Tuesday, 13 February 2018

UKIP Death Rattle

Having virtually collasped after the Brexit referendum, UKIP is slowly dying a painful death.

After several leaders and now a stubborn ex-Army type who refuses to relinquish power (a true leader knows when the time to leave is right) UKIP have thrown good money after bad trying to vote a sensible, photogenic and above all skeleton-in-the-cupboard free candidate into power to lead them.

It seems the NEC and the membership at at odds with each other. From the outside it looks like whoever the membership vote into power, the UKIP NEC are determined to brief against.

Not a recipe for a successful political party.

From various posts around the internet, it seems the time is up for UKIP. They have lost much of their funding, the NEC are crippling the party with costly leadership election re-runs and the senior members are looking elsewhere for employment.

The democratic people's party that should arise from UKIP and take it's place is long overdue.

After all, with UKIP in a mess like this, who is standing up as the honest voice of the majority of people that voted for Brexit? Without that constant nudging from a powerful alternative party, the remainers are pushing back.

Nigel Farage and his radio show have less of a force, without millions of votes behind him.

We NEED a party that voices the opinion of the majority of common people, a party that can straddle the Labour/Conservative divide, so voters from both sides can vote for it without the toxicity there is from voting for the opposition.

But.... who is going to fund a party that votes against the mainly Conservative-backing rich elite and against the Labour party? Who indeed....