Saturday, 12 February 2011

Be Careful What you Wish For..

Well, Mubarak's gone and the media is stuffed full of talking heads and politicians full of praise for Egypt's public for reclaiming democracy.

Unfortunately, we all know that when it comes to democracy, the Middle East has a different take on what it means than us in the West.

Invariably it means that Islamic fundamentalists gain a foothold which they then manipulate to gain absolute power.

I'm sure behind closed doors in the West the hope is that the Egyptian Military can control the situation and manipulate it to allow a few carefully chosen puppets to fight an election in order to give the illusion of democracy.

A bit like democracy here, where each political party only occupies a narrow political spectrum, with any party at variance to that narrow ideology ignored by the establishment and their media cronies.

Anyone here fancy camping out in their town square in the name of revolution?

Friday, 11 February 2011

"UK" Foreign Policy not Worth Reporting Any More?

I noted tonight that the Radio 4 evening news noted Baroness Ashton's comments on the situation. Note not our own UK foreign secretary William Hague, but the EU's foreign policy representative was quoted.

Its very clever, this takeover by the EU: its very subtle and gradual. But nonetheless its there: our own  foreign secretary its worth being quoted by our own national news service.

I expect to hear more of Cathy Ashton in preference to William Hague from now on.

Both the President and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy are not the mere ceremonial positions we were supposed to get then.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm tired of Political Posturing.

We have a Tory Government that says its cutting costs to reduce the deficit, but continues to increase spending.

In Manchester, we have a Labour-led council cutting front-line services and jobs just to prove a political point.

In Liverpool, we have a Labour-led council very publicly removing itself from the Coalition government's "big society" (whatever that is) project, possibly losing out on a funding stream just to prove a political point.

I'm sick and tired of party politics, politics for the sake of making the other guy look bad, no matter what the cost in terms of jobs or services.

I'm sick and tired of knobjockeys in charge of local councils awarding themselves astronomic pay packets, and then cut jobs at the bottom of the pile.

I'm sick and tired of them playing fast and lose with the jobs and lives of their employees, just to prove a point. I'm sick of them cutting front line services instead of the second or third line pet projects that can and should be cut, just to prove a point.

I'm sick of our coalition government professing to be Euro-sceptic, when its steaming full speed ahead with scrapping the last bastion of our sovereignty, our armed forces.

I'm sick of all of this political posturing by our political elite at the expense of our nation and the jobs of those at the bottom of the pile.

I'm fed up with those who profess to protect the jobs of the working class, the unions, being in bed with the political elite they profess to oppose, awarding themselves the self-same astronomical pay packets on the back of hard working (but obviously gullible) workers who pay their dues, just because they can.

I hear more and more people saying the same things and the ideas and thoughts I hear expressed in homes and the workplace will become very real, very soon. The talk of revolution over the past few years has been catalysed by events in the Middle East. People are seeing that rather than being able to do nothing, quite the opposite is true.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

That David Cameron Speech...

You know, the one about multiculturalism having failed.

The media are having a field day slagging him off, saying he's playing into the extremist camp.

But they've missed a big, fat, elephant traipsing around the room.

Look where his speech was made: Germany, where not so many months ago Angela Merkel made a speech with exactly the same tone.

Is this a new EU-wide mandate? Could it be that Muslims are going to be used as scapegoats to divert attention  from the actions of the corrupt EU elite? Have they deliberately been built up and given preferential treatment in order for us to denormalise, demonise and despise them?

Only time will tell.