Friday, 17 May 2019

Jeremy Kyle Fiasco...

It seems some bloke decided he'd had enough of life and ended it, not long after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show.

No-one will ever know the guy's motives for ending his life, but I assume his having appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show, things were not particularly rosy in his life. It could have actually been one of dozens of other reasons why he decided enough was enough.

But this is hardly a defence of Jeremy Kyle, far from it.

This sort of "navel-gazing" TV is the sort of lowest-common-denominator, cheap to make trash TV that really didn't deserve airtime. All the Jeremy Kyle show actually did was to allow the middle class to look down their noses at the lower classes.

Not one of the guests on the show could muster a full set of teeth, was one snide comment I heard. Without understanding that there are people in this country that cannot access decent dental services, because dentistry split from the "free at the point of provision" NHS decades ago.

Even NHS supported dental treatment is not cheap. Many people cannot afford the payments required even for NHS supported dental work. And I'm not blaming dentists, because the payments the NHS make for dental work is nowhere near the actual cost to a dentist.

So, many working class people have bad teeth. There's a reason for that and it serves the middle class better to understand the reasons, rather than make snide comments.

It also serves them better to understand what it is to be at the bottom of the income pile.

The guests on the Jeremy Kyle show reflected the problems that beset the UK. Poor education and schools, lack of moral guidance, dysfunctional families, lack of respect, drugs, lack of aspiration, the list goes on.

In a society where greed is rewarded, where the name of the game is to avoid taxes, and the only game in town is ever-increasing wealth, the supply of Jeremy Kyle guests is limitless.

In a society that cares about it's citizens and offers opportunity, there would be no guests for the Kyle show audience to gawk and laugh at....

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Fake News, Fake News everywhere!

It seems the news cannot be trusted any more. We've moved on from news as drama, to now the deliberate misrepresentation of information as news.

Actually misrepresenting emotion as fact was bad enough, but now facts are omitted, or in the worst cases completely reversed or made up.

We've seen mainstream News outlets play on emotion. the latest victim being Nigel Farage at the weekend. Trawling up years old tweets to smear. But the other part of that interview: stating he didn't say "No deal is better than a bad deal" during the referendum debate sets a bad precedent. In fact the words he used during the debate are that no deal is better than a rotten deal.

But it's at the least disingenuous and really an outright lie that he didn't advocate a no-deal WTO-based exit from the EU.

Tommy Robinson is again the victim of the same tactics: the assaults on Tommy were reported as him attacking the "victims", even though he was the actual victim of an assault. After Tommy was doused in Milkshake by a Muslim that sought to confront Tommy, reports of the assault on Tommy switched it around so that the guy assaulting him was a victim, that Tommy harassed him and that after the assault, Tommy "appeared" to punch the guy that threw milkshake over him. No proof, just an insinuation that Tommy appeared to punch him. No matter that anyone assaulted has the right to retaliate in self defence. Call it the John Prescott defence if you will...

Sargon of Akkad has had news reports stating he is "not welcome" in towns and cities where he has set up stall in the market squares and put forward his views. Quite rightly he is side-stepping the media because he knows he will be vilified by them. He will not get a fair or balanced report of his actions. He is after all, an enemy of the establishment..

I was watching an interview between Jordan Peterson and a New Zealand reporter I think it was. The number of underhand and snide comments from the reporter after Peterson had replied in order to twist Peterson's narrative were shocking. I doubt that I could have the patience to let it go. I would have had to pull the guy up on his comments. The only think I can think of is the reporter's comments were made after the interview and spliced in during editing. Which is a good case for only accepting live interviews.

This is why you should not believe any news these days. It was bad enough in the Seventies when we stood up to the USSR and spouted propaganda against the threat, but at least there was a legitimate national interest in doing so in order to balance the propaganda from the East.

But now to do the same thing against one's own citizens is an entirely different and wrong thing to do.

To do it against citizens running for public office is nothing short of election rigging, or at the very least influencing an election. There's already a purdah period where limits are put on the ability to report on certain things in the run up to an election. In fact last Friday's episode of "Have I got News for You" was pulled, because it may have run foul of impartiality laws.

But the blatant lies produced in reports on Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin need to be looked into by the election commission, because surely there must be laws governing the validity of reporting on candidates running for public office in the run up to an election. The laws on slander probably cover it, but take too long to run through the courts. Misrepresentation and lying in the media needs to be prohibited in the run up to an election so the public get a fair, unbiased and correct representation of their candidates.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Pulling the Strings...

Who exactly is it pulling the globalist strings?

The money points to those within the 1%, the richest of the rich, possibly the 1% of the 1%. Those of the left would fall into Anti-Semitic rhetoric, brainwashed to believe in the evils of Israel. But the evil does not lie in one country, nor one religion, or even as the Christians in America would believe Satanists.

Those pulling the strings are the mega-rich. They are in England, Europe, Russia, the Gulf States, America, they are everywhere. They belong to several countries, several religions, they are apart but work to the same ends. They control country-killing sums of money and their personal wealth is measured in Billions.

They can buy global influence, they can fund charities and control them, they corrupt governments, they control global corporations,

They do not plot to share their wealth, instead they work to increase it, even though it is already vast.

They own oil and control and fund the environmentalists, They create wars and broker peace.  They are religious and irreligious. They fund the left and the right of politics. They divide and they conquer.

They are the epitomy of greed. Enough is not enough, they need more. They suck money from countries across the globe. They play country against country, worker against worker, they demand the 99% have less and they have more.

The current fixation in America about Russian influence, the fixation on the Left regarding Israel, they are all a smokescreen. The monopoly of the tech giants is a symptom of new money flexing it's muscles, the nuveau-tech-rich and their immature, adolescent attempts at control.

They are not even in the same league as the professionals.

I've seen the real players, worked for them, I know them.

Over the past 20 years they have consolidated their positions. They have increased their wealth.

But they have broken the rule: they have gone too far. They have allowed too many to join the club.

There are too many of them now to sustain. The 99% cannot bear the privations the 1% demand.

There has to and there will be a rebalancing. Blood and treasure have already been lost, but worse is to come in the future. The old money thinks the new tech can save them, protect them, enslave the 99%, inform them of our every move. But tech cannot save them. If they are not careful it will enslave them too. Their faith is unfounded and they will become undone. The 99% will find a way, just as we have in numerous countries and numerous centuries.

In times like this the smart money, the old money throws the new money under the bus.

The time has come for the devil to make a deal with the people.

Patterns.... (Possible Conspriacy Theory Ahead)

I like patterns. It's one of the things that made me a half decent computer programmer back in the day.

If you see a program as a series of repeating patterns or loops, you can see it in it's entirety and you can easily understand what need s to go where and which bit of a program needs to do what.

I see patterns all over the place. It's one thing that makes me good in sales now, because I can see trends and react to them. It's one of the things that makes politics fascinating, because I can see the patterns in behaviour and the differences between the spoken words and the actions of politicians.

I never take things at face value. It's the patterns of behaviour that identify an intent when it comes to politics.

And so when I see patterns in behaviour repeating around the world, I sit up and take notice. Because generally, humans are pretty random things in isolation. However, they do prefer to form groups, being a social animal. Hence the rise of social media, it's appeals to a basic requirement in our psyche.

Social groups act as a group, obviously. So you see the same behaviour repeated within that group.

So here's the conspiracy as it were. If you see the same behaviour, as in the same actions pertaining to the same person or persons across the globe, you tend to become suspicious that there is a group mentality at work.

For instance when Tommy Robinson becomes active and starts to attract the attention of the Police for even the slightest grievance, the same happens in other countries to other activists.
He's hit with endless harassment from the authorities, in order to tie him up and try an bleed him dry financially. He's been removed from virtually all forms of social media and also payment platforms, to stop the flow of money helping him to continue to be active and fight.

It even happens to a single person in different countries. Take David Icke: he's had premieres of his new movie "Renegade" cancelled at the last minute both in the UK and also in the US. He also has his visa to visit Australia cancelled 4 hours before he was due to fly out.

Sargon of Akkad has been removed from most things apart from YouTube and has now been de-monetised.

Alex Jones gets removed from every internet platform.

Avi Yemini gets denied entry to America.

All the above have been denied platforms on University and College campuses.

A lot of people talk about the tech giants censoring internet content, but de-platforming outside of the internet is just a bad. And is identical in it's scope, method and targeting across the globe.

The right make a lot of noise claiming that it is just the right that is being deplatformed, but it seems now that voices on the left are also losing internet presence.

These are no accidents, they are not coincidental. They are planned, calculated and controlled.

The question is, by whom?

Just who is pulling the strings? Who is funding the masses that demonstrate in our cities? Who, in fact is controlling things?

There used to be a time when I thought that the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones just spouted nonsense, but the more you look, the more you question...

Time to look for a common denominator.