Friday, 2 February 2018

Voting at 16

I've blogged on this before, but as it's come back into public focus, i'll cover it again.

First, why do parties want younger voters? The easy answer is a 16 year old voter will not remember the policies of the previous party when voting. With governments limited to a 5-year term in power, a 16-year old voter would be 11 when the previous government were in power. How many 11-year-olds are politically aware? Not many I'd guess.

So for example, Labour could have bankrupted the country, could have been an absolute disaster 5 years ago during the previous government and the 16 year old voter would be none the wiser.

Of course the party could promise the earth 5 years later and the gullible 16 year old will fall for it.

Just as 16 year olds aparrently fall for cigarette adverts and colourful cigarette wrappers, WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE BANNED and 16 year olds are banned from buying cigarettes.

Talk about double standards.

Labour want to ensnare a gullible class of (let's not suger-coat it) exploitable children.

It's a bit of a dirty political trick if you ask me, exploting children. It's up there with human trafficking, slavery and prostitution.

Is that the depths that UK politics has stooped to? Yeah, looks like it to me....