Tuesday, 22 April 2014

UKIP: Smelling a Rat?

Nigel Farage seems to be leading a rather charmed life recently. He's shrugged off various gaffes, rumours of affairs and now the fact he employs his German wife as a secretary.

He did OK in the debate with Nick Clegg, but failed to nail home the point that the EU as an institution is expensive, unnecessary, devisive, dangerous and empire-building.

So why is he so feigned by the media?

I'm beginning to get the sense that UKIP and Farage in particular are a false-flag operation. They are a flagpole for true Eurosceptics to nail their mast to, with it pre-planned that they will fail epically to once and for all nail the Eurosceptic coffin lid shut.

I mean, not once have Farage or UKIP given any clear plan as to how they would extricate us from Europe. It all seems a bit vague, unplanned and I guess deliberately so, so that Farage or anyone in UKIP can't be pinned down to give a coherent answer.

Okay, I concede that they could possibly field a large proportion of UK MEPs after the next Euro-election, but then what? Instead of Farage making witty remarks and taking the piss out of Van Rumpoy on his own, are we going to get a dozen wise-cracking MEPs? Well that was probably fine while it was Farage on his own: expectations are low because what can he do against all those other big bad MEPs voting in all those big bad Euro-laws?

But with a larger number of UKIP MEPs, the expectation of the UK public will be that UKIP will deliver something. But what will that something be? Once we've paid UKIP with our votes, what do we get back in return? What's the plan Nige??

Given that there are 20-odd other countries represented in the EU Parliament, how will UKIP garner the correct amount of support for its anti-EU policies. There is currently a groundswell of anti-EU sentiment across Europe, with nationalist parties getting increasing support in their representative countries. But will UKIP work with these parties? Can they work alongside nationalist parties without being tarred xenophobic, racist or Nazi-like?

I would really, really like to know more detail, before I put my X in the box labelled UKIP.