Saturday, 3 October 2009

Irish Say Yes to Lisbon

As the title says.

The future has just got a lot bleaker.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sour Grapes at the Vic

It seems that Ex London Mayor Ken Livingstone is upset because Boris Johnson is appearing in an episode of Eastenders.

It seems the (Ex) Mayoral Moron can't distinguish being a self-serving attention-seeking politician trying to push themselves and their agenda (several times) onto a popular drama and a Mayoral candidate that appears to get on with the job that is asked to appear on the drama and gives up a little time to do it.

I've been impressed with the conduct of Boris Johnson as Mayor. I did think when he got in that he would be a determined media hog and not get to grips with the policies, but I've been proved wrong. He's been strong when needed, as when several staff members have needed the boot, or in his forthright dealings with Met chief Sir Ian Blair. Even now he's quite rightly thinking of economies and wants to hold certain events at wembley stadium, rather than build yet another stadium near the Olympic site, saving millions. I think the only policy of his I'm ambivalent about are his new Routemaster buses. But he may suprise me with that one as well.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Climate change Fucktard of the Year Award

Ok, I have to admit, this report really fucking annoys me.

First off it starts "Greenhouse gas emissions created by Britons are probably twice as bad as figures suggest, says the government's new chief energy scientist."

Whoa, hang on a minute: "probably" twice as bad? You mean you don't know, or can't prove it, or what? "Says the Government's chief energy scientist". Fuck me sideways, you'd think that someone with the title Chief Energy Scientist (Professor David MacKay) would actually have facts and figures to back any statements he made, not spout a load of unsubstantiated bollocks. Not only that, but you'd think the BBC would have the intelligence to leave the statements in this article where they should be: in the dustbin.

But no. Instead we get a new phrase: "Embedded Emissions", which means we're all responsible for China and Indias emissions, because we're all gadget-crazy freaks that exported our jobs and therefore our emissions around the globe.

Its not our fault you moron, we didn't want to lose our jobs to China. Have a pop at the money-men at the top for wanting bigger profits, thanks to cheap labour in the Third world.

Don't go laying the blame at my door, I'm one of those that can't get a job for love nor money, because the money-men have taken them abroad. Don't try and make me feel guilty, because it won't wash. I can't afford to heat my house so I'm sat here typing this with freezing fingers. Not through some consumer choice, but through necessity. Any emissions I make are paid for through the nose, because unlike you and your fucking jobs-for-the-boys mates, I've got to pay the full whack for everything. No direct-debit discounts for me, because I pre-pay on a card meter.

You absolute fucking moron. You're paid to come up with government policy and you'd base that policy on a "probably"?

While we're at it, seeing as your a Chief Scientist, wheres the fucking proof that we're destroying the planet? "Climate Change" you call it, but doesn't the fucking climate change over time anyway? Where's the proof that its an unnatural process? Prove to me that the climate hasn't been this hot or hotter before in the history of the planet and I might believe you. But the plain fact is it has been hotter than this way back in time. Its been colder too, so "Climate Change" as you like to call it is a fucking natural process and all we have to do is deal with it and adapt, like our forefathers did.

Listen very carefully you cretin: this planet is a living, breathing organism, it evolves and changes with time. Thats the wonderful thing about it: its what creates the rich diversity of life here. If it didn't change and challenge each and every species on the planet, there would be no need for evolution.

The arrogance of the human race nevers ceases to amaze me. The fact that intelligent men think they can preserve this planet in aspic, to stop the processes that have shaped it for millions of years just beggars belief.

Whats So Good About Twitter?

I keep hearing Labour politicians using Twitter as the new buzzword, as if it will somehow miraculously make them cool, hip and electable.

No it won't you fucktards!

12 years of shite policies have condemned you to the wilderness, not a lack of internet savvy.

Twitter is shit anyway, I've had a look and its just a bunch of people setting up accounts for self-aggrandisement while hangers-on fawn over their every word....

Ah, now I see why Policticians love it....

Another Freedom About to Pass into History?

Strathclyde Police Authority are reviewing their policy concerning marches and parades.

They are also reviewing violence and disorder.

Notice how they combine the two by mentioning seperate reports at the same time?

Whats the betting that the reports will recommend increased Police powers and the curtailment of public freedoms? By associating the two, you can more or less guarantee thats the spin that will be put on this and the outcome the Police want.

I also note they mention the lack of "cost recovery". It just shows as I've said before, the priorities of todays Police force.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nuclear Fallout, Brown Style

So, once I'd girded my loins to actually listen to what Cuntmeister Brown had to say yesterday, I must say I was impressed.

Impressed that someone in such a high office could fuck up so many things so monumentally in one single speech. Not only that, but the fallout is continuing to rain down and cause mayhem.

On top of the shitheap, we have Brown's "Gulags for Slags" policy, ripped straight from the BNP.
Then today, you get Ed Balls saying how Teachers may be proscribed from BNP membership. So, on the one hand they're lifting BNP policies wholesale, but on the other hand making it illegal for more people to be a BNP member. So what they're really doing is making Labour look more palletable to BNP members and at the same time forcing them using the law towards Labour membership. How fucked up is that?

Peter Hain must be chewing his lip, after all he's the one who catagorically stated he would never share a platform with the BNP. I just wonder how he feels being a member of a party that has lifted a BNP policy wholesale? After all, being aligned with a racist party is just as bad as being in the party isn't it? Isn't that what Labour were saying only weeks ago when Conservative MEPs became members of the ECR grouping in the European Parliament?

Brown's speech was of course overshadowed by the Sun announcing it was backing anyone but the Labour Party. Quite who it's backing is unclear. After all, David Cameron doesn't seem to the the sort of gritty leader needed to stand up to the public sector and the Unions and push through much-needed efficiencies.

A sop to those demanding efficiencies was the lack of compulsion to own ID cards. If they're not compulsory and are not really needed, then why the fuck don't we just abandon the fucking hated things? Why the fuck did we spend money on the fucking things in the first place? While we're on the subject of fucking useless projects, lets get shut of all the mega database projects, that anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows are doomed to hugely expensive failure. Trident, yes lets look at Trident. Thanks to a decade of fucking stupid policies, we can't now afford the ultimate deterrent against foreign attack. Fucking brilliant.

Another breadcrumb thrown our way was the introduction of AV, to make things fairer and hopefully get more people voting. Well whoopdey-do, too fucking late! Labour have had a huge majority in Parliament thanks to our shitty first-past-the-post system and they've done ten tenths of fuck all with it, other than whittle away our freedoms and grow the state into a huge parasitic monster, demanding more in benefit payments than is raised in income tax.

As for House of Lords reform, who fucking believes they'll do anything other than get a load of Labour-backing toadies in? They've been muttering reform for over a decade and apart from tinkering at the edges and inserting placemen, they've done fuck all. So I think its safe to say "so fucking what?" in reply to grim Gordo.

And you know what really, really sticks in my fucking craw? The fact that all of this is supposed to happen AFTER THE FUCKING ELECTION! Yeah fuck you Brown you Cunt. As if I'm going to fall for the old "don't worry it's in the manifesto" trick. Because YOUR PARTY went to court and proved manifestos and election pledges weren't binding, so Fuck you you lying fucking toad.

I have never, never in my life seen such a pathetic fucking sight as the Labour party conference this week. The same old fucking nonsensical polices were churned out, from the usual fucking lunatic suspects. The same old rhetoric and the same old fucking spin, rather than deal with the grim reality. There was nothing of positive note, nothing uplifting. They have not a clue as to how to save the situation. They have a broken Captain behind the wheel and no one has the balls to prise his hands off it.

They really are rearranging the deckchairs as the whole fucking Titanical shambles slips beneath the waves.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Gordon Brown's Speech in full

Blah Blah Blah Same old same old, Blah Blah.

Nope, I can't be arsed to listen to him either.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

It seems that the new political buzzword is efficiency. Each political party is trying like mad to outdo the other in the scale of the efficiencies they will introduce to the public sector, without cutting front line services.

Laudable as that may be in these cash-strapped times, these promises need to come with a warning. That warning is: This is the road to the ruination of the country.

I don't say that lightly, because I know better than most the country HAS to economise, be leaner be more efficient and cost less. But its the WAY in which government will bring about those supposed economies and efficiencies that worries me.

After the financial fiasco that was the Callaghan government of the 1970's the Conservative Thatcher government quite rightly set about saving money by reining in public spending and selling off unprofitable nationalised companies. However, rather than a culture of efficiency, in the process they created a culture of "lowest common denominator", whereby front-line services were cut to the absolute minimum bearable, but at the same time failing to increase efficiency elsewhere in government.

Then came the boom times of the Labour government where large injections of public money were made into the public sector. Again, instead of being more efficient, the public sector became more inefficient, only showing a marginal improvement in front-line services for the vast amoutounts of money being pumped in at the top. A classic example of this is the wage inflation of senior jobs in the public sector, which soaked up a large proportion of the money pumped in, for no gain in front-line service.

Now we're in a big hole and everyone is talking about cuts. But those cuts can't be blanket cuts: I've talked before of the need for surgical precision, liposuction for the public sector, where the fat is sucked out without crippling the patient and whats left is leaner but not only that, but the public sector needs to go farther and be put on a fitness regime, to tone up those weak muscles, so as to be able to do things with less effort.

What I fear will happen is that we will get blanket directives to cut X amount out of the budget, those in charge of the public sector will justify their six-figure salaries but cutting front-line staff, which will put the public in a foul mood and put the government off further cuts.

The New Government that comes in next year HAS to micromanage the whole thing: there is no option but to really get to grips and take on the public sector in close-quarters combat. They have to understand that, have to prepare for that and have the fighting spirit necessary to do what is right for our country, otherwise it is doomed to fail.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Law of Unintended Consequences for Babysitters

Remember what I was saying a while back about Nu Labour being a poor legislator?

Last week it was the Baroness Scotland affair, where even the person drafting the law couldn't prevent herself falling foul of it (the very definition of an unworkable law in my book).

Now we have Ofsted going way off-mission and taking two women to court because they babysat for each other.

Now if the Childcare Act does apply (and I'm sure the letter of the law will apply: after all its been through the court once already and been proven), then hundreds of thousands of people across the country will be affected. Again, in my book the very essence of of unworkable law: if it makes an activity a significant majority of the population are engaged in unlawful, then it is bad law.

A minister has been quoted as saying he's investigating. I bet he bloody is, because this could have a disasterous effect on a hell of a lot of families.

Leaving the law as it stands isn't an option, as any old jobsworth or any malicious prosecutor could fire things up again. No, the law needs changing and changing quickly, in order to stop this idiotic nonsense from getting out of hand.

I think this will be one to keep an eye on.

If anything should, this case should promote the idea of a "Great Repeal Bill" to pull back most of this incompetantly drafted Nu Labour legislation.