Sunday, 10 June 2012

Curious Spanish Euro "Victory": Sounds More Like Defeat to Me.

According the the BBC the Spanish Prime minister has hailed the agreement to bail out Spanish banks as a "victory".

For who exactly? The bankers who will get to keep on paying themselves huge bonuses? The politicians who agreed to the package who will eventually end up in the boardrooms of those selfsame banks?

Since when has being rescued from bankruptcy a good thing?

This statement, alongside the hundreds of other delusional ones since the crash of 2007/8 shows how completely fucked up the political elite is in Europe.

Right now, David Cameron should be saying if the Eurozone can't get its act together soon, we will cast ourself adrift and let the whole sorry ship sink. Its time for him and the Odious Osborne to stop bitching and whining about how the Eurozone is affecting us and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Thats what true leadership is all about. Not hanging onto the coat-tails of a political elite bankrupt of ideas and  doggedly hanging onto a failing dogma.

Right now, I don't fancy the Conservatives chances of re-election at all. I just hope and prey that the voters remember its Labour that put us here in the first place. I doubt it though, all they'll remember is the easy benefit money on offer and hang the consequences. Being an adult and choosing the difficult path rather than the easy money is a no-brainer for our no-brain population.