Friday, 23 March 2018

Absolutist Feminism Exposed

I've long had a bugbear with feminism, I have blogged about it in the past. I don't have a problem with the promotion of female equality, but I do have a problem with the feminist agenda: promoting certain restricted ideals of what it is to be a female.

The best way to get into a heated debate with a feminist is to discuss female rape fantasies and whether a female should act out those fantasies with a male. Very entertaining.These are the feminists that promote limited ideals of feminism. They can't compute the freedom of a woman to chose to act out a rape fantasy. They'll say "Well rape is rape...." Well, how can it be rape if the woman choses to be "raped" as part of a fantasy scenario, it's not rape if she requests to be willing part of a scenario that looks and feels like rape.  But that's me digressing....

The latest implosion of feminism is the issue over Labour party all-female selection lists and the fact that Labour are to allow Trans females onto the shortlists.

Of course this open up a whole can of worms now, because feminists are obcessing about the fact that the females were once men. In their eyes they still are men and shouldn't be allowed on all-female lists.

But.... If that male has transition either fully or partly, and they express female identity, female ideals and to all intents and purposes are female, why should feminists stand in judgement? Because they do, on anything that does not conform to "their" idea of feminism.

It's an interesting moral dillemma around positive discrimination and gender identity.

Not that discrimination in any form positive or negative should be tollerated.

If you fully subscribe to equality of any flavour, then discrimination of any type is intollerable. The best person for the job should be doing it, whatever their background, sexuality, gender or ethnicity.