Saturday, 3 April 2010

Terror Warning.

Well, its now getting towards the endgame for the Labour government, unless something happens that it can use to postpone the election. Don't for a minute think that the marxists in government wouldn't come up with a scheme to cancel the election. They've trampled over democracy and a huge number of rights the common man had before they came to power. So what's to stop them stopping us from voting them out?

Only a month left of this cowardly government, so anything could happen.I hope I'm wrong, but you never know....

Do I really think they would have the gall to do it? Yes I do, because in their warped minds the electorate is something that can't be trusted to do the right thing and vote them back in. Just look at how dogmatic they've become in all things.

A prime example as to how the government works is to look at the Advisory Council of the Misuse of Drugs. Several experts on drug misuse were appointed to the council to give unbiased, sensible advice to the government on the misuse of drugs in society. However, when it comes to the crunch, the government ignores these very experts they employed to give the best advice possible and instead go their own way. Thats why several professional advisors on the council have resigned over the last 6 months.

This is a government that refuses to listen to the very advisors it appointed to give the best possible advice. Instead it clings to dogma, bias and panders to the media in order to further its aims.

Another example is the vote rigging by Labour members. Thats the sort of mentality that exists in the Labour party: they can do no wrong, are above the law and the public can't be trusted to do the right thing. They have to get voted back in at all costs, in order to save the public.

As I say, I hope I'm wrong, but I have that feeling......

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

National Care Service. WTF???

The Government proposed to introduce a new institution called the National Care service as well as introducing a new compulsory levy (another word for tax) to pay for it.

But hang on a tick, don't we already pay for this service, either via NI payments and the NHS, or via local councils and the council tax?

So what the fuck is the NCS and the care levy for?

Are we going to get corresponding reductions in NI or council tax to take account of this new alternative funding stream?

Yeah, we already know that answer don't we?

And in an effort to give us the change that their slogans are pushing at every opportunity but we see very little evidence of, the Conservatives jumped in and proposed their own version of the same.

Give me strength.....

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Has Anyone Else Noticed:

That despite the election being only a few months away, there is a lack of real, hard political news?

The would-be chancellors debate was for me a damp squib: a bunch of guys skirting round the elephant sat right behind them. A bunch of guys so terrified of saying things how they really are, lest it loses them the election. A bunch of guys so unable to trust the electorate with the truth, they spin and deceive.

It does make you wonder what other elephants are roaming the halls of Whitehall we're not being told about for our own good.

I look at news websites and listen to TV news channels and there is nothing solid, no concrete policy proposals that I can base my voting decision on. Instead I'm supposed to chose a candidate based on how rosy, warm and fluffy their party can make the future sound.

"Everythings fine, you'll suffer no pain, vote for us" is the key election mantra of 2010.

Not that they'd have to stick to anything they promised: Labour went to court and proved that point didn't they. Nope, hard facts, promises and truthful statistics have been abandoned this voting cycle. Instead we're given a view of a utopia, where the government can continue to borrow and not pay it back (I suppose they arrange an IVA with the Saudis, Chinese and the IMF?), where everything is fine, as long as you pay a little more tax, surrender a little more freedom, allow the state to pry a little more into your life.

Not much of a choice is it? Welcome to the post-democratic age which, if you look at it another way is a phrase to describe a dictatorship. Ok, there isn't a single dictator (yet), but just look at how much we're supposed to allow the state to pry into our lives, for so little in return.

You know, us the public are crap at haggling and negotiation. Right now, we should be screaming for the borrowing to stop, ending the mortaging of our children's future. We should be haggling for a better, more efficient NHS, not pouring more money in just to employ paper pushers. We should be shouting for better roads, better schools, better council services.

Instead we are told what we'll be given by the parties, the very essence of democracy has been turned on its head. Our MP, our single representative in government should be haggling on our behalf, getting us better services, sorting the shit out. Instead in our post-democratic age, we're allowed to vote in a nanny, a minder, who tells us how it is, because mummy has already made up the rules.

We need to reinstate people's representatives. We need to remove the party political system. We need to reinstate Parliament as a debating and haggling shop. We need to place people in there who will tell them what we want.

We need to reclaim democracy, and fast, before we lose it forever.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Government Smears Over Gurkhas

When you saw the humiliation of the government at the hands of Joanna Lumley, you just knew in another part of London Nokias were flying.

Now we see the fallout: What appears to be an insistent, quiet, behind-the-scenes smear campaign against those that supported the Gurkha cause.

It shows a concerted campaign to get back at those who got one over on government ministers. Obviously its hard to point at any one person, but its indicative of a mindset in the Labour government: a zealous need to purge anyone who isn't on message, isn't preaching the doctrine.