Monday, 7 July 2014

I'm Offski.... Taters!

Well, the time has come to stop blogging.

I've been thinking about it and really, there isn't much to say any more: politics has gone past parody into the realms of the unbelievable. The wheels keep turning, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The welfare state swells with an ever growing swath of victims, such that one day there will be a cry to eradicate them and no one will shed a tear. Parasites come in many forms and history says they are denormalised so they can be cleansed, socially, ethnically, religiously, racially. Social cleansing is now acceptable, how long before the others? And as we know, mission creep means the first victims won't be the only ones. History tells us that the dehumanisation of humans is always the prelude to vast horrors. Its what us humans do, time and time again. We lose our humanity and regress to the animal ape hidden under the human mask. As a society we lost our humanity decades ago. Just Google the Liverpool pathway and really, really understand what it means to be subjected to it. Its been policy for years.

I've seen the dark clouds forming, political conniving, corruption, the death of actual democracy, the battle for control of any form of independent media and now a convenient crisis has shown itself to be a vehicle for suppression of political independence. Its only taken 15 years. The witch hunt begins.

I have my escape plan ready, you'd better have yours. When the shit hits the fan and you can no longer do and think freely it'll be too late for you.

This will be my last post and the site will be left to itself. I'm sure in the near future this site and especially these last comments will be labelled seditious and illegal.

Adios and farewell.

Before I go, just ask yourself these questions:

Just who keeps pushing the "right to die" agenda? Where is the money coming from to fund the high cost legal cases and why to we keep having case after case when the first "No" should have been enough? What happens when the judges become weary and say "Okay, go on then"; what happens after that first crucial step over the precipice?

Why is the media starting to portray the vulnerable and impoverished as some prime time inhuman joke?

Why is the independence of the media under such constant attack? Why have people gone to jail for what is in essence poor judgement? Why have some been jailed and some let off scott free?

Why has the Saville case been wrung out and spun to such a huge extent? Why has the hysteria been kept artificially high? Has the frenzy been whipped up so artificially high its now so big a story that people will overlook bias now that sexual impropriety has arrived at the door of politics? How long before someone entering politics has to be approved by someone other than the public?

I see between the pages, I see behind the screen, I see behind the curtain, What we're not supposed to see.