Sunday, 3 June 2012

Reflection on 60 Years of Our Queen.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations currently under way allow some reflection upon the reign of Elizabeth the Second.

I've often said of politicians that you should judge them by their deeds and not their words and the same goes for the monarchy.

The Queen appears to brand herself a staunch upholder of the British constitution, upholding history and all the pomp and ceremony that we British and a fair few foreign tourists revel in.

However, despite the fa├žade, over her reign she has presided over the wholesale destruction of our democratic constitution. To the point now that she is a subject of the European Union and has to defer to their wishes in matters of state.

Not only that, she has sat idly by while the house of lords, the last bastion of sense in Parliament, has been weakened and reshaped by government for their own ends.

In effect she has sat idly by while our sovereignty and democracy have virtually been abolished.

She may say that its down to the wishes of the people, because elected governments are elected by the people and enact the policies the people voted for. But in an age where governments are elected by a minority of the people, where a huge majority refuse to vote for the smug, self-serving  slimy toads that infest political parties, where effective democracy has ceased to exist, when huge long-reaching changes to the constitution are enacted without referenda, it's saddening that her madge has consistently stayed quiet.

Of course the role of monarchy changed to that of token figurehead changed during the first world war, when the Windsors came into being to distance themselves from the inter-woven, interbred bloodline of European monarchies. Unfortunately the name-change seemed to work: they became "our" monarchy, not linked with the Kaiser, whom we were at war with, nor linked to the Russian royal family and their untimely end during the bloody revolution.

Nope, instead our royal family became tokens, positive discrimination for the posh and privileged, a tourist attraction wheeled out in  times of crisis to serve as a distraction to the slumbering masses.

Well sorry, I don't identify with the pomp, ceremony and the high constitution that in essence is "Brand Windsor". I see a monarch that has had very little positive effect on this country, allowing her cabal of cohorts to destroy the lives of those they chose to bring into the family, a monarch that has sat and watched idly as her power has been diminished by various governments in the thrall of large corporations, I see her turn a blind eye as checks and balances in government are destroyed, as the rights of the common man in the law courts are eroded in her name.

I don't see any reason to celebrate her 60th year as monarch, as there isn't much of anything to celebrate at all.