Thursday, 14 December 2017

Brexit Becoming a Binary Choice

Last night's vote by the commons to have a say on the Brexit deal virtually ensures that Brexit will become a binary choice: in or out.

There will be no deal. The remainer MPs in May's party will raise their heads again during the vote to kill any deal that May will have extracted from the EU in an attempt to make the exit from the EU as hard as possible.

I suppose they think that once they have killed any deal and we face a hard Brexit, that the public will demand we stay in the EU after all.

Not Me.

I understood when I marked my ballot paper that a Hard Brexit was necessary.

So hard Brexit it is then. Make your plans everyone.

I just hope that the snowflakes don't stampede back to the EU.

After all, the things us leavers disagree with, like an EU army commanded by unelected beaurocrats, EU-wide taxation set by unelected beaurocrats, immigration levels set by unelected beaurocrats and all the other things have started to be mentioned by the EU. They were not unsubstantiated scare stories after all.