Saturday, 17 October 2015

More than Dangerous

Well, my opinion of Jeremy Corbyn seems to have been bang on the money.

The Nuclear Deterrent issue that has sprung up has shown what a dangerous man he is.

He says he's principled, I say he's a person that will put his so-called principles before the security of the country and the population at large.

Just think.... Russian bombers could be on their way, Putin could make it absolutely clear that they intend to wipe us off the face of the Earth..... and he STILL wouldn't press the button to retaliate.

Even if its not Russia... how about if Iran create a nuclear weapon and install it in their embassy in London? How could he negotiate if he won't retaliate? No one will take him seriously.

Now we also see the total lack of leadership over Labour's economic strategy.

He has yet to understand he's the Labour LEADER.... He's not on the back benches any more. He's got to pull the party together. It looks like he's waiting for someone else to do it, when he's the one supposed to be doing it.