Saturday, 28 November 2009

Climategate Inquiry

It looks as though the royal commission are to instigate an inquiry into the leak of information from East Anglia CRU.

You'll note, the inquiry deals with the leak, NOT the insubstantive nature of the methods, data and computer models used by the CRU to support their hypothesis.

I smell the odour of whitewash.

Especially as the great and the good are setting up the mother of all tax grabs at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. This is an opportunity not to be missed: photo ops with the sainted Obama, opportunities to redistrubute more wealth from us into big corporations and excuses to prevent the emerging world from overtaking the established western economies too fast.

Nothing, I repeat nothing, will get in the way of Copenhagen panning out the way the elite want it to pan out.

Well, nothing except the blogosphere and our ability to keep pushing a point on a global scale. And push we will.

Regrettable Racoon Retirement

Anna Racoon has reported she is retiring her blog.

Its a shame, as she has proved on of the most eloquent and readable blog posters in the blogosphere and she will be sorely missed. She's been on the list of my favourite blogs since I started.

In fact she was the first established blogger to contact me, which came as a shock as it took me a while to be bothered about collecting site statistics, so I wasn't sure if anyone was actually reading my online mutterings.

Best Wishes Anna.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Climategate on Question Time

I've just listened to the question about Climategate on BBC's Question Time last night. It appears the public at large is brainwashed, going by the way they applauded the points made in favour of man made global warming.

Its typical that the Politicians will say that man made global warming exists as it gives them a chance to extort more money from the public's pockets.

Its also interesting to note that their story has changed to reflect Climategate: the scence is not "settled" and never will be, depite us being told for years that the science was settled and we must do something about it. So they'll carry on as normal demanding taxes and spending our money even though there is no hard evidence that the process is man made and not a natural global cycle.

If the science isn't settled as they say, then we shouldn't be committing billions of pounds of taxpayer's money to the cause.

One Place Derek Acorah and Derren Brown won't be going on Holiday...

Saudi Arabia.

Where a Lebanese TV presenter, who was just in Saudi on pilgrimage has been sentenced to death after being convicted of witchcraft.

All because he gave lifestyle advice and made predictions about the future on Lebanese TV.

I'd hate to think what they'd do to Derek Acorah and Derren Brown.

I'm sure there are those out there who might want to contribute to a holiday fund for the pair of them however.....


I've not followed this so closely as I've not had the time to devote to it.

What I would say is that things don't look good for climate science in general and more specifically the science around anthropomorphic global warming. The evidence held in the leaked emails looks pretty damning in itself, but its also the wider picture.

If the data models, data, charts and graphs from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia are based on bad data and bad programming in an attempt to replicate the graphs from other climate research units around the world, then the graphs (and therefore the data) from other climate research units around the world are equally suspect.

Lets extend the problem further:

If the leaked data is true, then the CRU at East Anglia frigged their data and programs in order to match the graphs from other climate units showing severe global warming.

They frigged the data, because the raw data they were using didn't produce the now infamous "hockey stick " graph showing an extreme rise in global temperature.

By frigging the data I mean using various tricks and dodges, some borrowed from other climate units (as stated in the emails) to produce results that favour the man made global warming hypothesis.

I seem to remember a scientist proclaiming he had produced "cold fusion" but was decried by all his scientific peers when it was found no-one else could reproduce his results. Is the difference here just numbers? Did all the CRU people just gang together and conspire to make sure this wasn't going to be another cold fusion episode and that if they ganged together to emulate and promote each other's results they would get their thesis into science? Did the thing get out of hand when ecologists, lobbyists and governments jumped on the bandwagon?

It stands to reason that the data and graphs from the other climate research units mentioned using these tricks is also tainted and must come under suspicion. Because if they are using these same tricks, then their frigged data also diverges from the raw data. All in order to support the single hypothesis of MMGW, without any attention as to whether the data may be saying a different story. Its also pertinant to note at this point there seems to be a lack noise from CRUs distancing themselves from the Hadley and East Anglia people and their data.

So, the East Anglia leak and the exposed fraud goes further into the Man Made Global Warming camp that at first appears.

These scientists are now as discredited as the cold fusion mob and the whole man made global warming scam should be immediately put on hold until the data and science is reviewed, remodelled and independantly scrutinised. THATS what should now be happening at the Copenhagen climate summit.

Certainly ALL the CRUs that have been involved in the MMGW "science" should now open up their own code, data and models for independant scrutiny by the whole scientific community. Certainly what should NOT happen is for things to continue as the closed shop it is at the moment, neither should the code and data be reviewed by a selected set of scientists. This MUST be for the WHOLE scientific community to debate and form a concensus on, before we commit another penny to the cause.

But now I want to take things a little further:

What if the result of increased CO2 levels isn't the MMGW that these scientists predicted and manipulated the data to prove? What if the global cooling indicated by the raw data is the problem? What if we're heading for the ice age that scientists predicted back in the seventies? What if the problem is far, far worse and we're heading for a less survivable future? How would we know given that these so-called scientists have so skewed the scientific community, the data and the computer models?

What if governments use that as an excuse to extort more money from you? Would any of us trust the science any more?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Traffic Analysis Time.

I thought its time I did some traffic analysis and see who's looking at the site and what they're looking at.

It seems quite a few people have taken an interest in my Post about my daughter and the EU. Including the European Commission, noless. A gaggle of LEAs showed an interest too, no doubt concerned whether a teenager is forming independant thought in their area and whether action needed to be taken to crush it.

The Insanity of Government

Here's a timely reminder of just what our current government is like.

More spin than substance, more show than go, all haste and waste. The lunatics (more like morons actually) really are in charge.

Foreign Aid for Climate Change Goes Missing

Well fuck me, we give squillions away in cash to corrupt, devloping countries and it goes missing. As if that was a suprise.

The whole fucking climate change thing is a con. End of. All it is is a mechanism to allow those in authority to extort more money from us and give them more control over our lives.

The scientists that have frigged and manipulated data in order to show a non-existent rise in temperature are complicit in the whole scam. If the data didn't fit, then they should have held their hands up and said so. As it is, the CRU data and emails leaked this week prove their complicity in the affair. It doesn't matter if their intentions were good: the road to hell is paved with them.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Money Down the Back of the Sofa.

It was heartening to see the Police in action this morning, doing their bit to reduce our fiscal deficit, by driving around in shiny new vehicles including a brand new, unmarked silver BMW 3 series (it seems Vauxhalls don't cut it any more in Plodland) and a raft of shiny new BMW motorcycles. In the space of 10 minutes, I saw no less than two cars followed and stopped, with a third Police motorcyclist staking out our local roundabout.

This, in an area where I have yet to see a copper walking the beat.

Yes, it looks like the boys in blue are just a few steps away from full integration into HMRC.

Welcome to the new plan: we are this and the next government's piggy bank and we will all be turned upside down and severely shaken until the money drops out of our pockets.

It seems this must be a new directive, because they've been working hard today. This evening the revenue gathering operation seemed to have moved to Havant.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Department for International Development

I urge people to have a look at the DfID website. Theres a huge public expenditure there we can cut straight away. It does nothing to directly benefit the people of the UK, which in these austere times is exactly what we should be concentrating on. I concede that Pakistan is a special case, given we need to keep them onside during the Afghan conflict. But some of the things the DfID are doing with OUR money.....

*Health Warning: Those of a nervous disposition or people with high blood pressure should do any more than a cursory access of the website. Detailed searching of the site may induce apoplexy. *

More money wasted by MoD?

This Sky report says the money is wasted. I don't see it that way: at least the troops in Iraq got an upgraded armored vehicle.

I see the report says that Mastiffs and Ridgebacks have replaced snatch Landrovers in Afghanistan.

I wonder why then, that 2 weeks ago during a live BBC report (you know the type: keeping in touch with our guys on the front line, positive comments from all the troops interviewed, etc) from camp Bastion I saw a group for troops being interviewed before supposedly just about to go out on patrol - In a Snatch Landrover?

Why No One Should Have Power to End Life

This report (about a man trapped in a paralysed body and not the coma he was diagnosed to be in for 23 years) is a reminder (should we ever need one) that doctors should not have the power to deny treatment to people and therefore end their life prematurely. They don't always get things right, nor is their science perfect.

By all means, a person should be able to chose to end their own life in a dignified manner, but no-one should have the power to end another's life.

The UK in 10 Years Time?

I did blog a while back that the UK will be like Russia was just after the fall of the Iron Curtain: a lawless state run by the "mafia".

This article gives you an indication of what goes on inside Russia at the moment. Reporters are killed, people are held hostage, countries are invaded. All on the whim of a government that seems complicit in some of the criminals acts. Whether its a sign of a government that has had to get tough on big businesses that avoid paying their dues or cracking down on criminal activity but has gone too far or a government that has been taken over by those original criminal elements, I don't know.

But I do know that making our Police force responsible for claiming extra taxes in the form of new offenses dreamed up on a whim enforced by fixed penalty notices and using the courts to enforce the same, combined with a Parliament that thinks criminal fidling of expenses is acceptable, topped by a government that is spending billions more then it earns, is a recipe for exactly the same sort of things to happen here as in Russia.

It may take a while. It might never happen. But it is a risk and us the public need to be vigilant and ready to oppose it, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Men Throughout the Land Rejoice....

"Alcohol protects men's hearts".

We're constantly bombarded with conflicting health advice. Eat this, don't eat this, this is good for you, then its bad for you... blah blah.

Whats patently obvious is that there are far too many of these studies going on, globally eating vast quantities of money, for no real gain.