Friday, 18 September 2009

Can Someone Tell Harriet Harman to FUCK OFF?

Harriet Harperson is at it again, this time having a pop at lap dancing clubs.

Can someone, preferrably from the female persuasion slap the bitch please? Its obvious thats what it'll take for her to realise that empowerment for women doesn't just mean empowerment to do the things she wants them to do. The empowerment of women actually means allowing them to do what the fuck they like. If that means ripping a few quid out of spotty teenagers, or sad old guys, then thats what it takes. Freedom is just that: the freedom to chose.

Harperson doesn't understand the irony of spouting hypocritical shit about womens rights, but not allowing them the right to follow various activities. Its "emancipation, but only on my terms", which is just as sick as male chauvinism. Dizzy bitch.

This Story Makes me sick

A mother of a family of disabled chilren made over 30 calls to the Police about abusive behaviour from local youths, before murdering her daughter and comitting suicide in a burning car.

Leicester Police should be absolutely disgusted with their treatment of this family. Its indicative of what's wrong with the Police in this country. Lets go out and nab some speeders, let's do the easy fixed penalty stuff, but when it comes to real grass roots Policing, the control of yobs, the capture of thieves, they really are crap.

Cabinet Meeting to Discuss Spending Cuts

The BBC has the story here.

So, in less than a week we've gone from keeping spending with no cuts, to reductions in spending and cuts. Can you really trust this government?

I do have to ask what exactly has triggered this about-face? Have the financial institutions been sabre-rattling in private? Have the government been tipped off that they face another financial meltdown? Either way, it looks like the message has been received. I just wonder if the government will ever come clean and reveal the truth behind the u-turn.

Anyway, on the bright side, lets hope we see an end to the hated ID card scheme, and all the costly I.T. projects, lets hope we see quangos and faux-charities lose funds, lets hope we cut back on overseas aid (like to India, which has a space programme when we can't afford one FFS!), lets hope they stop spending money on global warming until the science is proven and we can get measurable benefits. Those are the blanket cuts we need right now.

However, we need to go much further and start stripping out layers of public service. Lets reduce targets on public services, so we can reduce the number of admin staff that service the collection and publication of targets. After all, they have no front-line value). Lets start taking tiers of middle-management out of public services. Thats what happened in the private sector in the 1990s: organisations found that their middle-management was bloated, so they stripped out certain levels. It meant more people reporting to one person, but that just means they have to work more efficiently.

The country NEEDS these cuts. We can't go on as we are and the Unions need to recognise that. Either they negotiate a less painful solution which preserves front-line jobs, or the next government will have to take tough action which will be painful for the country as a whole.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gordon Brown and the "C" Word 2

Well, Gordon did say the "C" word (more than once in fact) in front of his Union buddies, but tempered it with the fact that the cuts will not fall on the frontline.

Yeah, right, believe that if you want, but I bet the public sector managers than draw excessive salaries won't feel the pinch.

Labour aren't exactly reknown for keeping to their promises, so if the Unions get suckered into believing this spin, more fool them.

What's needed in the public sector is a wholesale clearout of non-frontline staff. The government can save a packet by getting rid of targets, because form the NHS to the MOD, education to local councils, a whole layer of beaurocracy and non-essential staff is tied up ensuring targets are met, measured and reported back to government. If only government would see that targets and directives are part of the problem not the solution, the savings across the public sector would be substantial, without affecting front-line staff.

We need detailed, directed, surgical cuts, rather than blanket directives, because we all know that public sector managers would rather sacrifice two frontline staff on 15K, than one of their own earning 30K. But Labour have never been masters of detail, so we all know whats going to happen.

Winter of discontent 2 is on the cards then...

Gordon Brown and the "C" Word

Many commentators are expecting Gordon Brown to be a brave little soldier and tell his mates in the Unions that there will be less sweeties to go round in future. In other words, there will be cuts in public sector expenditure, possibly leading to job losses.

Whats the betting that while saying this in public, so the public believe the public sector will share the pain, what he will actually say in private to the Unions is that he will bleed the private sector some more in order to keep the public sector and his Union paymasters happy.

Thats the stark choice the country faces at election time. Labour in power and raising taxes to rediculous levels, or the Tories in power attempting to reduce the public sector burden.

Monday, 14 September 2009

If you want to see what the next 10 years have in store...

Check out what happened to Russia after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Satellite states devolved from central Rusian control: We have our own analogue here with talk of Scottish independance and possibly the Welsh and Northern Irish vying for more autonomy.

The Russian armed forces fell into disrepair: Trident is now possibly for the chop and I've a feeling that the carriers the Navy want may never be built (quite where that would leave the Joint Strike Fighter is anyone's guess). We have a force of the most inadequate helicopters imaginable and our soldier still drive around in inadequate vehicles.

The Russian government ran out of money to pay its workers: well, if the government keeps spending money like water and the money markets deem us bankrupt, guess what'll happen here?

Political and business corruption became rife: Er, well, there's one thing we've already got, in spades. Dodgy deals on Russian yachts, MPs expenses, bribes in the House of Lords.....

It really is no wonder Russians are doing more business here every day, it must seem so much like home. I see the new Magna deal to buy Vauxhall and Opel is backed by a Russian bank. I pity Vauxhall workers: they'll probably end up like those at LDV and TVR. Both had Russian involvement and both failed.