Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Insanity of UK Politics.

Everyone that is aware of politics in the UK has the same feeling, that there is something wrong, something broken with our Politicians and Political system.

I believe it's more than broken, I believe UK politics is insane.

How else other than insanity can you explain the Tories refusing to engage in proper dialogue with the EU on Brexit? How else do you explain the refusal of many politicians to accept the democratic will of the people and conspire against Brexit, whilst still calling themselves democrats?

How else do you explain Labour's refusal to accept that public finances were hugely saddled by poor PPI deals under a Labour government, but now insist "it was the Tories that done it"? How do you explain their insistence that they are not anti-Semitic, while at the same time vilifying the Jews? How do you explain Labour's plans for re-nationalisation by stealing companies back at a price they say is market price, but is well below market price?

I know it's not just me that see's the insanity of Politics. When someone argues essentially that black is white, just because the other side say white is black with no reference to the truth, then that's insanity.

When people vote for the same parties, with the same outcome (nothing good for the ordinary voter), that's insanity. When Policing is no longer Policing, but tax collection, that's insanity. When the armed forces have been reduced while at the same time fighting tough wars, that's insanity. Paying people who are working benefits because companies refuse to pay proper wages and when those benefits become a major drag on government finances, that's insanity.

When the government of the day say they are balancing the books, but run up more national debt, that's insanity.

Oh how I crave for the days of sane government. Of politicians exacting the will of the people for the good of the people. A government that knows the truth and admits it, rather than their version of the truth.