Friday, 1 November 2019

The Rise of the Corporates: Fascism in a Velvet Glove.

Very slowly and gently, over the past 5 decades or so, the big corporations have taken over the world. 

This is just not evident from the current debate about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google manipulating the debating space, but it's been going on for decades with the big arms corporations, the petrochemical industry, the city traders and the banks.

Once the corporations attain critical mass and a percentage of the country becomes dependent on their industry, then governments become sensitive to their requests. It's a pretty damn obvious statement really: the corporation become big enough to influence a proportion of GDP, the government is going to bend over backwards to avoid losing that revenue.

And this is where the corporate power has risen from. Such that certain corporations can dictate to HMRC how much (if any) tax revenue they will pay to government. With us normal plebs, it's the other way round: HMRC tell you.

Now they have control of public debate in the form of the online tech Giants, the machinations of the big corporates is more public than ever. Yet government seem powerless to enforce some sort of moratorium or enact legislation to protect free speech.

In fact we're seeing a movement of young people cosseted by the corporate cabal that actively protest AGAINST free speech! They might think they are independent thinkers, but when you trace the tenuous lines back to the source of the money that props them up, it ALWAYS links back to the big corporations or their owners. The obvious name seemingly with fingers in dozens of anti-democratic corporatist authoritarian "peoples" movements is of course George Soros. Yep, the guy that almost bankrupted the UK during the ERM fiasco.

If only those independent thinkers would look up the dictionary definition of corporatism..



  1. the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.
    "fascism was the high point of corporatism."
That last statement hits the nail on the head. The level of control the corporations have over the state, their ability to stand up against the democratically elected government, the influence they have directly over normal people, is tantamount to Fascism. Especially this new wave of authoritarian corporatism, encapsulated by the extinction rebellion and the push to prevent Brexit and gain freedom from the antidemocratic EU.
These are indications of the way the corporates want things to go in the future: no borders, no barriers to global trading, one world government, one currency, no dissenters, no free speech, no pointing out the strings being pulled around the world.
This is fair warning as to what awaits the young if they keep doing what they are told and don't start to think for themselves.
All those cosy benefit you get with Apple products, while surfing the web checking Facebook and posting YouTube videos while drinking your coffee from Starbucks whilst protesting that the government should have more control over what people do and calling for an end to hate speech....
All of those are leading you into an authoritarian, fascist world of the future.  Don't blame us oldies for ruining your life. We voted to leave the EU so we could get away from corporate control of politics and the appointed crony commission. We wanted freedom, you want the opposite.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Braime Out as Leader of UKIP. Toxic UKIP NEC strikes again

It looks like Richard Braime, the leader of UKIP has resigned, after the party's National Executive Committee vetoed some of his selections for various positions.

That's after the NEC wading into the leadership contest itself and refusing to allow previous leader Gerard batten to stand.

Before I joined UKIP, I said the NEC were the problem in the party. I said that they acted almost like plants from other parties with a mandate to kill off UKIP.

I think they have almost succeeded. Certainly I and others have decided not to renew our memberships after the dismal performance in the EU elections (were was the campaign?) and we saw the shenanigans around the leadership contest.

UKIP seem to be on a death spiral now and only the membership can save it by triggering an EGM and forcing the NEC to resign. Then just maybe UKIP can get some people on the NEC that will allow a new direction to emerge from the ashes of the old UKIP.

Or maybe that is the Brexit party....

Election: Pro-Brexit Party Strategy Needs to be Clear.

In an ideal world, Boris Johnson would do a deal with the Brexit party so that Conservative MPs are not contested by an alternative candidate to split the pro-Brexit vote.

Failing that, Nigel Farage needs to unilaterally stand aside in seats where there is a confirmed pro-Brexit Conservative candidate.

That way the pro-Brexit vote shouldn't be split and allow the Remainer Lib-Dems and Labour into what could have been pro-Brexit wins.

It's time to swallow some humble pie in order to get Brexit done.

Of course in labour and Lib-Dem seats, the Brexit party should go to town and put up some strong candidates. Preferably local candidates, so they can make good points about supporting the majority vote for Brexit in the North and hopefully fielding candidates the voters would feel happy voting for.

The absolute worst thing the Brexit party can do is to parachute Tory-looking middle-class candidates into working class wards. I know that Nigel likes his middle-class cohorts, but they won't work in Labour-held areas.

He needs to employ some good, strong identifiably working class candidates in those Labour heartlands in the North preferably with a local accent. That way he can hopefully sway those people that have voted Labour just for the sake of not voting anyone else.

Because let's face it, why would a working class person vote Labour today? A Labour party that has now gone out of it's way to signal it cares not for the poor working man in the UK, but instead for the poor of the rest of the world. By voting to have open borders and to give benefits and free NHS treatment to immigrants, including illegal immigrants, Labour have finally shat all over the poor working class. Those people struggling to make ends meet, those on minimum wage, those competing with the unskilled workers of Europe for scraps handed out by corporations that screw down the bottom line and would just like to have a free (read slave) workforce. Or a workforce paid for by the taxpayer.

We have to signal to the big corporations that enough is enough. Brexit has to be down to smash the globalist coprporatist conspiracy to put everyone on third-world wages. By voting for the Brexit Party instead of Labour, we get the double-whammy effect of doing the above and also hopefully shocking Labour into supporting the working class people of this country, like they were set up to do in the first place.

Brexit has to be done to force the Starbucks, the Googles and the Facebooks of the world to pay tax here in the UK and not some offshore tax-free haven. Then we can get the billions in tax revenue into the country's coffers and start spending it on helping those less well off. In this country.