Friday, 16 October 2009

You Have One Month Before the World Ends.

Or not.

The black hole machine is starting up again.

It probably won't create a black hole that devours the world, but just in case it does, then I need to say it so I can say "I told you so" when it happened. Of course if a black hole does devour the planet I won't exist, so, ah, ok there's a flaw in my plan.

Conservatives found wanting by Blogosphere?

Being a feckless unemployed type, I regularly trawl through the blogosphere to see whats what with the world.

It provides a bit of an insight into blog trends. The latest trend is interesting. As we get nearer to the general election and the likely winners of that election are the Conservatives, the more the blogosphere is moving attention away from Labour towards scrutinising the policies and actions of the Conservatives.

To be honest, the blogosphere doesn't seem to like what they see. Sure there are some that will welcome the Tories in with open arms. There always will be. But those with more independance of thought , those that really analyse what the Tories are doing and saying are finding their policies and actions lacking.

It really does look like we won't get anywhere near the change of direction necessary to turn the country round. The Conservatives aren't nearly radical enough and to be honest, their hierachy serve the same patrons, attend the same meetings and generally swim in the same waters as the Labour hierarchy, so really it shouldn't come as a great shock that the Cameroids will be just as bad as the Brownians.

I have a job!

Well, a part-time job. 15 hours a week stacking shelves, but its money that we desperately need seeing as how I'm not recieving any benefits.

So, blogging might take on a less depressed tone in future.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

More climate change bollocks

From the BBC: "Arctic to be Ice Free in Summer".

Yes, but not this summer, possibly in 10 years time according to the article, possibly never according to the accuracy of most long-term weather forecasts.

It does annoy when they spout on about global warming and its effects when there's no direct correlation with the amount of man-made CO2 and changes in the climate, plus the fact that the arctic passage has been open and navigable before in recorded history, so its not the doomsday scenario this and other reports peddle.

The Polar Bears survived last time, so why wouldn't they survive this time? I assume they moved inland and hunted for food there instead of on the ice floes. Of course the difference today as opposed to a century ago is that there are more people living within the Polar Bear hunting grounds. The ice melting isn't a problem for the bears, who will survive thanks to their ability to adapt. Instead the problem is with the people living and working in the Arctic Circle who who see climate change as a threat as it means they will have to live with Polar Bears foraging in their towns. They have no recollection of previous thawing periods, but just see the current thaw as a threat. I wonder whether the Inuit population are bothered about it. My guess is not as they probably have a historical record of previous thaws and probably just get on with adapting, rather than crying "the skies falling".

Monday, 12 October 2009

Jacqui Smith has to say sorry

She has to say sorry for helping herself to money she wasn't entitled to, is that all?

She reported at being dissapointed at having to do that. I bet she wasn't. I bet she was fucking elated that she didn't have to do a spell in prison. Which is where I'd put her and all her fraudulent fucking friends in Parliament.

The fact the whole thing is a fucking whitewash is abundantly clear in this quote from the report: "We accept that it appears that Ms Smith spent more time in London than in Redditch, even during the period 2007-09, when she spent more nights in Redditch than in London." Er, excuse me, she spent more nights in London even during the time she didn't spend more nights in London? Which fucking existentialist parallel universe does that equate to sensible logic?

As is everything with this government, take everything at face value, the way you assume the words have a meaning, but delve into the detail and forensically examine the text, you see they actually mean completely the opposite. The Conservatives are no better, using exactly the same tactics.

Well here some plain speaking: Its about time we arose, chucked the fucking lot out and started all over again. Who's for playing Cromwell?

Keeping the Bailiffs at Bay

No, not me, although I still have an ongoing bailiff problem. No, this time it seems Gordon Brown is desperate to avoid the bailiffs knocking at the door and demanding instant payment that he's announced a sale of government assets.

Far be it from me to ponder the obvious and say that announcing a sale well in advance is the wrong thing to do, but he did exactly the same thing when selling off our gold reserves and look how badly that went.

Most heinous of the assets reportedly for sale is the student loan book. Once in private hands there will be no guarantees to students about their loans: the company owning it can change the terms as they see fit. They may start to charge commercial interest rates, or impose time limits on repayment, or request repayment when graduates are earning less than the current threshold. Its one more nail in the coffin of Labours supposed target of getting 50 percent of people into university. So much for the 1997 promises of "joined up government".

Its yet another indication of where this Labour government insists on wasting money. On the one hand they are spending money encouraging new students, on the other they are discouraging them with uncertainty over student loans. Its wasteful and a sure sign of the psychotic nature of a Labour government that has been in power way too long, one that has spent all the money in the bank account, then taken out massive loans to finance its profligacy and is now desperately trying to sell anything it can in order to keep the bailiffs at bay.

P.S. Another asset for sale is the governments stake in Urenco, the European Uranium Consortium, which processes uranium for the nuclear industry. How gloriously ironic it would be if the company that buys the 33 percent stake turns out to have any links at all to Iran.