Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maria Miller HAD to Quit.

She had to quit, because she's a classic example of the gulf between those in Westminster and those outside.

Those of us outside know the seriousness with which stiffing our employer for tens of thousands of pounds in expenses will be taken. We know that most likely the Police will be involved and we also know the judge prosecuting the case will not let us walk free by paying back only 5 grand and  a 30 second apology.

We know we will be hung out to dry, as there are NO CIRCUMSTANCES where misappropriating  that amount of money will be in the slightest way tolerated. It doesn't matter whether its £45K or £85k (news reports quote both figures and anywhere in between). We know we're going down if caught.

So for the public, the employers of those MPs to see the workers collectively band together and say that she only had to pay back 5 grand and issue a wishy-washy, sort-of apology, its really a monumental slap in the face. MPs don't understand that at all, thanks to the in-bred, elitist, self-centred attitude of those within the walls of Westminster.

Untill MPs understand that there is one rule for us all, that they are not a "special case", that even inside the walls of Westminster they are still the public, until they understand the concepts of parity in law and probity in their actions, then the press will continue to expose them and the public will continue to be anti-political.

I only wish the public would realise this will not end until they vote to end the party political system. I wish they would vote for their local independent candidate in any forthcoming elections. Party politics have hijacked the Westminster machine and made it work for "them", rather than us.

It. Needs. To. End. Soon!