Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time and Nick Griffin

Many have blogged about the programme. True to form it was an attempt by the political elite to kill off the threat posed by the BNP towards the main parties.

However, beware of creating a martyr.

Amongst the boos and jeers he made a valid point: if the Scots and Welsh can have a national identity, why can't the English? Why indeed and it'll be a message that will resonate with many. Why are the English suppressed and reviled in their own country?

One other point was for once, immigration was debated honestly in a grown-up fashion, with no childish name-calling of racist, because the real racists was sat right there with them.

If the one thing that comes out of the political rise of the BNP is an honest debate about immigration, I'd be satisfied, especially after these revelations.

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