Friday, 11 October 2019

Nanny State: A Nicer Term than Fascist, but They're Both the Same.

It seems now that there's a suggestion that the consumption of food should be banned on public transport, in an effort to reduce childhood obesity.

The first point is, I'm 57. I resent being reduced to the role of a child. I stopped needing a Nanny at the age of 4 and I refuse to accept one now. Why should I be banned from eating by some Government Gaulighter when I'm on the bus or the train?

If we're really talking of childhood obesity, then be specific: ban junk food for kids, ban junk food adverts during kids TV programmes and have parents that feed junk food to kids hauled off to prison.

But to ban everyone including adults from eating on public transport smells to me of someone abusing their position and influence to eliminate a pet peeve.

But don't say the smokers didn't warn you, once smoking was banned, EVERYTHING is up for censure.

Up to and including I would imagine breathing for some sections of the public the middle-class Nannies would rather be rid of.

Because that's where this slippery slope ends: imprisoning people for invented reasons (or worse).

Welcome to the currently authoritarian and if not already Fascist state.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Brexit: the Uncrossable Chasm.

It seems ever clearer that there will be a no-Deal or "clean" Brexit.

It's not fair to apportion blame as the media and the Government are trying, but a more open stance from The Boris-led Tories shows that both sides of the negotiations have a large distance between them.

Boris wants what is best for his political career, which is to enact the will of the people and exit the EU, the EU want what works best for them, which is to keep the UK in the EU.

There is a large gap between the two positions.

The very least that the EU seem willing to accept is for the bulk of the UK to exit the EU, but at the price of  keeping Northern Ireland in. Not a position the UK is liable to accept.

It's interesting that Merkel wants N.I. as her pound of flesh for us leaving. As if the people of Northern Ireland are chattels to be bartered away.

It's interesting that Ireland is the only stumbling block. But Gibraltar isn't The channel Islands Aren't. Just Ireland, with the bogeyman if the IRA just waiting to pounce, helping project fear keep the UK shackled into whatever unfair option the EU requires of us.

The current posturing seems to be designed as a roadmap for any disgruntled Republicans that are prevented from crossing the Irish border, should they wish to start throwing explosives around. "Not us!" shriek the EU, "don't throw the bombs our way, it's entirely Boris' fault".

Yet Boris has proffered an entirely reasonable solution where the people of Northern Ireland make a democratic decision to stay aligned with the EU or whether to leave. Sort of Brext-lite every few years. Not that the EU could ever agree to a democratic solution, or the spectre of piddly little Northern Ireland sticking two fingers up to them and exiting the grand project. God forbid, anyone in their eyes that wants to exit must be insane. Such benefits and beneficence the EU bestows upon it's citizens. Largely bankrolled by the UK taxpayer, it has to be pointed out.

Anyhoo, UK Parliament reconvenes on Saturday to discuss the latest revelations.

I still think that Boris' best option is to ask for an extension (and therefore fulfilling the letter of the Benn act) whilst simultaneously refusing to contribute a penny to EU coffers whilst negotiations continue. Let the EU have a taste of what it would be like to not have the UK's money flowing into it's coffers, let's see if that focusses their minds.