post infection.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

COVID-19: Too Soon?

As expected, the News media are trying to force the narrative by stating the Government will issue new guidelines and start to relax the lockdown from this weekend. The News this morning was filled with rumour pushing that narrative and comparing us with other countries like Germany who have had a better pandemic than us so who can ease the lockdown quicker than we can.

I assume the news services are virologists then, in that they have an expert eye on whether the lockdown should be eased and when.

This is yet another attempt by the media to force the Government's hand. By announcing an early relaxation, they make a story. If the Government capitulate and relax too early, then the media can castigate the government for it.

If the government fail to relax the lockdown at the weekend then that's another stick to beat the government with: "Why won't you relax the lockdown?".

Yet the media were only a couple of days ago announcing we had a worse death toll than Italy.

Two faced? Disingenuous? Yep, that's the British news media. It's about time they stopped making stories and got back to reporting on news.

The latest revelation about CBS in America using health centre staff to bump up the numbers of people in a COVID-19 testing line just shows how the modern media tray and manipulate the situation to create or maintain a narrative, rather than report on current situations without interference i.e. the news.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

COVID-19: Racist Virus.

It seems the government is likely to fund a report into why BAME people are among the worst affected people when it comes to COVID-19 infection.

Minorities seem to be disproportionately represented in the number of people suffering acute symptoms and requiring intensive care.

"But why?" the intersectionalists shout. Well, obviously the answer is racism.. How else could it be explained?

Oh, it's the government's fault is it? Well, not people to miss an opportunity to push minorities to the front of the queue, the leftists are saying it's poverty, lack of opportunity, government's need to do more... yadda yadda, the same old shpiel.

You can't blame poverty, because that will affect both white and ethnic minorities alike. Poverty in all races affects living standards, diet, underlying health conditions, etc. all of which affect outcomes when it comes to surviving COVID-19 or not. But I'm sure the intersectionalists will quietly ignore that fact. Or maybe the intersectional agenda is poverty is a factor, but it affects the BAME community (ever so slightly) worse (just like it affects poor white people ever so slightly worse than middle class white people). They've done it before when it conflicts with their agenda. Nothing like ignoring science when it suits them. After all these are the sort of people that say the concept of time is racist.

But what if the BAME people themselves are to blame? That would be an interesting outcome eh?

Maybe it's just genetics? Maybe it's physiology. Maybe it's social reasons?

This is where the intersectional types implode, trying to push the narrative that the BAME community are just like everyone else and it's all the fault of institutional racism, whilst ignoring biology and social differences.

Dark skinned people produce less vitamin D when in the Sun. It's a fact that most carry some level of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D has a role in the immune system response, so higher levels of vitamin D may help fight the virus.  That's biology, it's not racist. Unless you're saying science or biology in particular is racist (see the comment about time above).

BAME communities tend to have households containing several generations. It's not poverty forcing them to do this, it's just it's more socially acceptable in BAME communities. We saw in Italy how this helps spread the virus to the older members of the community more quickly. Even middle class BAME families have lost older family members because three generations are in the same household.

So with increased risk from Age, increased risk of exposure due to societal norms and a deficiency of vitamin D to help fight the virus, it's no wonder BAME communities are hit harder. Interestingly though, they are factors they have control of.

Factors they could change for better outcomes if they were made aware of and the cause wasn't just a straight blame-the-government-game or some spurious claim of institutional racism.

The sad fact is that outcomes could be improved for the BAME community if only the facts were made available to them. Their COVID-19 outcomes could be improved by a significant factor.

But hey, it's not the first time the intersectional types have ignored science, or failed the communities they are supposed to represent. A few deaths to prove their (inaccurate) thesis are just collateral damage on the way to pushing their ideological agenda. Blaming everything on racism is just sloppy and does not serve the BAME community in any positive way.

COVID-19: New Manufacturing Strategy Required.

It's become quite apparent that relying on China to produce EVERYTHING is a mistake when it comes top strategic supplies.

The fact that the Chinese government requisitioned western-owned PPE factories for their own ends shows that the Chinese cannot be relied on to produce the goods (literally) in a crisis.

The supply chain for PPE to the NHS needs to be reviewed and some form of production needs to be encouraged within the UK's borders. Security of supply needs to be written into procurement contracts.

The same goes for drugs. Most of the world's drugs are made in China or India and not within the UK's borders. Again this needs looking at and contractual obligations for supply need to be reinforced.

The pandemic has show the fatal flaw in the globalist ideology. When it comes to the crunch, global supply chains cannot guarantee supply. No matter how much capacity there is, centralisation in cheap labour markets only reduces security of supply.

Next time it might not be a pandemic. An asteroid could drop on China or India and a huge chunk of manufacturing capability would be removed from the world.

Governments need to learn that leaving things up to market forces is not the best policy when it comes to strategic supplies. Yes you can have stockpiles of PPE for the NHS, but to ensure continuity of supply in times of crisis, you'd have to keep a huge amount of kit.

The problem then is one of shelf life and expiry dates. The NHS normally doesn't use enough kit to refresh stocks quickly enough to use a mountain of equipment within the expiry dates. We've already seen that with equipment sent out to NHS trusts with original expiry dates expired.

But the issue is not restricted to PPE. International shipping across the world has been impacted by the virus and it's proving difficult to get parts shipped from one side of the world to the other as countries close borders.

Even for us, posting or couriering parts out to customers around the world is proving difficult as the number of flights that could carry the packages have been reduced by 80%. Only courier companies Like DHL and FedEx that have their own aircraft are able to keep close to a normal timetable.

Hopefully this will be another nail in the coffin for globalism. Paying a small premium for a product to ensure continuity of supply is a price worth paying. Global corporations need to understand this. Governments across the world need to take this message on board and adjust procurement strategies accordingly, favouring local supply where possible.

It's not just about jobs, or xenophobia as the globalists would have chanted before the pandemic. There is some sense in keeping jobs and production within our own borders.

Hopefully it's a lesson learned.

Monday, 4 May 2020

COVID-19: False Glory

It seems Labour and the far-left loonies in particular are saying that Boris has gone even further left than them and has introduced Universal Basic Income.

Talk about covering yourself in false glory.

The stimulus package (if I can call all the various individual packages rolled into one that), is just a temporary measure. It is there to ensure people have jobs and companies are kept going whilst the temporary effects of the pandemic are weathered.

UBI is a permanent, regular payment made to everyone.

To claim that Boris is copying Labour policies is ludicrous.

We haven't heard how the stimulus package is going to be paid for yet because no-one likes to be the bearer of bad news. But it will have to be paid for.

Luckily those companies and jobs the package has saved will be able to pay it all back in taxation. Possibly a little more taxation than the government would have planned for prior to the pandemic. But it will be paid for.

Hopefully the Leftie luvvies will be called out on the media for their false glory, but I doubt it.

Friday, 1 May 2020

COVID-19: Resetting Expectations.

I work selling car parts. We send parts all over the world.

It's always amazed me that just using normal postal or courier routes (avoiding the big companies like DHL and Fedex that have their own aircraft) we could get packages to Australia and New Zealand inside 7 days.

Considering the parcel would probably take 2 days to get through Heathrow and another couple of days getting from the freight terminal to the customer, that's not bad going.

But no longer. Aircraft capacity is down 80% in "normal" levels.

But still customers call expecting deliveries in a week. I would have hoped that this period of shutdown and reduced service would show people how lucky they were. But there are always those that still expect things to stay the same with fewer resources.

Even postage within the UK is patchy. Some postal depots are down to 50% staffing levels. Some have been closed for deep cleaning as workers test positive for the virus, delaying post in that depot by 3 days or more.

But still we get the call from people expecting next-day service. Without paying for it of course.

But luckily most people seem to be understanding how lucky they were and how good things were before the virus hit. Walking into a store and being able to buy goods from around the world that were re-stocked on an almost hourly basis.

Lets hope after this crisis that most people at least are a little more thankful and thoughtful. That they understand the miracle of modern logistics and appreciate the amount of effort that goes into global transport networks.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

COVID-19: Political Genocide.

Much is being made of the NHS not having enough PPE and the government is being blamed. The truth is the NHS manages the purchase and distribution of PPE. Not the government.

As procurement managers work in the NHS and most NHS workers are left-leaning, I wonder if after all of this we could see signs of NHS managers not ordering sufficient PPE to try and create political advantage for the left?

You may think I'm crazy, that NHS managers wouldn't think of killing patients would they? Well, yes they would actually. Especially if they could blame the government instead of themselves.

The vitriol of the left knows no bounds and they would happily hound someone on social media until they committed suicide. And the left would dance of the grave of the victim.

That's how sick they are.

And that's why I have no qualms about thinking NHS managers could do such a thing.

It comes to something when the NHS can't stockpile, procure and distribute essential supplies like PPE. It's not fucking rocket science.

Even with the fucking Army drafted in wit trucks, there were still shortfalls in distribution. Even the RAF had to fly to Turkey to pick up tons of PPE, the NHS procurement team couldn't  manage it

But I've seen the calibre of manger that gets into these public services. You may not believe it, but I've deliberately thrown job interviews not to work with the incompetent fuckers. Just to avoid certain projects that I know have been boobytraps, tar pits, or whatever soul-sapping slow death you can think of.

If I took a job in the NHS I know I'd die inside. Innovation, leadership, exemplar behaviour, these are not the hallmarks of most public services. And the NHS management team is certainly amongst those that do not reward the sort of behaviour that is required in a crisis.

Personally I require an environment where I can be me: an innovator, team-player, leader, quiet facilitator. I aspire, I do not crave the crowd. I'm not egotistical (If I was, I'd have been on YouTube years ago), this is just the environment I recognise where I do best. It's interesting that I often get asked if I was in the military. Maybe I'd have done well in that environment, but I'm not sure the regimented nature would have suited me. I didn't do well at school for that very reason. Most of what I've learned is self-taught.

Anyway, I digress.

The production of PPE and NHS procurement. The whole supply chain of the NHS needs a serious looking at. That I do know.

COVID-19: Changing Goalposts

The Mrs is currently scrabbling to comply with new guidelines released by the Care Quality Commission.

Over two months into the outbreak, the CQC has now issued an edict that registered care home workers should be wearing PPE at all times. Masks and gowns at all times and face shields when doing close personal care. Just like I was saying weeks ago.

The wife is now scrabbling to get supplies of PPE through from head office. She doesn't order it directly.

Of course if someone in the care home now contracts COVID-19 in between the edict being released yesterday and when the PPE actually arrives for use, guess who gets it in the neck?

Considering it was obvious two weeks ago and more that PPE should be worn as a barrier between carers and their clients, it's been a bloody long time coming. But of course the Mrs couldn't pre-empt any decision and buy PPE beforehand. She can only buy it now it's been deemed necessary.

Strangely it's only registered care homes. Other forms of care like supported living that work in exactly the same way are exempt from the PPE rules.

That's because they don't come under the CQC and any deaths are reported differently. They just get reported like deaths in the community.

Registered care homes count, (literally) because deaths are reported to the CQC and those statistics are collected by the ONS and are now starting to be reported on the news.

I can say quite cynically the deaths in registered care homes has shocked the government into action. Way too late.

It was quite obvious at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak that PPE should have been worn by carers as a barrier to them infecting care home residents and also a barrier to them being infected, as well as cross-infection between ill and healthy residents.

If it was good enough for hospital wards, it's good enough for care homes.

I hope the CQC will be taken to task on this.

I also hope it will show why the social care sector really needs to be classed as the same status as the NHS, if not absorbed into it.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

COVID-19: Sensationalising the Bledin' Obvious.

It seems the pandemic has entered silly season news-wise.

First we have have Panorama on the BBC sensationalising the fact that Nitrile gloves are counted as a single piece of PPE for some reason. When that's how everyone counts them.

You buy a box of 100 single gloves, you don't buy pairs. So you buy 1000 gloves, that's 1000 pieces of PPE right there.

The BBC are unable to understand that not all jobs within the NHS or care that involves using a glove requires a pair of gloves. There are some jobs that can be done quite safely with a single glove.

But hey, that's the BBC. They employ thick people that have never lived a life as reporters who suddenly think that the government is somehow misrepresenting the numbers by not counting gloves as "pairs". Give me strength.

The BBC also over the last few days paraded a long list of Labour activists within the NHS as "experts" without any hint of their political affiliation. Had the report been on something neutral, that would be fair enough. But when the BBC and the "activist" doctor or nurse is scoring a political point, we should bloody well know the extent of the person's political affiliations.

Especially when they stretch to Union leaders, party political campaigners or Labour candidates.

Hardly impartial.

Today the Metro picked up the ONS figures for the 17th of April and made a big deal of the amount of deaths outside of hospital. It's not like we weren't expecting it. Those of us close to the care community already have knowledge of the numbers of deaths, especially in care homes up North.

Hardly sensational.

Even if you weren't involved in caring and you had listened to the news, you'd know that a great deal more people in the community have been infected with COVID-19 than official figures estimate. Something like 10 or 20 times the official amount. So the death rate outside hospital is no surprise to those of us that are well-informed.

To keep well informed on COVID-19, I can recommend no better source than Dr John Campbell's YouTube channel. He is factual, accurate and never, ever sensational. Heed his words.

Even the fluctuations in numbers caused by the weekend seems to be a source of "News" apparently.

The fact is that the figures for the first three days of the week are inflated by the weekend figures being delayed  and added to the weekday totals. Nothing sensational. The figures are delayed because not all NHS workers work a 7-day week shift pattern. The admins and analysts work weekdays only. So much for the 7-day NHS.

You just have to remember that to get the true trend of infection rates and death tolls, you have to use Thursday and Friday's numbers. They are the most accurate "instant" reporting numbers.

Anyway, I look forward to the BBC's next Expose. Apparently they are doing a future episode on care. I have a feeling it won't be such a love-fest as those involved in it think it will be. I have an idea that it will be yet another excuse to clobber the government. Or the care companies and charities.

There will be a sensational agenda. Again.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

COVID-19: Integrated Response Required.

It's quite clear there is still a disconnection between demand for PPE and supplies.

The fiasco of the RAF plane waiting in Turkey to be loaded. Turkey! Fucking Turkey!

Where's the PPE being made in the UK?

The rumour is there are warehouses of the stuff here in the country, but it's not being procured by the NHS. They prefer other means of supply.

Like acquiring shit quality Chinese products that don't work, or burning fuel and spending money on putting up RAF personnel while they wait in fucking Turkey for PPE to be loaded.

There's a guy in Portsmouth working in a shed producing face shields for local health providers. He's making 50 shields a day. IN HIS FUCKING SHED!

Now surely it's not beyond someone in government to set up a company in the first instance to co-ordinate supply to the NHS and to commend it if necessary to acquire premises and equipment to manufacture those supplies?

An N95 mask is not a hard thing to produce. Not with 3d-printing technology.

The face frame gets 3d-printed out of polyurethane, then the material gets laser cut and glued to the mask frame with polyurethane adhesive. It's not fucking hard.

But of course the beaurocracy kicks in. Are those masks certified? Is the supplier a trusted/recognised NHS supplier?

Look, the masks can be certified/tested whatever in quick style if you talk to the right people.

And fuck whether the supplier is on the NHS list: It will be a fucking government funded company so I hope to God NHS procurement managers don't ignore it because I'd be naming and shaming those fucking jobsworths.

As you can tell I'm a bit fucked off about the PPE situation and how ludicrous it is. Especially when the solution appears so simple.

In my previous life I was an installation manger. I know how these things are done. I also know how easily the situation is gamed to make it hard. Time to end the bullshit and crack on.

Monday, 20 April 2020

COVID-19: Official Advice Behind the Curve.

I see that official advice for carers is still lagging behind scientific evidence.

Advice for carers is not to use PPE unless the carer or the person receiving care are symptomatic.

I'm not sure advice to carers to continue caring whilst symptomatic is particularly good advice. You shouldn't just be slapping PPE on whilst suffering from the virus. You should not be in work. Period.

But the risk is still asymptomatic people. PPE should be worn at all times. But I assume there's hardly enough PPE to supply the NHS let alone carers. Back to my idea of creating a production facility in the UK.

I see that Portsmouth is getting it's own sample collecting site, that should be up and running this week. Possibly.

There's a site next door to work that has had a lot of activity over the past few weeks, which is associated with the virus outbreak. The building has just been sorted and sports a nice lick of fresh paint and has had a ton of concrete poured to level the floors.

I suspect this will be the testing facility that samples from the Portsmouth collection centre will be brought to. However no equipment has been installed yet, the building is a bare shell.

That may not be up and running this week, because the lab equipment is pretty delicate and takes time to get up and running both staff-wise and equipment-wise.

But for fuck;s sake, can we have some sensible advice for carers please?

Saturday, 18 April 2020

COVID-19: PPE Supply.

PPE is in short supply around the world, this is a global pandemic.

I'm fed up of journalists harping on about it, the situation is what it is thanks to globalist, make it in the cheapest country, make the most profit thinking.

If we are finding it difficult to import kit into the country, isn't the simple answer make it ourselves?

The government is spunking vast amounts of future national debt keeping people at home, why not chuck a few million into setting up a company in the UK making critical kit for the NHS?

While ventilators might be in short supply, materials, 3d printers and sewing machines aren't.

Let's get the job done and make PPE in the UK.

Friday, 17 April 2020

CIVID-19: Key Worker Tests: Utter Stupidity.

Just received the email from the care quality commission about key workers self-isolating and who is eligible to get a test.

First off is the stupidly low number of test centres. They are:

Midlands Metropolitan.

So, bit of a bugger if you're in Bristol or Keswick. You've got a very long drive. If you can drive. If you live in Cumbria, Northumberland, even in Devon, Lancashire or Yorkshire, you're going to be in the car for hours getting to the test centre. Maybe it's just a London virus and nowhere else in the country?

Second, the key worker is only tested if they or a member of their household is symptomatic.

Third, only workers in registered care homes are eligible for testing. No testing for workers in any other form of care like domiciliary care or supported living. The carers are going into these people's homes on a daily basis, in some cases shared accommodation that are just like registered homes, but don't require registration. #loophole.

We already know and have known for weeks that people can be spreading the virus without any symptoms. Figures out of China suggest that fourth fifths of those infected can be infected and asymptomatic, waiting for symptoms to occur is waiting way too late.

So really carers need to be tested on a regular basis to establish their viral status. Relying on symptoms emerging is bolting the door after the horse has bolted.

Key workers need to be tested either weekly or fortnightly regardless of symptoms. That way any asymptomatic spreaders can be removed from the system before they infect anyone they care for.

The CQC should have access to the latest covid-19 information, so they should know about asymptomatic spreaders and should update their policy to cope. It should have been updated at least 4 weeks ago when it was known that people can transmit the virus without symptoms.

As it is the advice looks like it was typed up two months ago, the test centres are too few and large swathes of the care sector are not included.

It's piss poor and should be better. People will die as a result of this, there can be no other outcome.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

COVID-19: The Left Never Miss a Trick do They?

I'm getting really fucking pissed of with the left at the moment.

People are dying and the left are wetting themselves with propaganda that the NHS can't cope (it is coping) or that people are dying unnecessarily (they aren't) and the UK government are all to blame. Fuckers are dancing on the graves of thousands just to gain political points. Cunts.

Now Keir Stamer is "demanding" ever so effetely that the government produce an exit strategy.

The News outlets and especially Nick Robinson this morning are jumping on the bandwagon asking for an exit strategy. Matt Hancock quite rightly lost his temper and should I have been in that position I would have told him to fuck right off.

The exit strategy needs to be formed at the time it is required based on scientific evidence.

The exit strategy has to do that, because an exit strategy formulated today, may not be fit for the circumstances a week from now. Any change to the plan will be instantly jumped on by the left-leaning Media or the left itself as a change of policy, an error of judgement or a u-turn.

So fuck 'em. Matt Hancock was right to loose his temper at Nick Robinson's attempt to back him into a corner. Well done for shoving two fingers up at the bespectacled prick.

I used to have fun winding Robinson up back in the day probably ten years ago or so, until he blocked me. Didn't like me calling out his antics for what they were. Nick Robinson likes the sound of his voice way too much and puts too much emphasis on his personal opinions.

At a time of not only a national emergency but a global one, Nick Robinson needs to wind in his opinions and start to report facts, not postulate on the future, or keep up his biased diatribe. But maybe as I've pointed out him before, maybe he's a bit too thick to understand, or too narcissistic to bother.

He's supposed to be a political reporter, the News is not supposed to be the Nick Robinson show, or a platform for him to do grandstanding.

So yeah, fuck him.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

COVID-19: Care Sector Catastrophe Inevitable

First lets say well done to Boris for beating the Virus, glad he's through it and out the other side. Hopefully the secondary attacks from the virus won't do any harm.

I say secondary attack because in my personal experience of the virus, it seems to wane and then come back. In my case it was three times. The third time was the worst with breathlessness, chest pains and heart palpitations.

Not a nice experience, but a lot less than those people that got taken into intensive care have experienced.

Anyway, lets explore the care sector. Yesterday in the Government briefing, it was admitted that 13% of registered care homes are reported to be infected with COVID-19. That's a bloody high level given that care homes should be isolated from the population.

My Mrs is a care manager for a large charity and is currently having daily meetings with management regarding their COVID-19 response. The main focus on those meeting is PPE and guidelines around when to wear it.

Of course PPE is in short supply, although the charity does hold an amount in readiness for when a home becomes infected. This to me is arse-about-face: the emphasis should be isolation of those homes.

My personal opinion is that carers should be wearing PPE now in order to prevent bringing the virus into the home and protect the residents. There should be a barrier between carers and those being cared for. It should have been in place from day one. NOT waiting for the virus to be passed from an asymptomatic carer to residents. By then it's too late: residents who in the main have underlying health conditions will die.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

The care sector needs to get PPE in care homes and be wearing it NOW. Not only registered care homes but also supported living, domiciliary care and ANY form of community care. ALL carers should be wearing PPE as a matter of routine.

So far the government has failed to give clear guidance on this and has failed to supply PPE to the whole care sector. It seems only council-run care homes are getting PPE deliveries. The independent care homes run by private organisations and charities have been left very much out in the cold.

That has to change and change quickly to prevent avoidable deaths.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

COVID-19 GWS Boris!

Boris John son, the Prime Minister has got what sounds like a severe bout of COVID-19. Hopefully he can beat the virus.

He's in Hospital, but I'm not sure the London hospitals are the best place for him given the record so far. #hotspot

Anyway, hopefully he will pull through.

Get well soon Boris.

Friday, 3 April 2020

COVID-19: Looking to the Future.

We really need to start talking about what happens after COVID-19, a bit like the post-Brexit discussions of a few months ago.

The World Health Organisation really needs to start acting positively against China and it's wet markets. The WHO needs to pressure them to improve hygiene standards in their country. We've already had reports that as China comes out the other side. the wet markets and their abysmally poor standards are coming back as well.

The WHO need to pressure China into closing those markets down, banning them and improving standards within the country. They need to re-educate the population that it's a pretty shit thing to have several wild animals in cages close together with humans. Especially when it eventually kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Given that China started SARS and now COVID-19, the whole world needs to put some leverage on the Chinese government.

It's now no longer an internal Chinese problem, it's a worldwide problem. And the world needs to act.

If necessary sanctions need to be applied.

A secondary issue that has arisen out of the COVID-19 is the reliance on China as a manufacturer. When the crunch came, countries didn't have the manufacturing capacity to manufacture something as simple as a paper facemask or a plastic face shield within their borders. Such has been the reliance on China to produce EVERYTHING.

When it comes to health products, in the UK the NHS needs to investigate their supply chains and build in some resilience. No more should we depend on China for sub-standard products or for any healthcare products.

Hopefully this should be a paradigm shift for the world when it comes to healthcare supply.

Masks, face shields, ventilators, it appeared at the beginning that none of those were actually made within the UK.

That has to change.

And taking production and supply of those products away from China has to be the first step towards sending them a message that enough is enough. They need to change their ways.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

COVID-19: Out of quarantine, but no masks.

Well, I've done my 7 days, feeling OK. The lodger seems to be OK too. He's decided to hole up at his girlfriends for the next few weeks.

I'm back at work catching up on the details of how things have changed over the past 7 days.

Certainly shopping has changed massively as shops are now restricting numbers.

As the news is reporting mandatory mask wearing in public, I thought I'd have a look at availability.

Amazon are restricting availability of all masks to hospitals or care organisations. So no availability there.

Checking eBay, there are plenty of substandard-looking Chinese import masks around. From reports in the press, there are a proportion of these that are not fit for use.

Those decent quality masks seem to be vastly overpriced from what they were only a fortnight ago.

Checking Screwfix and ToolStation for fume masks shows no availability.

So, the government may come out with a law for mandatory wearing of masks in public, but where the hell do you get them from?

Friday, 27 March 2020

COVID-19: More Gaps

I'm currently on 7-day quarantine after having a temperature on Wednesday.

Its's given me time to see more gaps and inconsistencies.

For instance: if unneccessary journeys by car are being effectively banned, why aren't private aircraft? I'm lookinbg right now and a private jet has just landed at Farnborugh from Barcelona. Spain being a virus hotspot, I just wonder if the passengers and crew on that aircraft will isolate for 14days on arrival?

Or doesn't the lockdown apply to people with money?

Currently I can see half a dozen private aircraft in the air. That excludes air ambulances and rig support helicopters. This is just executive jets and helicopters.

Despite the protestations of some airlines, it seems others are still flying. It would be interesting to note how many passengers are on those aircraft. Given that most countries are not accepting tourists or non-residents ion, there still seems a lot of aircraft wandering the world.

I just hope they're carrying freight and no humans.

As for me, hopefuly my company will still be open next week and I can get back to work.

Nice to see the government is helping he self employed. They just need to pick up those people that drop through the cracks. For instance my daughter who has had to leave work because her childminder has closed down.  She's not getting paid during this time, just leave without pay. As she's technically still employed she gets no benefit and because her company are still trading, she's not elegible for the 80% of her wages being paid. She's effectively removed herself from work.

My final concern is how do we pay for all of this? I assume taxes will be high for a few years to pay it all back.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

COVID-19: Gaps, I see Gaps everywhere.....


We're getting serious now. Boris has shut all the shops. But even now, after the most draconian rules put in place in the country's history (bar the Black Death), people are still not taking heed.

Here in Portsmouth all the pubs have done is blacked out the windows and are still open. Enter by the back entrance, cash-only, not on the books, nudge-nudge. The first gap that needs plugging. Landlords need to be warned and if they continue then fined and then hauled to the cells for a night. Maybe then they'll see sense. That's gap number 1.

My daughter works for a car spares supplier as a delivery driver. They're staying open as they are classed as essential. She can put her older son in school, but her childminder has shut up leving her literally holding the baby. She's can't go to work. She's not covered by the Government's 80% wage payment. She's now down to one wage coming into the house.
I've already had to drop a parcel containing nappies and baby food.
No help for her. Gap number 2.

The self-employed are kicking up a stink about the lack of support for them. The thing about being self-employed is making sure you save for a rainy day because your not eligible for benefits or holiday pay or any other employee benefits. That's why being self-employed you always charge more than an employee. You get paid more to cover your expenses and to salt an amount away for the bad times. You create your own safety net in the form of public liability insurance and critical illness cover. You keep money in the bank to cover you when you can't work for sickness or holiday and tide you over the lean times. The key is the phrase self-employed: you rely on yourself to provide all of those things, not someone else. Gap number 3 (Sort of).

If your client (not employer) is forcing you to work for the equivalent of a salary, then you shouldn't take the money. Simple as. That's why the so-called "gig economy" annoys me so much. Why would you do it if you cannot afford your own safety net? If you are SELF-employed, why would you expect someone else to pay sickness pay or holiday? That's probably for another time including the stupid IR35 tax rules.

Anyway. The wife is still working (care manager) and I'm still selling car parts. However our counter service and workshop services have closed to comply with Boris' announcement last night.

Tesco across the road was rammed at 8am this morning. People still don't get the idea of social distancing. I blame the schools for making so many idiots and society for not allowing kids to be slapped when they were growing up. We have a nation of adult children with no sense of responsibility. Gap Number 4.

Right now my son messaged me to say he needs kitty litter  and me and the Mrs need milk.

After last weeks shenanigans where I was apparently the only person in the family able to get bog roll, it seems I've been designated the man who can (find stuff to buy) by the family. I'm the official family scavenger.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

COVID-19: The Madness of Crowds.

The panic-buying phase seems to be without end at the moment... how much stuff can these people pack away? Lofts across the country must be groaning at the huge amount of baked bean tins stored up there.

Roof fires across the country will also be on the rise due to the amounts of toilet roll stored in lofts too.

It's crazy.

I've had to buy toilet roll for my daughters on two separate days now. The downside of having kids and running your life round them rather than scouring the shops for supplies.

Luckily there's a Tesco across the road from work and I can nip in first thing to get the stuff.  But really, it opens at 7am and by 9am it's down to the last few bog roll options.... madness.

I see people are abusing shop staff when they get told they can't buy the shop out in one go. Almost always foreigners. The government may talk about the Dunkirk spirit, but a these days a large percentage of the country have no idea what Dunkirk or Blitz Spirit is, because they have no family history of suffering the privations of world war 2.

Anyhoo, I'm still at work despite government advice to the contrary. We don't have antiseptic hand gel, because we can't get any. Risk takers, ain't we?

Just had a blood pressure consultation this morning. It's way high because my stress response has been triggered. Not because of COVID-19, that I can handle. No, it's because my autistic son has been refused PIP payments.

The original fight to get him on DLA nearly cost me my sanity and left me with hypertension. I'm not looking forward to having another battle.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

COVID-19: Working Against Medical Advice

Well, despite the advice given out by Boris yesterday, I'm at work today.

The advice being if you are eligible for the 'flu jab, then you should isolate for 12 weeks.

Guess what Boris, I can't isolate for 12 days let alone 12 weeks because I can't afford to.

SSP will not pay the bills.

My council tax hasn't been deferred, nor my car insurance, nor rent or my other outgoings. The only good news is I have a couple of week's worth of food in the house now.

So, I am at work today with all of my colleagues. We haven't shut the shop yet because the government hasn't given any advice in that regard. So currently we are serving customers and trying to mitigate infection transfer.

Customers that hand us keys now put them in a tray rather our hands. We wash our hands after each time serving in the shop.

And that's about s much as we can do.

If the virus becomes more endemic, no detail yet, but the owners may look at closing the shop and sticking with online and telephone orders only.

Monday, 16 March 2020

COVID-19: The Current Expected Scenario.

Okay, here's my take on the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic with current biosecurity efforts in place.

All this talk of herd immunity is tosh. It's based on totally irrelevant presumptions that once infected the population has immunity and cannot be infected a second time.

So, after the virus has swept through the population that isn't isolated, we can expect around at least 1% to die. If the numbers increase so much that there are no ventilators for those that become extremely sick, then we can expect those percentages to rise exponentially. As high as 30% mortality at the height of the infection for some parts of the community.

Anyway, the majority survive the first wave and everyone in the UK that has had the virus is now beyond the infectious stage.  And I mean everyone.  If there is a virus shedder out in the wild, then infections and re-infections will continue along with deaths, until everyone is not a shedder.

If there is someone out there that is still shedding the virus, then we continue going round and round and people die 1% or more at a time until the population thins out enough that natural separation takes over. People are so thinly spread out that they don't come into contact with each other and the virus self-isolates until people stop shedding.

Let's say we are successful in isolating the virus and there is no-one in the UK that is infectious and in six months time we open the borders. If anyone shedding the virus arrives from abroad, then we get the whole cycle all over again, because there is no herd immunity, that's bollocks. People will catch another bought of the virus.

Then we go through phase 2, another round of closures, isolations and deaths until we get it under control. Again.

Hopefully we learn and keep the borders closed. Until EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is beyond the infectious phase.

Then we can open the borders again.

Otherwise this becomes the global equivalent of the Bubonic Plague: global numbers decrease until we're all isolated enough to stop infecting each other. What global population figures are for that to happen are anyone's guess.

COVID-19: Blind Faith.

Here in the UK, the government has decided to abandon testing of suspected COVID-19 carriers.

It's instead relying on anyone displaying certain symptoms to self-isolate, whether they have the virus or not. Unfortunately if they are displaying symptoms, they have already been spreading the virus for a week or more.

But the lack of testing means the government is blind to the scale of the virus. Without sight of the scale of the virus, without finding carriers and identifying contacts, the government will be unaware of the scale of the pandemic in the UK.

In a situation like this, with a virus like this, the lessez-faire approach will not work. The virus reacts best to a strong and determined response. Those countries that have taken strong action are amongst those that have the lowest infection rates and mortality rates.

Those like Italy that acted to little too late, are amongst the worst affected.

The government should be testing anyone and everyone, so that previously unidentified pockets and carriers of the virus can be identified and isolated.

Yes, we should be ramping up production and purchase of ventilators to guard against the worst case scenario, but the virus is far from endemic. But to avoid a mass breakout of the virus we need to get those previously unidentified pockets identified and under control.

The production of testing kits needs to be ramped up and people need to be tested even though they don't have symptoms. That's the problem with this virus: you can be infected and be infecting others without displaying symptoms.

So the current advice to wait until you are displaying symptoms is wrong-headed. You need to be testing those NOT displaying symptoms.

The CMO Chris Whitty is still hoping that COVID-19 acts like the 'Flu. It doesn't. Waiting for symptoms is too late. Waiting for the end of the typical 'flu season is too late.

I've heard him and other experts talking about herd immunity. There is none. People can be infected and gain no immunity. People get COVID-19 and then can get re-infected.

Here''s the definition of herd immunity:

herd immunity
  1. the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.
    "the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease"

The UK health experts are working on a false premise because humans do not display any immunity after infection with COVID-19.  There is no vaccine. It's already been reported that a woman in Japan was infected, then tested negative and then tested positive again a week later, I assume because she was exposed to an active shedder of the virus again.

Expecting the herd to garner some form of immunity after infection is nonsense. We need to work on the premise that unless isolated from the herd, the virus will continue to spread.

We need to do as other countries do and identify and isolate those that are carrying the virus and are infectious. Once they are no longer infectious then as far as we are aware, they are safe to re-enter the community.

The other thing is, if COVID-19 can re-infect individuals and they get no immunity from infection, then a vaccine would be a hard thing to develop. There may never be an effective vaccine.

The government are playing fast and lose with this one. We need to get a grip and get it done soon.

Friday, 13 March 2020

A Poor Response (To COVID-19)

Yesterday the Prime Minister made a statement that I thought was bold and truthful: that people will lose loved one to COVID-19.

He said the only thing we could hope for would be to flatten the infection curve to avoid too many needless deaths of those who fail to get treatment due to patient overload of the NHS.

He's to be commended on being so forthright and truthful.

But the actions of the government don't bear out the severity of the challenge facing us. Currently the action is to avoid economic issues, rather than medical issues.

Social distancing measures should be put in place NOW. All public gatherings over 100 people should be stopped with immediate notice. Schools should allow those families able to look after kids outside of school to remove them from the classroom.

I understand that not all families will have the option, so at least limit the spread by removing children from the schools that can be looked after at home by their families. At least it's a sensible compromise.

Cancel all sporting events and public gatherings. Theatres, cinemas and the like need to be shut down.

Weddings are borderline, possibly give advice that only close family and friends you have regular contact with should attend and the wider circle that you hardly ever have contact with should be politely turned away.

Supermarkets should be limiting the numbers of people walking round the stores. Sensible people that can't use delivery services should be shopping at Tesco and Asda 24Hr stores at midnight or the small hours of the morning.

Public transport should be shut down or at least numbers carried should be limited. No crushing people in like sardines on the Tube. Numbers limited so there is space between people. Those that can work from home should be doing it NOW.

Certainly travel should now be limited to essential travel only.

It's all sensible stuff that will buy us some time.

I'm not heartened by the Chief Medical Officer likening this epidemic to the 'flu. This is not flu.

COVID-19 has the ability to re-infect time and time again. The only measure that can slow it down is to stop people coming into contact with others that are in the process of shedding the virus. Once those shedders stop being infectious, then they are safe and so is the rest of the community at large.

Unless the virus has the ability to re-emerge like Herpes. That is something we don't yet know and can't yet predict. But the best defence is to limit the number of infections. Nor can we predict other infection routes, like sexual contact. That's all for further study, but the thing we do know is it's contracted by contact and it's also airborne.

There need s to be a barrier between EVERYBODY as anyone can be carrying the virus. You need to get the infection rating of each infected person down to as close to 0 as possible.

So the advice should be to limit contact with anyone outside your immediate daily contacts. Be on high alert at work and managers should be prepared to send people home that feel in any way unwell. People should be prepared to self-isolate anyway. They should also be allowed to self-isolate, there should be no pressure on them to go into work.

In general people should be limiting physical contact, keeping at least a metre away from strangers and doing all they can to limit cross-contamination. This is in addition to the washing hands advice, which is okay for a virus that only spreads by contact. COVID-19 is airborne, so keeping distance away from people and avoiding breathing in their breath is the only way to stop it. If you can smell Mr Garlic breath, you're too close.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

A Very Good Budget.

Indeed it was.

Most things covered, including last minute changes due to COVID-19.

Not much for Labour to pick at, but they will, obviously.  Probably saying they'd spunk even MORE money for the NHS, just because they reckon they can piss higher.  All very easy when you go second and don't even have to prove it.

Fuel duty shelved for another year. Great, a year of cheap petrol to grease the wheels of the economy, or to get you to the Highlands of Scotland when the zombie apocalypse.. I mean COVID-19 pandemic really hits hard. Or petrol for the outboard as you search for an isolated island somewhere...

Didn't see much for the airlines,. cruise and tour operators or the like.

But the business loan scheme, underwriting SSP for small businesses and the business rates holiday are all welcome.

Oh and Dominic, if you are reading this.... don't keep nicking my ideas, contact me.