Thursday, 12 December 2019

An Overwhelming Narrative. Propaganda by Omission.

I've signally refused to cover the election much, because I think all of those on the leave side of Brexit all know what they need to do. It's simple: get Boris back in (for all his faults) but also get the Brexit Party in Parliament to nudge the Brexit process in the right direction.

Anyway, today on Polling day, I want to point out something that isn't.

That's not a grammatical error, I'm talking about something that isn't in the news, isn't being reported online, isn't in the papers, it just isn't in the media at all.

I'm talking about citizen protests. Not just the Gillet Jaune protests and now general strike in France or even the Protests in Hong Kong and the massive amounts of unrest there, but protests in South America, in the Middle east and in Asia.

They just aren't being reported, so ask yourself why that is?

Why are we not being shown the daily struggles of people across the globe against tyrannical governments?

The reason is they don't want us, the great unwashed of the UK rising up against the  pressures from the big corporations. Pressures to allow cheap labour into the country, the pressure to allow corporations to book tax offshore at a cheaper rate, the pressure to allow big corporations to make the rules and stifle competition.

We are being fed propaganda, not overtly, but covertly. By omitting reports on these protests against lowering of working class standards across the globe, we are not getting the picture that this is a global issue, it's a problem caused by the big corporations. No, we get to think the lowering of wages and living standards is an entirely local phenomenon.

Lest we get a bit uppity and start to revolt.

I mean, you can't even criticise an MP in the street these days without getting arrested.

The working class are a majority in this country and we need to start flexing our atrophied muscles, we need to reclaim our country, our standards and our rights. We must not listen to the elite who say those goals are dependent on the whim of the EU. We have the power to claim those rights without the EU. We do not need their beneficence to bestow rights upon us. We were born with those rights, forged through centuries of struggle.

I suppose, in the end this post is about the election. We need to give the elite a wake-up call.