Saturday, 15 December 2018

Brexit: What was wrong with Canada ++?

It occurred to me today whilst basking in Australian summer sun to ask the question: what was wrong with David Davies' negotiated settlement that Ollie Robbins and Theresa May had to come up with the Chequers proposal independently of the DExEU?

Nobody I know has asked that question. If Canada ++ had been negotiated with the EU negotiators, then the EU must have been happy with it?

So why did the team at No.10 replace it? And why was even Chequers further watered down during later talks, apparently without the oversight of Dominic Raab?

Why are the media not asking these important questions? Instead it seems the latest deal is the only one on the table. The deal that locks us into the EU machine indefinitely.

If Canada +++ was on the table before, why is there this insistence that the Ollie Robbins deal is the only one?

All I can assume is that was the plan all along, to make sure we cannot exit the EU ever.

It's nothing less than a coup by the political elite. It's the denial of the democratic will of the people of the UK.

It should not stand.

As a postscript it's interesting to note the reaction of people here in Australia to Brexit. They see our exit from the EU as an opportunity to renew old ties, to right the wrong the Heath government did to the Commonwealth. They see a post-Brexit Britain as an accessible market no longer fenced off by excessive EU tariffs.

Friday, 14 December 2018

It's Your Problem Theresa.

So, the PM went back to the EU requesting concessions and... just like David Cameron before the referendum came back with nothing.

The  ONLY option now for the UK Parliament is to reject the deal.

Then either of two things happen; either the EU come back to the negotiating table and start negotiating in good faith and start making reasonable concessions, or they lose our £39bn contribution and they lose easy access to the UK market.

Let's put the ball back in their court and show we are not supine walkovers.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

'Tis but a scratch...

We'll, the result is in... She's wounded, but not mortally.. It seems employing most of your MPs in some form of office earning extra cash has swung the day.

So she limps on regardless.

The thing is, thanks to her "deal" the thing she is supposed to hate, an exit without a deal is ironically, more likely.

With rumours of  Nigel Farage launching a new party on Monday, the pro-Brexit vote will become forever fractured.

This was our only chance and we have been totally screwed by the elites in Europe and the UK.

Back to authoritarian rule it looks like.

Begone, vile Woman!

Currrently watching events in the UK from the other side of the world, so no real blogging because it's not easy on a phone.

Hopefully May will be gone and a leaver put in place.

However, I doubt very much that this will happen. Theresa appears to have the numbers to carry on. What happens afterwards is anyones guess.

I expect a catastrophic clusterfuck would ensue.

Many voices are now talking about revoking article 50 and betraying the referendum result in the hope the public won't go all dayglow yellow.

We'll see.