Sunday, 21 August 2011

Global Warming WTF?? Moment

Apparently we now have to limit CO2 emission, not because we're creating global warming, but because it flags up to extraterrestrials that the planet is inhabited. Leg-Iron has a link to the Daily Mail article as part of his post about the need to find a new bogeyman.

I know that man made global warming is a load of bollocks, but this is a whole new level of lunacy.

I mean, one of the scenarios is that eco-friendly aliens are so disgusted with our CO2 emission that they destroy the earth. Now as far fetched as aliens are, lets say a bunch of eco-loons from Andromeda really do arrive here. Would they decide that to save the earth they need to vapourise it? Where's the sense in that?

Just yet more scaremongering from the AGW nut-jobs, except they've really excelled themselves at scraping the barrel for excuses to tax us into oblivion this time.