Sunday, 18 October 2009

General Strike.

It seems to me the plan the governing elite have for us is a life of everlasting extortion and servitude, extending onwards until (if we're lucky) our seventies.

Billions have been given to banks who have said thanks and started squandering the money, we've got a ruling class that think they are above the law and are only in power to rake in as much as they can for them and their chums, we have faulty laws made by half a dozen people and passed to the commons for rubber-stamping, with no democratic debate or due process.

I think its time we put a warning shot across their bows.

Maybe its time we had a general strike. Not a long one, just one day. But one day where EVERYONE withdraws their labour. One day won't hurt, one day is do-able. One day would send a signal to the elite we can organise when necessary. One day that is a statement of intent. One day that says no more tax, One day that says no more petty laws, One day that means anything you want it to mean, but above all sends a warning to those in government that we have had enough and we will take no more.

One day that says they work for us, not us for them.


  1. I'd be up for that Del. Wonder how others will react?

  2. Subrosa, it occurred to me that actually getting people to do SOMETHING like demonstrate might be a difficult task. After all these days you have to apply for permission to demonstrate, people have to get out of bed, the weather might not be favourable, yadda yadda.

    What better and easier way of demonstrating is there than doing NOTHING?

    It still sends a message.

    Supposedly January 30th is the coldest day of the year, so what better way of avoiding the cold and making a statement to those who attempt to control our lives than taking that control back for just one day?