Friday, 6 July 2018

B-Day....This is it.

So, today is teh day: Theresa May unviels her plan for Britain's future.

We get to see if the Brexit she was talking about when it meant Brexit was actually the Brexit everyone else was thinking about. Yes, it's that confusing.

The Brexit she was talking about may not be hard Brexit. It may not even be soft Brexit. It may have been some completely random Brexit including puppies and unicors for all we know.

Many bloggers have said that if it's not a hard Brexit, then she was lying when she said "Brexit means Brexit". But only Theresa may knows what flavour of Brexit she was referring to in that statement. Because she had not made it clear beforehand what her version of Brexit actually was.

The P&U Brexit could well have been her preferred option, who knows.

But... we will find out later today what the negotiated form Brexit will take.

Then it's up to us to like it or not.

I suspect the majority of ordinary voters will be displeased. I'm also sure the elite will be happy in the fudge that has been negotiated.

My take is that we will stay in the in the customs union for a hefty fee, we will also be subject to rulings from the ECJ without representation in the European Parliament (so called regulatory alignment). Finally we will not be able to negotiate our own trade deals for at least two years.

The worst of all worlds indeed.

Is that a good deal? Not for the man in the street it isn't. Huge tariffs on imports means that we pay huge sums to the EU so do not get the Brexit dividend and have no immediate benefit in cheap imports from the far east.

Hard Brexit looks like the only option then.

Just as with David Cameron's visits and pleading to the EU before the referendum we've been told "tough", the EU will not change. We gave the elite the chance to reform it from inside for over a decade. It hasn't happened and the lack of a decent and fair deal means the EU is incapable of changing even after one of it's major partners decides to leave.

Staying in is not an option. The EU will not change.

Staying in is not an option. The people voted to leave.


Monday, 2 July 2018

A V ery Disengenuous Brexit.

It seems the remainers in the Tory ranks have gained substantial ground over the past 12 months and "Brexit means Brexit" has become "We need to save jobs.. at any cost".

We put out X in the box marked Leave because we wanted to leave AT ANY COST.

Let get it straight: we were prepared to suffer short term losses to eventually reap the rewards of a fully independent trading arrangement with the rest of the World. We are not little Englanders, but forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

We also understand thet the EU went too far in it's remit.

For instance, why should someone baking cakes in their kitchen for the school fete or the local burger van should be subject to EU hygiene standards when they are not selling into Europe.

This is one of the very disengenuous sides of the remain campain. Probably 85% of trade in the UK is not directly involved in trading with Europe, so why should that amount of trade be restricted by EU rules?

Corner shops don't sell to the EU, nor do window cleaners, hairdressers, etc. The little people, the backbone of small business. So why should they be restricted as if they were selling into Europe? Why should they essentially pay what is a tarriff to trade within the UK? It's not called a tarriff, but it's a cost incurred to trade. For catering vans, the cost of having the correct fridges, etc. and for the housewife selling some cakes at the local fete, having to get permission and be inspected by the local council. Red tape, everywhere.

If companies want to trade with Europe, let them work to the correct standards and pay the premium to prove to the EU they work to the correct standards. Every one else should be free of the myriad EU directives involved in controlling our lives and businesses.
Deregulating and removing the red tape for small businesses should recoup more than any losses incurred as a result of leaving the EU in the new jobs created.

I was (and did) stake the lives of future generations on it.

I'm just annoyed that the elites in the UK and the EU cann't see it and insist on tieing small business down with red tape. Essentially preventing competition for established businesses from new upstarts. Of course the elites are anti-competitive, they are the ones running the established businesses wanting to strangle competition from smaller businesses.

The elites are the people wanting unlimited immigration so they can keep wages down.

You'd think that the Unions would welcome restrictions on unskilled labour and an improvement in working class wages and living standards, but they seem just as tied up with the elites as the Tory party. Dining out at expensive restaurants and taking paid-for luxury accommodation in city centre London.

It's about time this cosy relationship at the top of the tree was rattled. The referendum did it once, we can do it again if required.