Saturday, 6 November 2010

Time is Short.

Right, here's the bottom line: this country is doomed if it continues on its current course.

Right now, if we don't split from the E.U. within the next 5-10 years, we will never be able to. Even now it may be difficult, as we don't have resources and armed forces with which to fight.

Fight, I hear you ask?

Yes, fight. Because to split from the EU would mean war. We've already seen Ireland refuse to toe the EU line by voting no the Lisbon treaty first time round, only to be effectively forced to vote the "correct" way a second time. Democracy died that day, as the first vote should have been honoured, not have a whole country forced to vote again "until they get it right".

Now imagine that anti-EU feeling rises so far in the UK that a party gains power with a mandate to split from the EU immediately.

Would the EU allow that party to gain power? I'm sceptical. I assume there would be huge amounts of negative press and briefings against any anti-EU party. I would imagine there would be several assaults, both political and personal against the senior members. It would be a huge task to fight through the negativity, given that the EU has several national budgets with which to fight.

If such a party got into power, Would the EU stand idly by as the UK splits from the EU? Its hard to say, but given the Irish experience, one has to assume the EU has no regard for the democratic process and would resort to forcibly ensuring the UK stays a member of the EU.

Would the UK be able to resist? Would British forces be able to win against an invasion by the combined forces of the EU? If it happened today there may be a chance, after all we're nuclear-capable, so have the ability to use the ultimate deterrent. But then so are the French. Worse still, as our forces are whittled away by our pro-EU governments, the chances get slimmer. With closer collaboration with other EU forces, comes an intimate knowledge of our capabilities and weaknesses. With more dependance on shared resources as opposed to an independant force, the chances get slimmer.

Make no doubt, this is a very slippery slope we're on.

The American War of Independance was started because of increasing legislation and taxation by a British Parliament where the American colonists weren't represented. The same applies to the EU commission: why the fuck should we accept legislation imposed upon us by a body we have no direct electoral control over?

We either accept the end of the UK as an independant, sovreign entity, or we say enough is enough and start to do something about it. I for one, plan to become more active in "doing something about it" in the new year.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Student Fees.

I see that the government is letting Universities charge up to £9000 a year in fees. Thats my daughter buggered for going to Oxford then.

I just don't understand a regime where we charge kids huge sums for education, but pay other kids to sit on their arses doing nothing.

Do I really tell my daughter its okay to run up 30k or more in debt and then spend a lifetime paying it off (Thats if she can find a graduate level job by that time)? Or do I say just forget it and tell her to get pregnant, join the raft of teenage single mothers and let the state pay?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hang on a Minute.... Isn't this French Defence Agreement a Treaty?

And weren't we promised by David Cameron a referendum on any further EU treaties.

Ah, I get it: this is a treaty with the French and not the EU and therefore doesn't count, in the weasel-wordy world of the politician.

Whats the betting that before long we'll see more defence treaties with individual governments in order to get round DC's promise to the people that put him in power.

He's just the same traitorous bastard as all the other one-world government types. Happy to sell their granny into slavery if it kept them in the elite and troughing at the top table.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Step too Far

Today, David Cameron announced closer military co-operation with the French.

Today, David Cameron effectively signed away the future ability of our armed forces to act independantly of any other country. The armed forces are not sovreign if they depend on the assests of another country to conduct operations.

This is a very dark day for the independance of the UK, as it slides into becoming a state or county within a European Super State.

This is no joke now: what was initially a trading bloc of sovreign countries is, under marxist ideological leadership rapidly becoming a union very much like the USSR. Within the past week alone, we have todays announcement with the French, we also had last week's decision to pay the E.U. more money despite the biggest ever recession alongside their ability to scrutinise our budget, and the E.U. comission is promoting E.U.-wide VAT.

There are mutterings about how the agreement with the French will affect our relationship with the U.S. I can tell you now, it won't affect it one jot, as Barack Obama is cast from the same global governance die.

Those of us who value freedom, or who have fought to preserve it, need to look very closely at our consciences and decide if the path we are on is right for this country.