Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Election Fever.

Well, 24 Hours ago Theresa May called a snap general election.

I can see why. There are many factions that see the PM as illegitimate. Because she wasn't voted into office, there's always that sneer that "she can't do that, she's not been elected to do it", despite her not changing the Tory direction by much and of course running with Brexit, something the people commanded Parliament to do through the referendum.

If the majority vote for the Tories again, it's a mandate to carry on with their style of Brexit. Not that there's any other flavour, other than giving in to every demand from the EU.

A mandate for the Tories will shut up the Lords. Those unelected bastards in the upper house that want to scupper the will of the people. Virtually every one of them a bag of vested corporate interests. If I had my way it would be illegal to be a director of any company and/or be paid by any company as an "advisor".

Finally of course, it'll shut up the stunted Scottish windbag Sturgeon (well here's hoping, she does like the sound of her own voice a bit too much unfortunately). Fingers crossed the Scottish coastal towns and cities will tell The Jimmy Krankie lookalike exactly what they think of getting their fishing rights back, only to give them away to Brussels again. (All I can say is thank feck Corbyn isn't the Labour leader in Scotland). Basically Sturgeon is a one-trick pony. Independence, independence, that's all she wants. Not that she has bugger all clue what she'd do with it if she got it anyway. She certainly has no idea of the cost to Scotland, that's for sure. But hey, I'm sure once the Barnett formula is abolished (the only thing keeping the miserable windbag in office and able to shout the odds) she'll love having to actually make her way in the world on her own. She's like the petulant daughter that you're about to kick out, just to make her realise the cost of living.

Of course this is a terrible blow for the Labour party. they are so disorganised and dysfunctional that they don't have a cat in hell's chance of winning. Hard core lefty support may surprise some people, but I think unfortunately that the majority of the Labour vote will go to the Liberals.

Despite what the Tories may think, I don't see Labour heartlands voting Tory. people there would rather slit their wrists than tick a Tory box on a voting form. Despite heavy pro-Brexit voting during the referendum, I believe that people won't think about that in the general election and will vote Liberal as a protest against wishy-washy London-centric Labour leadership.

If the election had been called just after the referendum, then the Liberals and Labour would have been in real trouble as the majority of the voting would have gone to UKIP. Months of division, skullduggery and loss of focus within UKIP means they won't pick up a fraction of the votes they got at the last election.

But UKIP's reason for existing (getting out of the EU) is an almost done deal. The only way I can see UKIP keeping votes is to stir up uncertainty about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.  If UKIP can convince voters to vote for them and get them in a position so they can keep the Tories honest and keep Brexit on track, then they may succeed.

But despite the Liberals being anti-Brexit and against the majority of the people, I see them making gains unfortunately. I'm not sure how that will play out in the cut and thrust of Brexit. I mean, a re-invigorated pro-EU anti-democratic Liberal party might just grab enough headlines to fuck things up. Who knows?

That may be the downside of this election for Theresa May.