Friday, 1 April 2011

I was Wondering about Government Monopolies...

A thought crossed my mind (as they tend to do on an annual basis) as to why government departments have a monopoly on certain things.

For instance the DVLA. Why has the government got the monopoly on vehicle and driver registrations? What's to stop me, legally, from setting up my own version of the DVLA and issuing my own registration numbers, driving licences, etc? I mean, I'm sure I can offer better value for money, guarantee not to share any information with any third parties for any purposes and guarantee not to fine people for petty reasons like not updating information,  so should get a lot of custom. After skimming off administration expenses I can hand the rest of the cash over to the government, so no harm done, except maybe provide a more flexible and customer-oriented service.

So is there anything actually stated in law, that prevents people setting up agencies in competition with government ones?

The Arrogance of Mankind.

Its often amused me, the fact that mankind can be so arrogant.

I've said before the Climate Change Lobby are arrogant for presupposing that they can control the climate by making changes to our lifestyles.

The conservation lobby are arrogant to suggest that man can preserve the planet in aspic.

The planet is an ever-changing, living organism and we are forever arrogant to presume that we have enough capability to stop that change. Why would we want to anyway, as mankind, the planet, even the universe around us is an ever-changing wonder?

Without change, there can be no progress, without change, there would be no universe, without change, there would be no stars, without change, those stars would not have converted Hydrogen and Helium into the building blocks from which we are made,  without change, we would not have evolved into the arrogant species we have become.

Every one of us, by their mere existence, has caused significant changes in the universe. Before we even get onto the subject of our interactions with the world, we have changed the existence of the very molecules and atoms that make up our bodies. Without our existence, those atoms may have become something entirely different, not even human.  From the instant our mother and father created us, the destiny of the universal resources that our body is made from was changed forever.

We cannot stop change. We must embrace it instead. Change is good, change brings progress and evolution and used wisely can bring enlightenment. But change happens and we have to acknowledge the fact. Even if we did nothing and stood still, time and the universe would change around us, as we hurtle through space.

As an example I was sat in my car this evening and a light mist was in the air. That mist fell onto the windscreen. By my very presence, the destiny of those water molecules was changed: had I not been there they would have carried on through the air untroubled. Was my presence malign or benign? Who can say, because by being there, at that moment in time and space, things were irrevocably changed. There is no going back and finding out what would happen had I not been there.

The main thing in life is to understand that by being here, you have made a fundamental change to the universe and because that change has happened, it cannot be undone. Make your brief existence in the universe a positive factor. Cause as little damage as you can. But never, ever be arrogant enough to think you can stop the process of change.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Doing Deals With the Devil.

I heard on the Radio today two separate reports: the first stated that America amongst others is considering arming Libya's rebels in order to give them enough materiel to fight on an even basis with Gadaffi's regime. The second was the unsure nature of the rebels themselves: are they all Al-Qaeda, partly Al-Qaeda, or a teeny bit Al-Qaeda. All a U.S. analyst could say honestly is that no-one knows.

So why the fuckkety fuck is any government in the West considering arming them, especially if there's a chance those weapons could end up in Afghanistan or elsewhere in the world pointed right back at us?

Even boy Cameron is making noises that supplying arms to the rebels may be possible as sanctions against Libya were really only targeted at the Gadaffi regime.

The number of times we've backed one side against the other, supplied them with arms only to be bitten in the arse by the very people we're supplying shows that Politicians just can't be trusted with learning the lessons of history.

Just let the Libyans slug it out and may the best dictator win... sorry, I meant may the very democratic and not at all dictatorial rebels.... sorry, freedom fighters, who aren't in the slightest bit allied to Al-Qaeda (although we don't know for sure) triumph over that Gadaffi chap who did a very bad thing by extorting money out of the oil companies.

And may a porcine patrol provide air cover for the jolly decent (and not all all Al-Queda) rebel (and not at all terrorist) forces.

On Europe.

I keep finding myself thinking, at the next elections all UKIP has to do to win is give a cast iron promise to hold a referendum on EU membership and promise to close the doors to mass immigration whilst putting up enough candidates and they'd win with a landslide.

Even more so after the EU immigration funnel directs all the Middle-East's asylum seekers our way.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Royal Wedding Set to Cause Anger in More Ways than One.

A couple of weeks ago we were handed a memo at work: the Royal Wedding Day, although designated a public/bank holiday, we're going to be working. Despite there being no collections or deliveries to work, we'll be soldiering on as normal.

It seems in these tight financial times, other small businesses are doing the same: either not allowing the holiday, or making employees who have the day off take it from their annual leave entitlement.

I'm sure those people that have to work during the day despite it being a supposed public holiday, or have to take time off because their employer is closed on the day and are forced to use a day from their annual leave entitlement will not be happy. Its already caused friction at work thanks to the contradiction of it being a public holiday, but not decreed as such by law.

Next on the "Angry about the Wedding" list are those people that are set on protesting during the proceedings. With the rumours of Police snipers covering the route, it should be entertaining if one of the pseudo-anarchist mob gets their head blown off whilst attempting to get their "hiya mum, I'm on telly protesting" minute of fame.

Of course there's the Jihadist threat, but they're angry about everything anyway, but I'm sure they'll want to have a pop at crashing the party. Given the tight security on the day, I guess the only weapon that could be used is the suicide bomber. I assume this is the reason the Met's hijacked the fact that the recent protests have featured people wearing masks and threatened to investigate anyone wearing face-covering masks. Anyone wearing a Burkha on the day would seem to be fair game then...

Overall, am I disappointed about missing the big day? Nope. To be brutally honest, her madge and her spawn have no interest for me apart from their mad rantings. I mean, what purpose do the fulfill? Okay, they're a tourist attraction, but I'm sure we could employ a group of actors a lot cheaper instead. They do bugger all constitutionally, so really have no function. If for instance, while Gordon Brown was squandering billions of our money Lizzie called him in for a chat and let it be known publicly she'd told him not to be so spendthrift, I might think they're worth the money, but to be honest, I can't see what we'd lose if they weren't there.

More EU Madness...

The EU commission are considering proposals to ban Petrol and Diesel cars from the centre of cities by 2050.

So basically all city dwellers will be banned from owning private cars. By government decree.

The UK Transport Minister Norman Baker rejects the idea, but as we all know, if the commission sets its heart on some pet legislation and it gets rubber stamped by the EU Parliament, there's nothing the UK government can do about it: they have to comply.

Madness, sheer madness.

The fact that an unelected body in a different country can order a sovreign government to effectively ban the freedom of its own citizens...

Government Considering Banning "Face Coverings"?

In the light of last weekend's demos and the associated "rent-a-mob" action, the government are squeaking about giving the Police power to remove face coverings.

Now it pains me to think that yet another knee-jerk bit of legislation is being considered just because a few oiks with scarves over their face cause a bit of damage. Yet another blow to our freedom.

There is a way to outwit this ludicrous suggestion: Everyone wears a facemask. Given the amount of crap in the air in London I don't understand why people don't wear a facemask.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Manipulation of the Masses.

Throughout time there has been a small cadre of people desperate to control the larger population for their own ends.

Examples can be seen in the difference between ancient Christian religious texts and modern ones: each new version created to conform to changing standards. Before the modern age religion was used as the means of controlling the masses and it was shaped and formed in the image of the men who wanted the control. Hence in the past we have evidence in ancient texts that Jesus had a wife or possibly a girlfriend, God had one as well, the deities were more human than they are purported to be now. Christianity for some reason needed an extra twist upon Judaism, so Jesus the messiah was born, possibly to reinforce the myth a human could have god-like powers.... the list goes on.

Religion has been a flexible tool with which to control the masses and extort money. There has been no better bogeyman than an all-knowing god... someone who knows exactly what you're up to even when no-one else is around. Religion also gives the masses a set of rules to live by, which enhances the control.

Catholics exploit this further by adding a mechanism by which you can purge yourself of sins by confession. A mechanism that requires you to attend church and talk to God's local Catholic rep, whereupon he will tell you you are absolved of those sins: all it'll take is a bit more devotion by a few chants and a contribution to the kitty on the way out. Also if you cross the church at any time, they know your weaknesses: very handy.

Christian priests will spend endless hours philosophising about the existence of God and how his existence can be proven given there is no tangible evidence of it. Instead they talk of signs and use examples of extreme coincidence as proof of his existence. Different factions of Christianity have even gone to war against each other as different ideologies fight for the souls of (more accurately control the lives of) the masses.

Islam is no different: note the different factions, all more or less tolerant/extreme flavours of the same thing, with the differences marked by the depths of hatred and contempt of the manipulative cadre for their fellow man.

In all religions, the common factor is its a small number of humans, not Gods that do the manipulating, order the killing, dispense the forgiving and its the masses that carry out those orders.

Today there are a number of ideologies competing for control of the masses alongside Religion.

Money or the manipulation of money, markets and the economy has over the past few centuries been elevated to a quasi-religion, with the usual signs of a number of factions, philosophising about the use of money and its effects in the economy, etc.

Climate change or global warming that is fast becoming the new religion. A small cadre of people sit in positions of power and enable a whole set of new rules to live by and punishments for transgression. Certain "enlightened" scientists have become the priests of the new religion, philosophising about how the existence of man made global warming can be proven despite no definate link between CO2 and global warming. They talk of signs and manipulate data to produce graphs to show how coincidental occurrences prove the existence of MMGW.

I'm sure over time we'll see each of these ideologies fight for the control of the masses, just like we have in the past. There's always a small group of men who think they are gods and have the right to control others.

Its time we saw it all for what it is and fought back.