Saturday, 2 October 2010

On edge.

I've been on edge all day for no aparrent reason. You know, one of those restless days where its your only day to relax, but your body isn't able to de-stress.

It's possibly caused by the biblical rainfall we're having today and being very close to the sea and therefore sea level. Lots of standing water everywhere because its so near to the sea and therefore can't drain so quick.

I must check the time of high tide.... Luckily not until 8am tomorrow, so at least I can get some kip.

Update: The local storm drains have been very, very full all day even hours after high tide, so there's a lot of water flowing out to sea. 

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Year Zero.

Ed Milliband says don't blame him or his generation for past Labour mistakes, as if thats enough.

Tough shit Ed, I'm not falling for your sales bullshit any more.

You can't wipe the slate clean: you, your friends, relations, colleagues, leaders, cohorts, party members and aquaintances all stood idly by and let it happen.

You can't announce year zero, wind the clock back and start again.


This two-word phrase seems to sum up UK politics at the moment.

The Labour party is so self-absorbed it elects one of the worst people to lead. it: not that there are many viable candidates to chose from. Nowhere in the Labour party do I see anyone with the charisma or leadership qualities to pull the Brown, Blairite and assorted other camps together to make a coheisive whole.

The con-Dem coalition, so self-absorbed, whose primary objective is to maintain the coalition at all costs, to maintain the slimmest of majorities and cling to power, without the strength to push forward with conviction and do what is necessary. Hamstrung by ideological differences, a coalition of compromise, they tweak and twiddle, unable to make take the real tough decisions, to make real foundations for a prosperous future. swallowed up by inertia, the juggernaut of debt left by Labour rolls on increasing day by day. We've waited months and the brakes have yet to be tested, instead our burden now is even greater than before the election.

Neither of the above has really made that leap of faith and asked the question: what do you want. Instead we have speech upon speech, rhetoric piled upon dogma, espousing a limited point of view.

Not one part has really pulled out the stops and engaged with the voters, neither have they really done what is necessary to pull this country out of the mire.

In fact the contrary. Non have promoted action for the good of the country as a whole. Instead we get vaccuous self-promotion, meaningless diatribes, limited beneficial action. We get preferrence for specific interest groups, the super-rich, the corporations, those with bank balances big enough to employ rafts of lobbyists working to skew UK politics away from the needs of the population and corrupt it in favour of those who would strip us of everything we hold dear and sell us into slavery. Westminster has become a whorehouse, with everything on offer and available for cash, no questions asked. Sinister sponsors pull barely visible strings, playing the puppet theatre that is Parliament. Strateigic policy is abandoned in favour of tactical, short-term self-interested quick-fixes. This once-great union has been fragmented by its foes, power is portioned, costly parochial parliaments set up at the expense of the English, with rights, freedoms and benefits given unfairly to some and denied others within the kingdom.

I have one thought on this.

It has to go.

The whole corrupt cadaver that is our polluted UK politics, the punch-and-judy sideline to Strasburg and Brussels needs to be torn down, burnt, consumed, torched, scorched, salted and consigned to history.

We need re-learn the meaning of expectation and to hold our politicians to account if they fall short. We need to flex the combined muscle that 60 million people can. We need to organise, to direct and inform those that are unaware, reacquaint the population with their responsibilities and rights as citizens and start to reclaim what is ours: our country, our political system, our freedom and our rights.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ed Milliband Doesn't get it.

How can such a privileged, protected, professional politician get anything that ordinary people "get"?

He hasn't lived a normal life, suffered hardship, worried about bills, worried whether his job is safe, worried whether he can pay his mortgage or rent this month.

How dare he say to the population he "gets it". Until he's experienced any of the real-life pressure and strains we all have to deal with it, how fucking dare he say such a patrionsing statement?

Its something he and others of his ilk will never "get". Neither will his advisors, nor will his friends, nor his hugely paid union friends.

The Labour elite soldiers on, clueless about what it'll really take to prove to the population that they have changed, are contrite, have learned the error of their ways and are genuinely sorry for fucking the country up.

In effect they continue to prove they really don't "get it" at all.