Friday, 13 March 2020

A Poor Response (To COVID-19)

Yesterday the Prime Minister made a statement that I thought was bold and truthful: that people will lose loved one to COVID-19.

He said the only thing we could hope for would be to flatten the infection curve to avoid too many needless deaths of those who fail to get treatment due to patient overload of the NHS.

He's to be commended on being so forthright and truthful.

But the actions of the government don't bear out the severity of the challenge facing us. Currently the action is to avoid economic issues, rather than medical issues.

Social distancing measures should be put in place NOW. All public gatherings over 100 people should be stopped with immediate notice. Schools should allow those families able to look after kids outside of school to remove them from the classroom.

I understand that not all families will have the option, so at least limit the spread by removing children from the schools that can be looked after at home by their families. At least it's a sensible compromise.

Cancel all sporting events and public gatherings. Theatres, cinemas and the like need to be shut down.

Weddings are borderline, possibly give advice that only close family and friends you have regular contact with should attend and the wider circle that you hardly ever have contact with should be politely turned away.

Supermarkets should be limiting the numbers of people walking round the stores. Sensible people that can't use delivery services should be shopping at Tesco and Asda 24Hr stores at midnight or the small hours of the morning.

Public transport should be shut down or at least numbers carried should be limited. No crushing people in like sardines on the Tube. Numbers limited so there is space between people. Those that can work from home should be doing it NOW.

Certainly travel should now be limited to essential travel only.

It's all sensible stuff that will buy us some time.

I'm not heartened by the Chief Medical Officer likening this epidemic to the 'flu. This is not flu.

COVID-19 has the ability to re-infect time and time again. The only measure that can slow it down is to stop people coming into contact with others that are in the process of shedding the virus. Once those shedders stop being infectious, then they are safe and so is the rest of the community at large.

Unless the virus has the ability to re-emerge like Herpes. That is something we don't yet know and can't yet predict. But the best defence is to limit the number of infections. Nor can we predict other infection routes, like sexual contact. That's all for further study, but the thing we do know is it's contracted by contact and it's also airborne.

There need s to be a barrier between EVERYBODY as anyone can be carrying the virus. You need to get the infection rating of each infected person down to as close to 0 as possible.

So the advice should be to limit contact with anyone outside your immediate daily contacts. Be on high alert at work and managers should be prepared to send people home that feel in any way unwell. People should be prepared to self-isolate anyway. They should also be allowed to self-isolate, there should be no pressure on them to go into work.

In general people should be limiting physical contact, keeping at least a metre away from strangers and doing all they can to limit cross-contamination. This is in addition to the washing hands advice, which is okay for a virus that only spreads by contact. COVID-19 is airborne, so keeping distance away from people and avoiding breathing in their breath is the only way to stop it. If you can smell Mr Garlic breath, you're too close.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

A Very Good Budget.

Indeed it was.

Most things covered, including last minute changes due to COVID-19.

Not much for Labour to pick at, but they will, obviously.  Probably saying they'd spunk even MORE money for the NHS, just because they reckon they can piss higher.  All very easy when you go second and don't even have to prove it.

Fuel duty shelved for another year. Great, a year of cheap petrol to grease the wheels of the economy, or to get you to the Highlands of Scotland when the zombie apocalypse.. I mean COVID-19 pandemic really hits hard. Or petrol for the outboard as you search for an isolated island somewhere...

Didn't see much for the airlines,. cruise and tour operators or the like.

But the business loan scheme, underwriting SSP for small businesses and the business rates holiday are all welcome.

Oh and Dominic, if you are reading this.... don't keep nicking my ideas, contact me.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Trevor Phillips Expelled from Labour for Racism. Selective Racism, that is.

So Trevor Phillips, the person so trusted by the Blair Labour government to be in charge of the Equality Act, has been expelled for racism.

Did he, like many other Labour supporters call out the Jews? Nope.

Did he like many Black Labour supporters call out White People? Nope.

Did he like other Labour members denigrate the working class? Nope.

So what did he do then?

He called for more investigation into the Muslim grooming gang phenomenon. He asked for an investigation into the motivations of the majority Pakistani Muslim men. Why would a bunch of men from a limited section of  the Muslim community feel they could do this. Why is the phenomenon of Muslim grooming gangs repeated across the country?  Why is the rest of the Muslim community turning a blind eye to the issue? Why are these men not being reported to Police by other Muslims?

And for that he was labelled a Racist and expelled from the Labour Party.

Welcome to the other side Trevor. Welcome to being called racist for just questioning the motivation of these child rapists. Welcome to being called racist for pointing out their ethnicity. Welcome to being called racist for even pointing out the fact that grooming gangs exist. Welcome to being called racist for pointing out they are Muslims.

Welcome to the atmosphere that prevents law enforcement from doing it's job and arresting and prosecuting these men in a timely manner.

Welcome to the atmosphere that allowed these gangs to rape thousands of children while the authorities looked on, powerless. Lest they be called racist too.

Welcome, Trevor Phillips to the insanity that is modern Britain.

Maybe, just maybe Trevor, you understand how the majority of us normal, sensible people feel now.

Judging by your reply to the Labour party you do. You may ask as many questions as you want, but you will never get a reply, you will never get a fair hearing, you will never remove that tag of "racist".

You are labelled. You are an un-person.

You will be silenced, you will be de-platformed, you will not be allowed to speak up. Ever again.

Forget the Labour party and the Elites and the so-called professionals on the Police force or in the courts. They will not support you.

Now is the time to ask yourself why. Now is the time to look further, look beyond the shallow shills in the elites. Ask yourself: why?

Ask yourself why this blindness and active shutting down of information, investigation and debate is not just limited to the Labour party, or the schools, or the colleges, or the universities, or Government, or the Police and other Emergency Services, or the courts, or the media, or even the Armed Forces.

Ask yourself who is coordinating that same attitude across all those agencies? And above all, why?