Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wandsworth Council Open Can of Worms Over Looter Eviction.

Wandsworth council have joined in with the cries for retribution, the baying for looter blood and the general knee-jerk concensus by issuing an eviction order on the family of a boy charged in connection with the rioting and looting last week.

Here is Wandsworth's own press release.

Note first the the son has only been charged. There has been no successful conviction, only an allegation. The case has yet to be proved in court. So the son may yet be found not guilty, but the council have still pressed ahead with serving the eviction order? I think there would be a successful claim by the family if that was so. I also wonder whether there is an issue of contempt of court in that a legal body has pre-empted the results of a current court case.

Another point: is this policy only going to be applied with such vigour for looters and rioters and their families? What about rapists, murderers, petty thieves, violent husbands and wives, etc. Would the children of a convicted paedophile then be evicted because their parent assaulted them or possibly the children of neighbours?

Where do you start evictions and just where do you stop? These are not black and white situations and the clunking fist of local government is doomed to failure and ridicule in this matter unless it begins to work in a more subtle way.

I've noticed that Sky News has amended its script to carefully point out that the person involved has only been charged and not yet been convicted of being involved in the rioting. Possibly a way round a contempt of court charge?

Wandsworth council could be made to look a right bunch of twats over this.

Zero Tolerance?

If in future there's going to be a zero tolerance policy on gang members, petty criminals, drug dealers and all the other human dross that afflicts our inner cities and sink estates, lets also have zero tolerance in other areas.

Zero tolerance on illegal expenses claims by MPs, zero tolerance on abuse of power by senior Police officers, zero tolerance on all the other petty crime perpetrated by those who think they are above the law.

Zero tolerance for the poor and the privileged elite alike. Or else the problem won't go away.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Organisation of a Riot

Its being reported that the riots are being organised and the evidence suggests the Police are being run rings round.

Who are these people organising the riots? For what reason?

I'm reluctant to don the tinfoil hat and shout conspiracy, but in a atmosphere of impending loss of finance and power by the Police, is it a coincidence that suddenly we get very organised and orchestrated disorder on this scale, on a moments notice, across the country?

Blame the Parents?

On the news this evening there have been more than a few calls of "where are the parents?" when it comes to dealing with the rioters.

True, some rioters are of an age where they should be under parental control, but the problem is the state decrees that children cannot be sufficiently punished by parents. Give your kid a slap and social services could be on your doorstep issuing edicts as to how to should parent your child.

In effect by meddling in this way the state has taken control of the parenting of these kids and it is failing. It is failing because the state cannot begin to control each and every child individually.

It should be done by the parents of the children and the state should leave them to the job of parenting instead of trying to get involved.

Like any other area of family life it gets involved in, the state has royally fucked things up and it is reaping its reward.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Liquid Nightclub In Southsea Burns Down.

The disused Liquid nightclub in Southsea burned down this evening, sparking dozens of rumours of riots. No rioting, but instead a jolly time was had sat on the beach in the sunshine eating chips and watching the action.

Riots: I don't Condone, but I Understand Why.

What happens when you disenfranchise a huge number of young people? What happens when their political voice is ignored? What happens? You get riots.

Lets set one thing straight: I do not condone the looting that has been happening over the past few days.

However, I understand why it is happening. I understand the frustration of an underclass ignored by society. Failed by the education system that refuses to instil discipline and fails to inspire, failed by the immigration system that allows better educated foreigners to take masses of UK jobs. I understand the frustration of an unemployment system that is designed to lock you in rather than empower your release.

I understand a society that prevents parents from disciplining their children sufficiently, I understand a government, both local and national that harasses and demonises them at ever opportunity.

I understand the frustration of seeing society revolve ever tighter round the great god retail, seeing huge temples erected to consumption and the spending of money, but be soundly locked out of it. I understand why  rioters would want what everyone else has.

I understand the need to be heard, to get attention, to show people you exist and can push back as much as you have been pushed about by society.

I understand the poor example provided by the political elite, whose behaviour should be beyond reproach, yet who defraud the voters, who see no wrong in illegal activity, who ignore the masses and refuse to allow them to express their views in a fair way.

I understand that left alone, with no support, no guidance and no discipline, that these youngsters will become feral, have no morals, no sense of respect and no remorse for their actions and the destruction they have caused.

Society has created a generation of sociopaths and we are now reaping the whirlwind.

Thin Blue Line

I occurred to me watching the trouble around the country last night (I hesitate to call them riots) that the troublemakers are missing a trick.

So far they've leant that several distributed hotspots spreads out the Police, thins them out and prevents them from doing any effective Policing.

But what they're missing is that in each area there are far more looters than there are Police. Once they learn they outnumber and can overwhelm the Police in each of these areas, then there will be real trouble. What would be the next move by the government if we begin to see Police swamped and beaten up (or worse) during these outbursts of violence? Would those images spur on more lawlessness around the country once other groups learn the same tactics.

The Media are Not Disinterested or Independent Reporters

In days gone by, reporters and their entourage of camera and sound men would be left alone by mobs, classed as independent observers of the action.

However, today's rioter is a savvy individual and understands that the media is no longer an independent observer: their footage can be commandeered by the police and used as evidence.

Hence we see the mob actively preventing the media use cameras and attacks on reporters and cameramen over the past couple of days.

The media are seen quite rightly as just another arm of the state: their biased reporting and the use of their footage by the Police confirms it. Today's teenager has a lot more nous: they see the bias and skewing of the truth and recognise that the media is actively working against them.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Grabbing Your share of the Loot.

It may be just me, but I see no difference between the looters in Tottenham and the looters we have in national and local government.

Who can blame the underclass for emulating those in power who illegally appropriate expenses, who use their powerful positions inappropriately, and award themselves huge bonuses and pay rises, from money that is not theirs to abuse.

How hypocritical of the political elite to condemn people for doing the same.