Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time and Nick Griffin

Many have blogged about the programme. True to form it was an attempt by the political elite to kill off the threat posed by the BNP towards the main parties.

However, beware of creating a martyr.

Amongst the boos and jeers he made a valid point: if the Scots and Welsh can have a national identity, why can't the English? Why indeed and it'll be a message that will resonate with many. Why are the English suppressed and reviled in their own country?

One other point was for once, immigration was debated honestly in a grown-up fashion, with no childish name-calling of racist, because the real racists was sat right there with them.

If the one thing that comes out of the political rise of the BNP is an honest debate about immigration, I'd be satisfied, especially after these revelations.

Still in Recession

Yup, despite those so-called "experts" bigging up the economy and predicting we'd come out of recession, in fact we continued to stay in it.

This is now officially the longest recession in history. Well Tony Blair and Gordon Brown wanted to enter the history books and leave a legacy.

Well you fucking pair of morons, thats it. You fucked up so badly that you are THE WORST GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UK. No one else as fucked up so spectacularly for so long as you clowns have.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: 2010 will be a pivotal year for so many reasons. So many threads are coming together now, it can't be anything else.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wake up World!

It occurred to me, as it often does while I let my mind meander, that the world really is beholden to a few nations and a few people within those nations. a while back, I did ponder the question who is financing western economies given that they are essentially bankrupt after real jobs went east?

Take for instance America, supposed bastion of freedom. Their ecomony is bankrolled to an extortionate amount by the Saudis, so it stands to reason therefore that the Saudis have quite a lot of influence in America. Its a delicious irony that gas-guzzling-truck-driving-good'ole-American patriots are actually contributing to the downfall of their country and the rise of Islam by pouring their dollars into their fuel tanks and directly to Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic country. They have yet to realise that even if a miniscule fraction of Islamic Oil wealth ends up in the hands of extremists, a miniscule amout of several billions is still more than enough to wage a worldwide campaign for as long as the oil keeps pumping. Kill the need for oil and you kill off the funding for the extremists.

The same goes for China, who thank Americans for buying their cheap DVD players as it bankrolls their worldwide resource-grabbing operations and allows them to buy American debt. Debt which is used to buy infinately more DVD players and huge TVs. Who gets the profit on this circuitous money-go-round? Well, it certainly isn't the ordinary citizens of America.

If they, the ordinary citizens of America realised how they had been conned into giving away their country one purchase at a time and did something about it, maybe the world would be a better place.

Here in Britain things are no better. Our economy is built on a fragile house of cards, with no real money changing hands. Instead of making things and selling them, our economy is based on moving money around in complex ways; a smoke and mirrors economy, where the moment the smoke begins to clear, our government leap in and pour more banknotes onto the fire in order to obfuscate the obvious fact: we are bankrupt. Anything of substance has been sold off to the highest foreign bidder. Napoleon called us a nation of shopkeepers and thats exactly what we are: the only major UK-owned businesses are in shopping or services. Our heavy manufacturing like steel is foreign-owned, our utilities are foreign-owned and the majority of our railway companies are also foreign-owned. The government are determined to sell-off, or if that doesn't work completely destroy one of the last bastions of UK-ownership, the Post Office. Why does no-one ask the simple question: why? Why would they do their utmost to conspire to sell it into foreign ownership?

In the wider scheme of Europe, our political elite are conspiring to ensnare us so that when we do eventually come to our senses, find out the whole bloody thing is a Stalinist sham and start to rebel, they have such overbearing draconian powers that we may never be able to escape the trap set for us.

Africa is constantly fed arms from China in exchange for mineral rights. China knows where the future is and its not in oil, but the control of the raw materials necessary to make things. As China is the worlds biggest manufacturer, claiming control of mineral rights for itself via "partnerships" is a sensible, self-preservation policy.
The world policy on Africa seems to be give it enough guns to be unstable, because if it ever became organised, it would be a force to be reckoned with.

I just hope for our childrens sakes that eventually, in the not-too-distant future, the majority of ordinary people will see what is going on and demand change. Freedom from being held to ransom by the finances of despotic regimes, freedom from a political elite that would sell their own mother to line their pockets, freedom from a lifetime of tyrrany and slavery.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

BNP on Question Time

It looks like the BBC are standing up to the government and allowing the BNP onto question time.

Despite Peter Hain squealing like a stuck pig.

The BBC can't deny the BNP a place on the programme, as other small parties such as UKIP and the Greens have been represented on question time on numerous occasions.

It will be interesting on what questions the BBC select for the panel to answer. I've a feeling that the audience will be overly represented by Labour activists, as a way of controlling the situation.

But it'll be an interesting programme thats for sure.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Congratulations to Brawn GP.

Well, they've managed to do it! Brawn GP are Formula 1 the Formula 1 world champions. Congratulations to them and to Ross Brawn, who surely is one of the great men of Formula 1.

Congratulations to Jenson Button, a thoroughly deserving world champion, who has finally had the break he deserved, after having a tough career moving through the ranks, not getting the car he deserved early on in F1 and then sticking with underperforming teams in what some thought was misguided loyalty.

Commiserations to Rubens Barrichello, who contributed so much to the team and repaid the faith Ross Brawn showed in him at the start of the season.

Like I said earlier in the year, I lived not far from Brackley and cheered the local team on through thick and thin. Its just a pity the buggers decided to win the championship after I moved 100 miles away. But to me they're still my local team.

The prime Minister is a Wanker

I'm off to work, where there's no internet.

So I'll just say that the PM is a fucking wanker.

Global Warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it a load of bollocks.

I just wish he'd fuck right off and leave us alone.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Is Burning Bunnies Biofuel?

This report from the BBC although making me laugh in a sick and twisted way, had me thinking. Can burning dead Rabbits be classed as biofuel? I suppose its a renewable resource as with most organic lifeforms. Its just a bit higher up the food chain, which raises the ethical and moral dilemma.

Its an EU sponsored project and we know how evil and corrupt the EU is. I just hope they don't start looking higher up the food chain and start to think that using people for biofuel is a good idea.

General Strike.

It seems to me the plan the governing elite have for us is a life of everlasting extortion and servitude, extending onwards until (if we're lucky) our seventies.

Billions have been given to banks who have said thanks and started squandering the money, we've got a ruling class that think they are above the law and are only in power to rake in as much as they can for them and their chums, we have faulty laws made by half a dozen people and passed to the commons for rubber-stamping, with no democratic debate or due process.

I think its time we put a warning shot across their bows.

Maybe its time we had a general strike. Not a long one, just one day. But one day where EVERYONE withdraws their labour. One day won't hurt, one day is do-able. One day would send a signal to the elite we can organise when necessary. One day that is a statement of intent. One day that says no more tax, One day that says no more petty laws, One day that means anything you want it to mean, but above all sends a warning to those in government that we have had enough and we will take no more.

One day that says they work for us, not us for them.