Friday, 6 November 2009

Lisbon Treaty: A 15-year-old's Perspective.

My daughter came in from school yesterday and promptly declared "We've just handed Britain over to the EU haven't we? Thats disgusting!"

Quite how she came by this information I don't know (I make a point of letting my kids make their own minds up about such things), but if its clear to her as a fifteen-year-old with no interest in politics, it must be clear to the rest of the country.

We've been handed, lock, stock and barrel to the EU. There's no point in the disingenuous points the Tories are trying to make such as treaty revisions. There's no point. The Lisbon treaty has made promises of further referenda immaterial.

David Cameron knows that, as do the rest of the shadow cabinet. Its a bald lie that Britain can do any tweaking round the edges. The deal is done.

There is ONLY ONE choice available to us now. To STAY in THE EU, OR TO LEAVE.


  1. I didn't know your daughter went to an Independant School, either that or her teacher slipt through the net.

    Or you're doing a damn fine job of raising her.

    There is still hope

  2. I'm quite impressed with the standard at this school. She's only been going since January and has come on leaps and bounds. I'll not mention it just in case any liberals or lefties decide her education needs modification...

    Back up in Oxford, you'd think education would be up there with the best. Her old school was actually pretty good when she started, but the original head left and some wolly liberal took over, with new ideas and within 18 months has totally destroyed what there was.

    One thing that impressed me is she's learning about the rise of the Nazis for GCSE History and is quite adept at spotting the similarities between then and current politics. The reliance on propaganda amongst other things has piqued her interest.

    As you say, there is still hope in younger generations.


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