Thursday, 15 December 2011

Journalism at Its Worst

This piece on the BBC website purporting to be news is probably the worst piece of journalism I've seen, ever.

Actually the name for it is "Churnalism", where propaganda or press release is regurgitated verbatim as news.

How else would the article state that "Low Carbon technology will not Mean Big Bill Rises"? As we know, any charge made upon the generating companies such as being forced to pay for carbon credits is instantly passed on to the consumer. With feed in tariffs for the wind farms adding to the cost for the consumer as well, its a spurious claim that green technology doesn't add to the cost of energy.

Unless of course you think like the weasel-wordy PR-men. Then you realise the important part of the phrase above is "technology". Yes, possibly the technology on its own may not add to the cost (but to be honest the huge cost of building offshore windfarms in my mind still negates the phrase.), but what the statement is saying is blame the government: in other words, the technology isn't expensive (yeah, right), but its the government legislation that is adding to the cost.

Like I said, its journalism at its worst: PR passed off as news. The BBC should be ashamed.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tooling Up for Trouble?

I get the sense that future riots are not only possible, but actually inevitable. It looks like the government agencies are of the same opinion, because it seems they're tooling up and acquiring resources to combat large-scale rioting and protect buildings or areas that may attract public disorder.

A couple of weeks ago Pavlov's Cat blogged about the Met's Steel Wall. A device to cordon off areas of cities with a proper steel cordon. A true almost impenetrable "Ring of Steel", complete with secure slits which I imagine will be used to project weapons from.

Another device the Police are now trailing is a laser gun that can temporarily blind protesters. Non-lethal maybe, but yet another ramping up of  the arms race between Police and protesters. I assume the auto-dimming welding mask will overtake the "V for Vendetta" mask as the de-rigueur  headwear of future confrontations.

As Pavlov's Cat notes, that such things exist is scary. This nation was founded on the principle of democracy, free speech, freedom of expression and the freedom to protest against any and all, including the highest in the land. For they are our servants, not our masters. We place them in the privileged positions they occupy and they owe us for that honour, we do not owe them the honour of placing them there.

It seems our government have come to the conclusion that many bloggers have: that peaceful, democratic means will not be enough in future to restore democracy to our country. Like the Arabs this year, there will come a point that the people realise violence is the only answer, the only means by which we can regain the freedom that has been taken away from us.

They are preparing for it. It may make protests more difficult, but inevitably the common people will prevail, against this elitist Political cabal, just as we did centuries ago against an elitist monarchy.