Thursday, 5 April 2018

I. Don't. Care.

One of my bugbears is when people start spouting off that government should care about something, about ethnic minorities, about gender, pay equality, the list of things the government should care about is aparrently endless.

I think entirely the opposite. Goverenment shouldn't care. It is not in the business of caring, it's in the business of governing.

It's Parliament's job to go about the business of running the country. Without (one of my favourite phrases) fear or favour. It should not care what colour you are, it should not care what class you are, it should not care what background you come from, it should not care what religion, neither should it care what race, its shouldn't care what sex you are or what gender you identify as.

It should govern in the name of all people equally. It should govern to the benefit of all people equally.

There is an arm of government that is all about caring and that's the NHS, but they don't control policy, Parliament does. They care for the nation in so far as health both physical and mental and they only advise on policy. It is up to government to take or reject that advice after careful consideration.

Of course politics doesn't allow impartiality. From the get-go, we have left and right, Labour and Conservative. The system is adversarial and polarises the country against each other, rather than unites them.

We have seen this very recently in the Brexit debates, and the last election. We're now seeing it in the Labour party and their anti-semetism.

What is need ed is a new force in politics, one that unites rather than divides, one that doesn't reward priviledge or benefaction.

The more I see of modern politics, the less I like about it.

There needs to be change and that change is to care less and to govern more.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Thanks to Khan London now more Dangerous than New York.

Despite Sadiq Khan promising to put more Police on the streets (which he hasn't) during his mayoral election campaign violent crime in London has spiked, which he also promised (and failed) to reduce.

London is now officially a more dangerous city than New York. Why is it that Khan isn't being taken to task abiout this in the media? Certainly a Tory Mayor would be hauled over th coals about this and quite rightly too. But a labour Mayor should not be immune to criticism. Is it the Muslim factor I wonder? You know, the factor that stops Police investigating thinsg like child rape and grooming?

Anyhoo, crime is on the up in the capital, and a weekend frenzy of shootings of young people has hightened the complete failure of the Police to deal with criminal gangs in the capital.

Of course it's all political. The Metrolpolitan Police are a political animal these days, more intent on promoting an image rather than letting statistics speak for them.

Instead Cressida Dick come out shooting from the hip (excuse the pun) with Social Media firmly in her sights.

It's all the fault of Facebook and Snapchat aparrently. Not the fact that gangs of armed youths can drive around the streets of the capital with impunity and with little risk of being stopped and searched.. Of course the standard response as to why the Police isn't doing the job they are supposed to is it's all the fault of cuts. Not the actual problem which is the rampant political correctness that stops Police from stopping and searching gangs of youths because the majority of them are from ethnic minorities.

The Politicisation of the Police has effectively stopped them from doing their job. If they ceased to be political, then there's an argument for letting them get on with Policing, which means harrassing and arresting the mainly ethnic minority groups which are carrying out these crimes. Being apolitical means that there is no argument of bias, they are simply Policing: doing their job, without fear or favour.

Politicisation has brought with it the paralysis of political correctness. The Police are afraid to act in case they are called out as rascist. Policticisation has brought with it favour: only those that toe the political line get promoted into prominent places, irrespective of their ability actually to do the job.

Cressida Dick is a prime example of this, a classic Common Purpose placeperson. proven totally useless and caowardly during the DeMenezes affair, she was still promoted after making a hugely public fuckup that should have had her barrelling back down the ranks.

Instead of getting on and eliminating the threat from ethnic minority gangs i.e. actyually doing the job, she comes out with politically motivated attacks against social media. Straight out of the Common Purpose Marxist comminications control doctrine.

The more I look the more I see what's needed to sort this country out. Political correctness be damned: if a minority is causing a significant amount of crime, then the full forceof the Police and Judicial system should be brought to bear against them.

Without Fear or Favour.