Saturday, 8 April 2017

What Has Sweden Done to Deserve This?

What has Sweden ever done to deserve a terror attack of their very own, a number of people being killed yesterday in a truck attack?

Well, despite allowing in thousands of Islamic migrants that is.

Unless it's because of the 900 or so troops deployed to Afghanistan as part of task force 47 and the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Mazar I Sharif.

But maybe allowing thousands of migrants into your country that may feel some affiliation to those people they see as oppressed by you may not have been the smartest move.

That's despite you "only" being part of a rebuilding force.

That's despite whatever you think that Islam is a "just" religion and not also a political ideology.

In fact if you start to look at the less publicised countries involved in Afghanistan as part of ISAF, then a pattern emerges. Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, and to a lesser extent Luxembourg, Romania, the list goes on.

Look at this page: and look at the list of participating nations.

Now tell me there isn't a very strong link. Maybe someone in Afghanistan holds a grudge. Someone with the ability and money to organise and finance a large number of people. As the only major source of revenue in Afghanistan at that time was Opium, then I'd hazard a guess that's where the source of the grievance lies.


It's all down to lone wolves and religion.

Maybe looking at the countries that haven't had their own Islamic terror attack may shed some light on the issue. Where were't they and what weren't they involved in?