Friday, 4 May 2018

Labour Lose compared to Expectations in Local Elections (trying hard not to laugh edition).

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, a buch of Chealsea Trots at the head of the Labour party will not get them any traction other than within Severely Socialist areas like in London and Liverpool.

Now it seems the Chelsea Trot set's predictions of massive gains has backfired and they have failed to make the gains they predicted.

All this socialist worker guff they keep spouting needs to stop. It has no relevance and no traction with the wider Labour-voting electrorate.

On Question Time,. the usual Labour guff about building more affordable homes was trotted out. The problem with building homes on that sort of level has to be governemnt-funded, the private sector can't and won't do it on their own.

So who pays for all these affordable homes? They are not self-financing.

To be honest any future Labour government would be mired in lawsuits from the owner's of the utilities they plan to steal back according to John McDonnell that they wouldn't be able to do much of anything else.

The other think to square is the number of homes that would go into negative equity if house prices drop substantially.  That affects those paying mortgages over and above the value of their home and also the banks, that lose substantial assets in the form of all these mortgages and homes.

So how does the government intend to compenste the parties affected by a government entering a massive house building scheme and crashing house prices?

Anyhoo, back to Labour's piss-poor performance last night. And be under no illusion, it was piss-poor given the own-goal the apparently disfunctional Tories appeared to donate.

Of course it's not the trots that have lost Labour seats, it's Brexit... Yes, Corbyn's lack of leadership on Brexit is a factor, but his lack of leadership on ANYTHING from Brexit, Hamas, Israel, to anti-Semetism, to Russian Spies and every other thing a Labour leader should have an opinion and provide leadership on. I've not headr the word spineless used regarding Corbyn for some reason, I expct because of his vindictive streak. But for fuck's sake, when you watch him, you really want him to come down off that fucking fence he likes to sit on. Great policy for a back bencher, but he's there up front at the sharp end, supposedly stating policy in a clear an concise manner. He's not supposed to look like Mr Bean's dad mistakenly got promoted to lead a political party. Jesus, he even makes Boris Johnson, the arch-prevaricator look concise and focussed.

Anyway, I do like it when I'm proved right.

According to most decent non-anarchist, non-trotskyite Labour voter, "Labour can go fuck themselves if they think I'm going to vote for them with that lot in charge""

And so the wounded, weak Conservative party get to limp on, with no-one around to on the opposition side able to deliver the coup-de-grace.

Makes you weep.