Monday, 14 December 2015

Climate Agreement Allows the rich to Steal from the Poor.

This weekends climate agreement has further entrenched the position of rich governments and corporations to take ever more money from the poor of the planet.

The "man-made global warming" cult is I believe the biggest corporate hijacking of the environmental movement in its history. Its a clever idea, jumping into bed with the environmentalists, because the very people that hate big corporations suddenly are on their side and campaigning with them.

Why do I think its a scam? My answer is follow the money. At the top are the carbon trading schemes, where the money of the poor is traded by city traders on the value of CO2, i.e. making money out of fresh air.

It makes me chuckle when the same environmentalists that fight big corporations against GMOs, or fracking suddenly are on-side when it comes to CO2. What makes the government or big corporation any less money-grabbing or untrustworthy on this one particular subject? How do they suddenly become pious when it comes to global warming?

It's not like the science is trustworthy either. Try and get a grant to disprove man-made global warming and you'll find a frosty reception. Scientific grants are controlled by the very people that are part of the establishment elite, so they control the science. Anything that disproves their agenda is starved of funding.

What about the media, surely they'll report the truth? Nope, they are just as controlled by the big corporate interests as they are on any subject that is beneficial to the elite.

The current status quo favours large Western corporations massively. They get to put the brakes on emerging economies as the restrictions limiting CO2 production also limit industrial expansion. So any competition is severely restricted, again boosting the profits of the big corporations.

One telling comment that came out of the climate conference was that companies will have to adapt and pay for the changes. No they won't, it will be us, the public that will pay with ever higher bills. It will be the poorest of the masses that will be hit hardest.

Money that will line the pockets of the elite and the corporate fat-cats. It's the prefect scheme because people get brainwashed into FREELY GIVING the money to the fat-cats...

"Follow the Money" is a phrase that outlines the truth as much as it ever did.

The Legal Baby Trade

Its been announced today that the number of babies being taken off mothers at birth has dramatically increased. There are calls that the mothers need more support, but it will never happen.

It doesn't surprise me at all that babies are being taken off mothers, because they are easily sold for adoption. And its all about money these days.

Looking at it in the cold light of day, supporting a mother to look after her baby costs money. Selling a baby to an adoption agency makes a profit for a council.

Its a no-brainer that it's worthwhile for the council to remove the baby on the slimmest of evidence and then sell the kid on.

The sad thing is that most of the women caught up in this system find it hard to escape, no matter how much she sorts herself out, her past will always be raked up to support the social worker's case.

Easy targets for the authorities and who is going to listen to some ex-drug addict or a skank that has straightened her life out?