Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Brace for War.

I'm not kidding: there is quite firm talk in Parliament regarding completely ignoring the referendum result, cencelling article 50 and remaining in the EU.

I really am not kidding. There are talks and conversations in train at the moment as to how such a thing can occur and how it is handled and put to the population.

Of course stauch remainers will rejoice at such news. But those remainers that value democracy will at the very least feel uneasy about such a spectacular refusal to acknowledge the democratic will of the people.

Those 17.4 million people that voted will feel royally cheated. Disenfranchised and disconnected form the parties in power. The Brexit campaign brought out the most vehement discussions and an MP (Jo Cox) was killed (whether that was ever anything to do with Brexit remains the domain of the guy that killed her).

That should be a salient warning to MPs of any persuasion that going against the majority will of the people can only come to no good.

Hopefully UKIP can channel that hatred for the mainstream political parties if Brexit is killed off by the elites of government. Because if they can't, if they are sidelined, ignored by the media and cannot voice the anger and frustration of the 17.4 million people in a constructive manner, it will only lead to one thing; the expression of that anger in violence.

If it does come to pass that Brexit is cancelled, then UKIP needs to start a campaign to remove every sitting MP from every future seat. In fact it should be a very real threat posed by Gerard Batten now.

UKIP would contest every by-election on a swap draining ticket. The MPs in seats need to fear the majority.

When it comes to a general election UKIP should stand on a manifesto promising the immediate full withdrawl of the UK from the EU and immediate implementation of the referendum result. No pussy-footing around: the week after the election UKIP goes to Brussels and gives them notice that we are quitting. That we would like to negotiate how trade happens after we close the border, but with our timescales and on terms beneficial to the UK.

The timescale set should be the life of a Parliament, so 5 years. 1 year to negotiate, 1 year to transition and then exit. Three years to negotiate trade deals with other countries and to formulate new geopolitical alignments. Then by the following election it should be all done and we should be free and should have an ongoing free trade ethos with the rest of the globe. Then we'll see if UKIP get re-elected.

Otherwise the alternative doesn't bear thinking about.