Thursday, 21 June 2012

Close to Incandescence

In this post I'll swear a lot, be warned....

Okay: The media have been reporting (with some glee it seems) on the comments made by David Cameron about celebrities avoiding tax. The case of comedian Jimmy Carr has been all over the radio all day.

How and why the fuck has David Cameron made comments about a person's individual tax affairs? And when the fuck has legally minimising one's tax allowance been "morally wrong"? It is not a "scam", it is not illegal. If tax law allows it, then it is within the remit of anyone to benefit from that ruling once it has been found. Call it a loophole if you like, but its still legal and above board.

How the fuck any politician can claim the moral high ground after the expenses scandal and who continues to live permanently ensconced in a subsidised envelope of parasitical privilege defeats me.

It smacks of total and absolute greed. They want ALL our money; no exceptions, no minimising your tax bill, that's morally reprehensible in their eyes because given the chance they'd take all your wage money and give you fuck all back.