Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ask yourself why David Cameron Wants to Stay in the EU.

I often drift off the beaten track when it comes to political debate and it takes me down tracks and asks questions that no-one else is asking.

For instance: As the head of the UK Parliament, why is David Cameron on the "Remain" side?

If you think about it, if we voted "Leave", he would get greater power, he would be the head of an independent Parliament that could forge its own destiny. Rather than submitting and rubber-stamping a large number of laws handed down by the EU, he would be able to influence 100% of UK laws in Parliament, by debating them with elected members of Parliament. He would be able to have influence and sway debate in Parliament and chart a course for the nation, he would help forge a destiny for this country at the start of it's new-found independence.

As a public servant, as someone who should be focussed on public service, there should be no greater goal than being able to have your name written into the destiny and history of the UK.

But instead he wants us to remain part of an undemocratic club, where he has very little influence, being part of a club of 27 other countries. Linked to the will the majority of those nations for good or ill.


Is it because he can take credit for the best parts of EU legislation, while saying the worst isn't his fault?

Is it because the EU provides a layer of beaurocracy that he can appoint favourites to so they become part of the well paid establishment?

Is it because his friends in the big corporations want a steady flow of cheap labour from Eastern Europe?

I just wonder why?