Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Red Conservatives, or Tax! Tax! Tax!

This week there is yet another proposal to increase taxes, this time to fund social care.

Are these real Conservatives we have in power?

Way back when Conservatives would be hard on waste in government. Instead they are weak. Conservatives should be reducing tax, not increasing it.

If the NHS wants more money, then it should get to grips with the causes of the multitude of lawsuits for incompetence and malpractice that land at the door of the NHS legal department.

Those lawsuits suck almost half the funding away from the NHS budget.

That's why both labour and Conservatives are correct when they both say more funding is going into the NHS and that the NHS isn't funded properly. It's because of all the bloody lawsuits!

The NHS and the medical profession in general need to start getting to grips with the rotten eggs and kicking them out. They are costing the NHS and therefore us the taxpayer billions of pounds.

Don't get me started on the billions spent on agency staff covering illegitimate absence, or the millions spent paying the wages of staff on Union business (that should be paid for by the Unions)..

The Conservatives need to shake up social care. Why on earth should we be paying more tax when local government spending is at an all-time high is beyond me. Maybe some of those excessive executive salaries in local government and local health authorities need to be trimmed. Don't believe the guff about attracting the brightest and best from outside public services. Instead the useless morons that run local government vote themselves ever more excessive salaries.

There's a lot of duplication in social care, and if you get it right and (sort of) ignore or bend the rules a lot of profit. But the waste and excess need to be weeded out.

The Conservatives should be hard on the waste in defence too.

Currently the Batch 2 River class patrol boats are being built. The Batch 2s are superior to the original Batch 1s in that they are better suited to long distance travel. Howver, the Batch 1s are not that old but are being pensioned off.

They are ideal for border protection around our shores when Brexit happens (if it actually does).

Selling off perfectly useable ships for peanuts is not a good use of taxpayer's money. Neither is building carriers that cannot fly cheap(er) aircraft off them. For a small (comparatively) increase in cost we could have had carriers fitted with catapults and arrestor gear. Compatible with the majority of other carriers in friendly Navies so we could inter-operate. Instead we decided that we would tie ourselves to the most expensive version of possibly the most expensive fighter/strke aircraft ever built.

I just wonder what the comparative costs would be of fitting cats and traps to our carriers and buying F/A-18 Hornets to fly off them would be compared to what we've tied ourselves into currently.

I look at the Tories at the moment and just shake my head.... just where has it all gone wrong?

Monday, 25 June 2018

Elite Hijacking of Populist Policies.

There's a very canny thing going on in the world. It seems the Elites of the world have found a new direction to divert attention from them and at the same time earn huge quantities of money.

Over the past decade or more, they have hijacked populist policies for their own ends. The diversion of Brexit is a prime example. Offer the population a vote and then.... well just don't implement their will, or offer a watered-down version.

Certainly not teh full-fat all-out Brexit we were promised during the referendum. Instead the Elites have hijacked the useful idiots on the remain side and endlessly promote their viewpoint to the exclusion of the alternative lower-class majority view.

Take for example this weekend where the pro-remain protest was endlessly reported on teh BBC, but not a word about the alternative pro-Brexit march that happened on the same day. A neutral observer might have commented on both and compared the relative turnouts compared to the original referendum result. Instead the pro-Brexit side were shut out of the media, ignored, unreported.

So you get the skewed view from the media that nobody is for Brexit and everyone is against.

The same hijacking of innocent policies has happened with global warming. Someone comes up with a statistical graph and all of a sudden it's taken as a gospel fact. Not only that the "problem" of excessive CO2 is so bad that we have to pay through the nose in extra taxes to the elites as penance for our "sin" of producing CO2.

But where does that extra money eventually end up? In the stock market, where a totally naturally occurring gas is traded as a commodity. Literally making money from fresh air. It's the biggest scheme to transfer money from the poor to the very rich. Even the poorest amongst us, the unemployed and the elderly have to pay the tarriffs put onto fuel and energy costs. That money goes straight into the wallets of the traders trading in CO2.

When all you needed to do was plant a load of trees and stop the decimation of the rainforests. But then that would stop the elites and their huge logging companies from making huge profits.

Instead we are told to go green, buy an electric car. Admirable, saving the planet... a car powered mostly by fossil fuel burnt at the power station. Oh the irony!

BUT! the greenies reply, we are generating more renewable energy than ever before!

But worse than that the elements that go together to make an electric car or a wind turbine are really polluting. Not naturally occuring in huge amaounts. Instead the Neodymium and Lithium needed to make the motors/generators and batteries to make electric cars work need to be mined and processed, causing huge amounts of pollution. These are not green elements processed from twigs and berries. Oh and the processing creates huge amounts of CO2.

This is no conspiracy theory, this is happening. Trading of carbon credits is a thing, so is the diversion of Brexit to make it a non-Brexit, so is the huge amount of pollution caused by the processing of Lithium and Neodymium. So are the tarriffs slapped onto energy prices with no taper off for the poor. Tarriffs that go straight to the elites in charge of the wind energy companies, who cry they need subsidies to make wind power work. If they need such subsidies, then wind power is unprofitable

There is a deliberate diversion from actual polluting strategies like mining and processing of rare earth materials used in hi-tech equipment over to common or garden CO2.

There's actually a project to strip CO2 from the atmosphere... just think how much energy such a scheme would reuire and what such a project could do to plant life.