Friday, 3 May 2019

How to Manipulate the Election Results. Pro-Brexit Spinning.

Okay, so given that the Labour and Conservative parties have tanked massively in the local elections due to their inability to provide the Brexit we were promised in 2016, how do you put a pro-Brexit spin on the local election results after Brexit was postponed?

Apparently the way to do it is to hype up the Liberal party results so they can go on telly and say their gains are a direct result of their pro-EU, anti-Brexit policy.

Of course, as the results come in during the day, I'm sure a completely different narrative will emerge, but the Pro-EU agenda will have stolen the limelight in this mornings news and no doubt will stay on the news pages as the pro-Brexit sentiments of the voters becomes apparent.

For instance so far Lab and Con massively down, UKIP so far are down slightly, but I expect big gains later today. But then the news agenda will have moved on.

Interesting that the "Independent" vote is up massively too. But exactly who are lumped into the independent category? Any UKIP votes lumped in there this morning until some "clarification" happens later today when the news agenda moves onto something else? It will be interesting to watch that independent section of the votes to see if there are significant changes.

But yet again a classic example of how to suppress news that's going against your pro-EU establishment agenda.

I do so hope Tommy Robinson gets elected in the European elections.

Sargon in the Euros has an uphill battle if this supposed swing to the Liberals pans out in the South West. And they are quite happy to vote liberal in the South West.  But then the main two are tanking so badly that he may have a chance. Either way he seems to be enjoying himself immensely visiting South West towns and cities.

I'm just waiting for TR to visit Oldham..... hope he has a stab vest handy. And I mean that seriously.
So far he's been in towns around the North West with a minimal Muslim presence. Oldham and it's neighbour Rochdale are a totally different kettle of fish.