Friday, 2 March 2018

The 48%

I would like to think that anyone that reads this blog on a regular basis (is there anyone out there?) kows that I voted for Brexit.

But I thought it was about time I looked at the 48% of voters who voted for remain and what is being done for them in the Brexit negotiations.

If the majority for leave was much higher, I'm sure we would have had a "hard" Brexit: article 50 would have been invoked immediately and we would have been out of everything and trading on WTO rules after the 2 year negotiation period. That period would have been used to confirm tarding relations between us and the EU block as a third country.

However, there wasn't that great a majority, so the pace of Brexit has to be slower and more cautious in order to gain some concessions for the 48%. For instance the security of our citizens in Europe, friction-free trade and all the other things that are making the negotiations as easy as travelling across the country's currently icy roads.

The 48% need to understand the negotiations on trade and everything else are for them.

Actually, it's not 48%.... polls show that most remain-voting people accepted the result of the referendum. they accept they lost and accept that Brexit in some form or another must happen. I thank those remain voters who graciously accepted the result of the referendum. It's a very adult view to take and I thank them for not rocking the boat, throwing their toys out of the pram or whatever metaphor descripes the petulant few that refuse to accept the democratic will of the people.

It's those die-hard remainers, something like 24% of those that voted that are sore losers and want us to stay in the customs union even though it is incompatible with the ending of free movement of people, as required by the 52% that voted for Brexit. 

The 24% want free and frictionless trade, even though the EU themselves have said that once out of the customs union it is impossible.

The 24% want no border between Southern and Northern Ireland, even though they are two different countries and the EU have already said it is impossible without a customs union.

The 24% seem to have a disproportionate representation in Parliament (certainly in the house of Lords) and in the media. So much for representative government.

The BBC seem to push the minority anti-Brexit 24% agenda at every turn, despite the majority of voters voting for Brexit and the majority of voters (including leave voters) accepting the result of the referendum. Not very representative of the BBC at all. In fact it's very biased of them, as has been reported many times. But thenn again, what do you expect from an organisation that receives a substantial contribution in monetary terms from the EU.

It's quite telling to look at anti-Brexit organisations (charities included) and see whether they receive direct funding from the EU. The vast majority do...

Anyway, I do feel for the 24%... I really do. What they are asking for is incompatible with the will of the majority and especially against the rules and regulations of the organisation they wish us to remain part of. One of the very reasons I voted against the EU is the inflexibility and unbending adherence to the rules, enforced by unelected officials.

Sorry 24%, you're getting a taste of your own medicine. It's not our fault. We are trying to negotiate on your behalf. I just wish you would appreciate it and understand that the very organisation you love refuses to accept your viewpoint. Ironically showing just how undemocratic the EU really is.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Labour Party's Betrayal of Northern Labour Voters.

In the Brexit referendum, scores of Labour-voting people in Labour's Northern Heartlands voted to leave the EU.

Northumberland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire.... all voted to leave the EU. All are counties where Labour do well. Former industrial and mining areas.

All betrayed yesterday by Jeremy Corbyn and his policy to stay in the customs union. Pandering to his London-centric Remain Champagne Socialist Labour clique.

Labour will say that even though their heartlands voted leave, it wasn't the Labour voters (the majority) that did that, it was the nasty Tories (the minority) that somehow conjoured a referendum winning vote. So they're actually giving Labour voters what they want. They can believe that Bullshit all they want to excuse their trachery, but it just doesn't wash. Gordon Brown got it wrong when he called Gillian Duffy a bigot for her comments on immigrants. Jeremy Corbyn has just done exactly the same.

This should be as momentous for Labour voters as Maggie Thatcher crushing the miner's strike: this is Labour sticking two fingers up to the working class. Again. And this time you can't say it's Teflon Tony Blair the Tory in disguise, or Gordon Brown trying to be Tony Mk2. This is jeremy Corbyn, self-styled Trotskyite, man of the oppressed workers of the UK. This is inexcusable.

Of course the Chelsea Socialists say it's all about protecting worker's rights. It's nothing of the sort. It's protecting corporate interests and the influx of cheap unskilled Polish and Romanian workers. It's about keeping wages suppressed. With all that cheap labour on tap, wages for the rest of us stay low and working conditions poor. It's keeping profits flowing to low-tax countries with no penalties and avoiding paying tax in the UK.

After all, if we start to mention improvement of wages or working conditions, then all the business can just let us go and employ a foreign worker on high agency rates but getting paid minimum wage.  Huge margins for the corporate fat-cats. That's who your Labour party is actually working for.

If Labour truly wanted to improve the wages and working conditions of the working class of the UK, then the cheap labour tap would be turned off.  Out of the customs union and out of free movement.

Staying in "a", "the" or even "New" or any fucking flavour of  customs union automatically means free movement of people  i.e. no control over immigration. The EU provides no alternative on this. you cannot have one without the other. The tap cannot be turned off.

Staying in a customs union also means adherence to EU-negotiated trade deals. The UK would not be free to negfotiate on our own. Non-negotiable according to EU negotiators.

Membership of "a" customs union for anything longer than an interim period is a betrayal of those votes how voted to leave the EU. Permanent membership of a customs union goes against the will of the majority of people who voted to leave the EU and it's control.

Unless.... what Labour are saying they are aligning with Boris Johnson and his "have our cake and eat it" policy, where we choose to be part of a customs union, but are free to negotiate our own trade deals, part of a customs union and free of the ECJ, part of a customs union and not allowing free movement of people. ALL OF WHICH HAVE ALREADY BEEN REJECTED BY EU NEGOTIATORS.

You cannot have membership of "a" or "the" or any customs union without the baggage that comes along with it like subservience of UK laws to the Court of European Justice.

You cannot have membership of "a" or "the" or any customs union and stop the influx of cheap unskilled Eastern European labour.

You cannot have membership of "a" or "the" or any customs union and stop huge corporations from banking profits and declaring corporation tax in other countries. Free movement of people and goods also means free movement of money as well.

You cannot have membership of "a" or "the" or any customs union and negotiate trade with other countries at the same time. You are tied to deals done by the EU.

You cannot have membership of "a" or "the" or any customs union without betraying the huge swath of Northern Voters that voted to leave.

The sad thing is that now UKIP have crashed out of UK politics in any meaningful way, there is no alternative party for the Northern working class Labour voter to vote for. That's why Labour have done this now. They know the working class have no alternative to vote for. Bastards.

If ever there was a time for a proper democratic people's party, for the working class and  free from the Westminster bubble and it's corrupt corporate influence, that time is now.

Can we just grow up and accept that Brexit means leaving the EU, the Customs Union, the Single Market, the primacy of UK courts, closure of our borders, the ability to trade freely with other countries and start to talk on those terms. The longer Politicians of all flavours push the customs union model, the bigger the crash at the end of it when the EU refuse our requests.

Spinning otherwise (because that's all it is, spin) is dangerous and devisive. Right now businesses should be planning all future trade with EU countries on a "fully out" model. To do otherwise would court disaster for the company. That's what good governance is all about and should be working towards.

The game politicians are playing is a dangerous one and costly for the UK. That our own politicians are working against us should also prove the need for an alternative party that puts the UK people first. After all there is a historical precedent: every now and then Parliament has needed a nudge from the people to show 'em who's boss.