Sunday, 16 May 2010

Be Honest With Us Dave

Just a brief sojurn through my blogs today as I scoff breakfast/Lunch in the local wi-fi equipped pub.

I saw David Cameron on the Andrew Marr show this morning. He didn't rule out a VAT rise (which I fully expect WILL happen). Instead he dodged the question.

Sorry Dave, you have to be clearer: if the country's finances are in a parlous state and once George's "independant" audit has confirmed the depth of our financial black hole, you must rule in the option of a VAt rise. To dodge the question is unworthy of the people that voted you in power.

Say it as it is: if Labour fucked things over so badly you have no alternative but to increase VAT, then you'll do it. Obviously it'll be a last resort, but you'll do it. That way you sound decisive and not dithering, definate and not dodging. I've said before, you have to be honest with the population. Open the books up as much as you can and show us how bad things have gotten. We'll never vote a Labour government into power again.

Anything else just reminds us all of Tony Blair.

On the moving front, we've settled into the temporary accommodation. Not that bad considering the swiftness of the move. Still no word from the estate agent about the place we were originally going to move to. I doubt very much if that option will be open in future. I fully expect a long slog to recover costs as well. I hope I'm wrong, but my intuition says otherwise.

What I can do is reflect that my management skills haven't dimmed from not being in that role any more. As I always say,  anyone can be a manager, but its the way you manage problems that shows how good a manager you are and when you really earn your money. The successful and smoth transition last week despite all the setbacks proved I can still do it. Which is nice for my self esteem if nothing else. Pity these days people measure a good manager by how many courses they've been on and how many certificates they've accrued.

Bye for another week or so.