Saturday, 13 November 2010

Scottish Prisons in Green Nonsense

The Scottish Prison Service are swapping inmate's old CRT tellys for new LCD ones in order to meet green targets.

If prisoners are getting free LCD TVs, then why not pensioners, who are more deserving and haven't a hope in hell of affording one themselves? If ever there was an example of getting priorities fucked up beyond comprehension, this is a classic.

As for the Scottish Prison Service quote "the TV sets would not cost the taxpayer any money as prisoners were charged for television access", don't even get me started on that one except to say who pays the prison service to pay the prisoners to pay for the TVs? Unless the SPS have some way of magicking money out of thin air at no cost, then of course its the bloody taxpayer.

Monday, 8 November 2010

ReBoot Government

When a computer goes wrong, we all know more or less instinctively what to do: we reboot the thing by switching off and then switching it on again. It wipes away any of the previous nastiness that caused the crash and brings forth a new, revived computer.

Maybe its about time we did something similar with government: Just stop and start from scratch.

After all, things have become so complex, that really now andy policy changes can only tinker at the sides and add even more complexity. Like adding ever more drivers onto your computer for an increasing list of devices slows down a computer, government is now costing vast sums of money and delivering poor performance.

Its time for a reboot: Lets just stop for a short while and review just whats important. Then bring those basic functions back online one at a time.

Just think, we could have a streamlined, simple tax system, a lower cost NHS, a more beneficial benefits system, rethink our relationship with the wider world.

Its a mantra we all need to adopt. All we need is to elect people with the courage and conviction to do such a thing.