Sunday, 4 November 2018

Muslims - Agenda 21 Fodder?

Okay people, we're delving into conspiracy tinfoil-hattery here, be warned.

Many years ago, I blogged about Agenda 21, the United Nations' programme for a sustainable world. Basically it emphasises measures to provide a sustainable water supply, food supply, and importantly population control (in essence reduction).

Many moons ago there was a conspiracy going around that agenda 21 was the UN's charter for mass exterminations of population. Of course it died down when we weren't all shot and mashed into Soylent Green.

But.... what if for instance instead of anihillating a population against their will, you created the circumstances where they voluntarily killed themselves. Say for instance if you created the circumstances that propagated a civil war? A new crusade?

Could Western Government's overwhelming affection for mass immigration be explained by the above? Creating a situation to be manipulated to create civil war and extreme loss of life?

A neat way to reduce the population don't you think? And if the inter-religious crises in the West causes unrest in other highly populated mixed religion countries like India and Pakistan? The U.N. gets a nice reduction in global population. Agenda 21 targets met - cold and callous, but those boxes need to be ticked...