Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Northern Powerhouse: How Northern Voters hold Sway in the 2019 Election.

With a week to go to the election, a very curious scenario is unfolding.

Northern voters, who predominantly vote Labour have so far been ignored by the Labour party. It seems Labour is just taking the Northern labour vote for granted.

But Northern Labour voters (who also predominantly voted Leave) have a huge amount of power in this election. They have the power to ditch Labour's remain policies for one election at least and give a huge boost to the Leave cause. By not voting Labour and instead voting for the Brexit party they have a colossal amount of power to upset the political Apple cart.

If the Northern Labour voters voted for the Brexit party, the Brexit party could gain a number of seats in Parliament. Even if it was a protest vote and only for one term, it would send a shockwave through the political establishment. An establishment that steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the working class Northern voter.

This is a chance to give Corbyn's Labour a swift kick in the goolies, grab their attention and hopefully make them mend their working class ignoring ways.

Only a handful of Northern seats turned over to the Brexit party will not only hurt Labour, but it will also send a message to the Tories. The DUP held quite a sway over the Tories for the last three years with only 8 MPs. If the Brexit party had a similar number of MPs, it could significantly change the outcome of Brexit and sway the Tories to a no-deal scenario and we can be free of Europe immediately, rather than the long drawn out Brexit in Name only that is planned for the next half-decade.

The Labour party are frightened of the Northern Labour voters understanding what power they have, that's why they've ignored them and left them to vote Labour as they assume they always have done. The sense of entitlement, the arrogance is palpable.

The best example of which is Barrie Gardiner. The smarm, the presumptuous attitude, the sense of entitlement that oozes from the man should put any working class voter off the guy.

Nope. If you live in the North, for this one time only, vote Brexit party instead of Labour.

Send a message to all the parties that you want a proper Brexit, send the people into Parliament to help get that done and finally send a message to the Labour party that you will not vote for a party that ignores you and assumes you will vote for them regardless how badly they treat you and how badly they work against your interests.

Do not be a useful Labour-voting idiot.